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Thread: Terrible Joke Battles of Meh

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    ​Audio when

    Dion would be so proud

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janet View Post


    Special shoutout to Uprising, the man who invented this idea
    Itís Ghost Rider vs Eminem 3
    Written by the original 3 writers of Ghost Rider vs Eminem
    Itís nearly 3 AM and Iím under the influence to be honest

    Hip hop flippity floppity dippity doppity
    Properly escort yourself away from my property

    Ghost Rider:
    You chump, I wanna run you over with my bike
    I think you won vs MGK, SIKE!
    You suck almost as much as the guy I've been hooking up with, Mike
    Representing North Carolina, AIIIGHT?

    If you had any good rhymes youíd have to be using a ghostwriter
    Unless we used that line already idk Iím tired

    Ghost Rider:
    im off the chain and i'll chain you to a pole but not too tight im a superhero i dont wanna murder some subpar offensive rapper i mean that'd be fucked up and it'd ruin my cred and marvel would never make a movie about me if i actually did that so i guess i'll chain you to a pole is a metaphor for i'll beat u so bad (In this battle , i dont want assault charges) that you'll feel like you are stuck in a situation yo ucannot escape from but in a literal sense you'll be fine so please dont sue me

    You're like Kamikaze and Revival, you're no good
    Keep your bitchass out, of my hood
    my raps are so hot they'll give u a skeleTAN
    your raps are so cold its like air from a skeleFAN
    something something sans
    something something first 4 notes of Megalovania
    Any skeleton with a flamey head, probably sucks dick

    Oh shit
    Bringing it back

    Gotta do the nostalgia grab
    And also your sequels sucked dick

    Ghost Rider:
    Ghost rider motorcycle hero
    Hey baby baby he's a lookin so cute
    America America is killin its youth
    I guess you're kinda like stan
    Cause I'll kill you like it's your final destinashan

    Slim Shady:
    Ok slim shady
    Heís coming in
    Im Slim Shady, your rhymes are irritating
    Your raps are ear grading and im sick of your complaining
    Yes im insinuating that you're lame..andÖ
    chimpanzees masturbating
    sorry i kept u waiting (Was looking at rhymezone)
    ill put you on call waiting (idk im trying my best)
    your decent rhymes are hard to be locating
    and they need translating because i dont speak shit
    im authenticating and debating and generating
    Raps that'll be dissintegrating youu while you're concentrating
    uh...figure...figure is uh...graduating...
    im...excevating flaws in ur character i can diss...ating...

    Nic Cage:
    You're the Rap God, I'm the Rap Devil
    Well actually I do not support the devil cause he is a bad person so I am actually Rap Lucifer cause that's when he was good but one day I will take you down and fight you
    Skittles are better, bitch
    I don't know what rhymes with bitch, bitch
    Kamikaze made me want to commit seppuku
    The only thing that's worse than Revival is doodoo
    And even then, its very debatable

    Slim Shady:
    You see Nic Cage I am Eminem's mischievous evil alter ego and it would fit my character to steal your keys to your bike to run you over with it in a homage to the original battle
    Oh wait I did pickpocket your keys, what about that-le
    Your raps are worse than that guy you mentioned earlier, Mike
    Now watch as I run over you with your bike

    Eminem hops on his bike
    Drives over him
    Bike stops and gets stuck

    "Oops one second"
    Reverses, repeats and gets stuck
    Keeps doing it

    GR: Oof ouch owie my bones
    Wait I forgot I'm Nic Cage now
    An audio would be awesome. Hereís the post for this page

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    That's none of your business!
    And they said that the "Vader vs. Hitler" trilogy was good, whew! This battle is beautiful, and serves as a great finisher for the "Eminem vs. Ghost Rider" trilogy. Can't wait to see what other wonders you have up your sleeve, Janet – keep up the great work!

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