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Thread: John F. Kennedy vs. Julius Caesar

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    John F. Kennedy vs. Julius Caesar

    This is my third fan made battle, enjoy!



    Ask not to be saved from this verbal beat down
    That JFK's giving to this toga-wearing clown
    Do not pray for easy lives
    I spit these raps deadlier than 23 knives
    On the Ides of March from the men you thought were your friends
    You're a worse leader than Khrushchev, let's not pretend
    If I were alive in this shitty emperor's day
    I would have turned your Senate against you like "Et tu, Brute?"

    You could never rule Rome, know why? Because
    You're a bigger failure than the Bay of Pigs was
    I'm the Lee Harvey Oswald of rappers
    Lyrically blowing your brain until it splatters
    All over the wife that you cheated on multiple times
    A birthday wish from Marilyn sure didn't hide your crimes
    I led the invasion of Britain, you hid behind your "liberty"
    While missiles in Cuba would be no problem for me

    I started the Peace Corps, led the New Frontier
    While you hid your epilepsy, acting bigger than your peers
    My cabinet was loyal, yours organized a coup
    I got my name all over NASA, they named a salad after you
    Your legions are nothing to the Navy
    What's the matter Caesar? You're really looking kind of shaky
    You try to step to me and you'll be quickly overruled
    Cause this is Camelot, bitch, and you just got schooled!

    The Roman Empire wouldn't exist without me
    I'll throw you in the Coliseum then maybe you'll see
    That you're no match for the greatest general the world's ever seen
    Never lost a war and maybe I'll make Jackie my queen
    You were America's youngest leader, I should call you Kid President
    You're Catholic but you ain't a saint, quit acting so benevolent
    I love the name of honor more than you care about your people
    I came, I saw, and I conquered this asshole

    WHO WON?

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    Kennedy absolutely destroyed Caesar. Amazing battle. I'm impressed at all of the references I get!

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    You keep impress me more and more, I'm looking forward to the next one :D

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    Thank you both!

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    It's great. I love the salad joke
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    Quote Originally Posted by ERB Crazy View Post
    It's great. I love the salad joke

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    Kennedy absolutely destroyed Caesar. Amazing battle. I'm very much happy! love it and check find my pixel

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