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Thread: Epic Rap Battles of Forumers - Season 3

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    Epic Rap Battles of Forumers - Season 3

    ERBOF is a rap battle series created by me and Clemi where we put forumers with a connection in a rap battle with one another. It started when Clemi and I wrote Scatman Vs BBGUN and it just went on from there. We are currently in Season 3. If you want to be in a battle, leave a suggestion here. Just note that not everyone will be in a battle because some people are either too new or dont post/chat enough to have enough material to work with. If we cant make jokes about stuff you did/said/ you probably wont be in a battle.


    Season 1 - May 19th, 2013 - June 9th, 2013
    1.) BBGUN Vs Scatman
    2.) Gliscor Vs Zoroark
    3.) Yellownerd Vs Google [BOT]
    4.) PolarBore Vs Froggy
    5.) Wumbo Vs Uprising
    6.) WWEFan Vs D3ATH
    7.) Dion Vs Rob
    8.) Cogs Vs rangernumberx
    9.) Mykey Vs Kain
    10.) Creator Free For All

    Season 2 June 13th, 2013 - July 18th, 2013
    11.) Nate Vs Spartica4Real
    12.) U-Squad Vs Wumbo Squad
    13.) BBGUN Vs Scatman 2
    14.) The Mad Hatter Vs Yackerz
    15.) Noremac1600 Vs Cameron The Taco
    16.) rangernumberx Vs 3
    17.) HeroSamuel Vs Gunnut
    18.) LAWLzor Vs Top Hattington
    19.) Flareon Vs Umbreon
    20.) Dion Vs Rob 2

    Season 3 - August 10th, 2013 - ???
    21.) WWEFan Vs D3ATH 2
    22.) PolarBore Vs Brad Wolf
    23.) Batman4Real Vs Zoroark
    24.) Chi Vs Nate
    25.) Heisenburg Vs Gunnut
    26.) MaNCHA Vs ZombieLicker
    27.) ERB Vs ERBParodies
    28.) STRaTUM Vs Rocket
    29.) SaneButStrange Vs Insano
    30.) RangernumberX Vs Lohuydahutt
    31.) Yellownerd vs Top-Hattington
    32.) ???

    Season 4 - 2015 - ???
    33.) ???
    34.) ???
    35.) ???
    36.) ???
    37.) ???
    38.) ???
    39.) ???
    40.) ???
    41.) ???
    42.) ???
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    If you wanna put me in a fic or something, you may! Just let me know so I can read it when it comes out

    Hi, im Chris! I also go by Umbreon, Jira, Jirachi, and Mimikyu :3

    Latest ERBOF - Gunnut vs Lawl
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    Latest Game Review - Pokemon Sun: Final Thoughts

    Stuff im a part of:



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    Can't wait.
    I am the first and ONLY WWERBOH.COM champion.

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    Hope it's
    BBGUN vs snape instead of romleon vs BBGUN 3

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    No. /5char

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juiz View Post
    Good job Sane. You killed the forum.

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    And no Kirito in season 2 T_T
    Best idea I've seen in a while:

    Romulus and Remus vs Cain and Abel

    And MUST HAPPEN!!!

    I'll Bear your sins...

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    Me vs anyone

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    You must make this.

    Gunnut vs. Heisenberg

    Act uqa wa it
    Quote Originally Posted by “Adonis”
    Gonad has no nads pass it on!!!!11!

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    BobbyBobber vs. Batman and I.

    If you want me to review something of yours, click me.

    We're all humans, we all make mistakes, but try to always keep the site rules in mind..

    Things on here I found funny:
    Quote Originally Posted by PolarBore
    Quote Originally Posted by Sambama
    Quote Originally Posted by Dion
    wumbo write anotherfanfic now
    have nice peter come in
    "it's nice peter bitches"
    ""and i'm going to give you all my NICE PETER"
    and then peter visits the forum
    Quote Originally Posted by Dion
    Quote Originally Posted by Wumbo
    Quote Originally Posted by zyroda View Post
    there was a girl though once she told me she loved me she used to tell me that all the time
    she had this really adorable dog
    it was a boxer and it used to bark really loudly and throw howls in the night and never shut up and it kept her up and night before the big final exam

    and i just wanted her to do well on her exam so i shot the dog
    and all of a sudden im a bad guy

    and you don't love me anymore

    i'm so sorry i guess i never ever do a damn thing right

    everybody thinks i'm gonna cause problems

    nobody wants me with them cause they think i'm gonna do all this weird stuff that's gonna cause problems
    Quote Originally Posted by TDFE Confessional
    Quote Originally Posted by GonadtheNomad
    Quote Originally Posted by Wumbo
    Quote Originally Posted by PolarBore
    Quote Originally Posted by Wumbo
    i never lie
    Honest Wumbabe
    Quote Originally Posted by SuperRapz
    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket
    Gogos are not 4 year old toys, they're a choking hazard.
    You Know What Else Is A Choking Hazard? My Penis. So you Better Stop Sucking On it So hard, Four Year Old. Make A New Thread For your Spam, You Stupid Bitch. We Try To have Fun Here. And Don't Jump On me About MLP, You Stupid little Fuck. Like YN Said, Go Get Tested Or Some Shit. I'm Tired Of Putting Up With You. Pie Licking Bitch, Go Shove A Pickle up Your Ass. Better Yet, A Banana.
    Quote Originally Posted by PolarBore
    Quote Originally Posted by Sambaba
    I'm not reading past the title

    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Let no man pull you low enough to hate him.

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