So this was a crazy idea that may end up being bad. But let's give it a test run.

So back when I made the VGRBs and PKMNERBs on this forum, I had a bit of a bias. On the VGRBs I loved doing Monster Hunter characters (Rathian/Rathalos vs Ridley/Kraid, Monster Hunter vs Sylux, Cha-Cha and Kayamba vs Darunia, and the never-before-seen Gobul vs King Zora).

Recently I've been desiring to do more video-game based rap battles as a replacement for the, let's face it, dead PKMNERBs, but I had the fear of just throwing myself into an old loop.

Maybe in the future I'll abandon this idea for straight-up VGRBs, but as of now, these will be the PKMHBs. The Poke-Monster Hunter Battles.

I'll be throwing a monster/character from the Monster Hunter franchise against a Pokemon/character from the Pokemon franchise.

This might be oddly specific, you're saying. Yup. That's why I'm testing it out.

I mean, you got Pyroar vs Teostra (which is totally happening btw), Zamtrios vs Garchomp, Yian Kut-Ku vs Talonflame, etc.

So, what are your suggestions? I'd love to hear them. Or maybe your suggestion is "wtf is this stupid idea"

Nevertheless, feedback and/or suggestions would be nice.