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Thread: Forum Fan Fictions.

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    Red face Forum Fan Fictions.

    Hi! I'm gonna start writing Fanfics about the forumers.

    Here's a list :

    1.) Wumbo X Dion
    2.) Umbreon x Pool x Polar
    3.) Lawl x YN part I
    3.) Lawl x YN part II
    4.) TopxGade
    You can still suggest
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    It was a cold winter afternoon, Snow covers half of the street , Snowflakes are falling down in such graceful manner.

    We can see Wumbo dressed in winter clothing, walking in a very calm manner on the sidewalk holding a bouquet of roses, He's heading towards Dion's House, He's shaking a bit, Afraid that Dion might reject his confession, he has been in love with him a long time ago and he just got the courage to confess, A day before Christmas

    In the meanwhile, Dion is sitting in his velvet chair, reading a book nearby his fireplace, He wasn't expecting anyone to visit, So he wasn't dressed as well, He was wearing a velvety robe whilst smoking a pipe.

    The bell rang, Dion was surprised, "Who could that be?" Dion wondered, He stood up from his seat and started walking towards the door, "I'll be there in a minute!" Dion exclaimed.

    Wumbo was waiting patiently outside, He was nervous, He thinks that Dion and Rob are dating, which made his soon-to-be confession that much more harder to say.

    Dion opened the door and to his surprise he saw Wumbo standing outside, half a smile is on his face..

    "Can i come in?" Wumbo asked with a shy voice.

    Dion Nodded and guided Wumbo to his living room, confused to as why his friend was here, he decided to get some refreshments in his kitchen, "I'll be right back." said Dion.

    Wumbo being nervous is still hiding the bouquet, he is sweating even though it's almost freezing outside.

    Dion was back with wine and a few pieces of bread, "Enjoy, I wasn't expecting company so i didn't have time to cook." He says whilst sitting next to Wumbo

    "Dion I-i.. i w-want to tell you something.." Wumbo shyly exclaimed.

    "What is it Wumbo?" Dion calmly asked.

    Wumbo handed the bouquet of roses to Dion and with all his might he said, "I love you,Dion"

    Dion was surprised at what Wumbo said, he puts his glass of wine down on the table and said, "Wumbo, I love you as well."

    "Wumbo hesitantly said, "B-but.. what about.. Rob.. " Dion smiled with tears in his eyes , "We were never together, I chose you.."

    "Wumbo, I had been in love with you for a long time... but i was afraid that you might not have loved me as i love you." "Dion said with teary eyes.

    The two held each other in an embrace, both of them knew that this was a start of a beautiful and long relationship.
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    • Top and Renegade
    • Batman4Real and Zoroark
    • Clemi and Rangernumberx
    • Yackerz and GoB
    • BBGUN and Gunnut/Romleon

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    You and an octopus.
    But,░in░truth,░I░have░wept░too░much!░Dawns░are░hea rtbreaking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juiz
    moon you're hurting me in ways you'll never even know. lets do that suicide, buddy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PolarBore View Post
    • Top and Renegade
    • Batman4Real and Zoroark
    • Clemi and Rangernumberx
    • Yackerz and GoB
    • BBGUN and Gunnut/Romleon
    These are just appearances, not YxZ relationships? He has a constant stench of garlic on him.
    Quote Originally Posted by Juiz View Post
    I once heard Ranger was a legend.
    Now I can confirm Ranger is a legend.

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    Dion X Wumbo up at top!`

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    It was a hot summer day, Kids are outside playing by an open fire hydrant, teenagers mowing some lawns for cash, and adults just simply being adults.

    Umbreon was drinking tea and reading a book in a local cafe, he seems happy and content, It's unusual for our dear Umbreon here, for we all know him as a sad man, he took a bite on his chocolate cake and sipped on his coffee.

    Polarbore on the other hand is just outside the cafe, he was supposed to meet with Umbreon a few weeks from now, but he was surprised to see his date in the cafe.

    Umbreon with no knowledge that Polarbore is just outside, kept on reading the novel he has on his hands.

    Polarbore entered the cafe and a small "ding!" was heard as the door opened, he slowly walks up towards Umbreon's table.

    "Um, Hello!" Polarbore says as he waves his hands.

    Umbreon almost spat his tea at the surprise, "What are you doing here?!" he asked in surprise

    "Is it wrong to see my boyfriend once in a while?" Polarbore replied

    "It's very wrong! You could of atleast texted me! This is a very bad time for you to be here!" Umbreon shouted.

    Polarbore was shocked, "Why? Why is it a wrong time?" He asked.

    Before Umbreon could say anything, a "Ding!" was heard.

    "Umbreon! my dear!" Pool Shouted.

    Umbreon's face turned pale, "Oh God, Oh dear God." He stood up surprised and scared.

    "Dear?! What the fuck? You were cheating on me? Why would you do that!" Polarbore

    "Oh Excuse me! I dated him first and i am not giving him to you!" Pool Angrily responded.

    Umbreon couldn't get a word in, He stood there in shock and disbelief.

    "I had him first before you came along! Polarbore shouted.

    "Then he's not just that satisfied with you so he came to me!" Pool retaliates.

    The two had a war of words for fifteen minutes before..

    "STOP IT! JUST STOP IT" Umbreon Shouted as loud as he can.

    The two stopped, both looked at Umbreon.

    Umbreon was asked a question.. a question he has been dreading all this time..

    "Who do you choose?!" The two shouted

    "I..i choose.."

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    Squirtle! Wait, that isn't an option? Well s**t.
    Quote Originally Posted by Juiz View Post
    I once heard Ranger was a legend.
    Now I can confirm Ranger is a legend.

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    Lawl and Davidand the mother = English Speakers
    YN = ASIAN

    It was a busy time, you can hear cars outside honking, the drivers shouting in rage, You know, Regular american things.

    David the Attorney is pacing around in his office with an annoyed look on his face, he sighs, stopping his pace, and looks at his watch.

    Lawlzor knocks on the door

    Lawlzor: H-hello?

    David: FINALLY. That better be Lawlzor knocking at my door. Come in.

    David goes to sit at his desk and shuffles some paperwork.

    Lawl: Wh-what's up?

    Lawlzor opens the door and let's YellowNerd in first

    YN nods and goes inside

    YN: G-good morning.

    Lawlzor follows after him and waves

    David doesn't respond as he takes out a case file from his drawer with the will inside.

    Lawlzor whispers "He doesn't know Japanese."

    YN: O-oh...

    David : Sit down, already.

    YN blushes and steps back

    Lawlor: So...what's up?

    Lawlzor sits down in a chair acting nonchalant

    David the Attorney: I asked that damn doctor of your mother to get you here days ago. That's 'what's up'. Anyway.

    Lawlzor: Dude...some shit came up. Chill.

    David: Your mother left a Last Will and Testament for you. Part on paper and part on tape.

    David rolls his eyes at Lawlzor as if in disgust and turns to get the tape.

    YN is standing behind lawlzor and puts his hands on his shoulders

    David grabs the tape and puts it on his desk.

    Lawlzor: need to relax. I remember you were cool with me when helping my parents get divorced

    David: Yes. Back when you were actually a good for something. Don't think I forgot about you keying and then trashing my car that night with your 'buddies'.

    YN's hands start to tremble slightly.

    Lawlzor: Good for something?!

    Lawlzor starts to tense up in anger

    YN rubs Lawl's shoulders.

    Lawlzor relaxes slightly as he feels him

    David: Now, who's the one that needs to calm down? You heard what I said. Now, let's go on. We can do either the paper first or the tape. Your choice.

    Lawl: P-paper...

    David: Then, we'll do the tape. Look over to this screen I'm standing by. Follow my voice if you can't see it or me yet.

    Lawl: Alright...I said paper but whatever.

    David: I know you did.

    David puts in the tape and turns it on.

    Lawlzor smiles as he sees his mother's face for the first time in two years 1

    Lawlzor : M-mom...

    His Mom is laying in a hospital bed, but looking sorta well and smiling.

    Lawlzor's Mom : Hello, Lawl-deary~ How's my big strong man doing?

    Lawl: I-

    Lawlzor's Mom pauses and just smiles and waves.

    Lawl : I am doing good.

    Lawlzor's Mom starts up about five seconds after Lawlzor answers.

    Lawlzor's Mom : I hope I didn't interrupt you, there. *giggles a little* Mister David is letting me film this so you can see me. Say hello, Davey~

    David looks away.

    David: H-hello.

    Lawlzor's Mom: Lawl-dear, I want you to know I love you very, very much, honey.

    Lawl starts to tear up and shake softly

    Lawlzor's Mom: Oh, how I wish I could see you right now. I'd hug you and kiss you and love on you like never before. You're my big boy, after all.

    Lawl: M-mom...

    Lawlzor's Mom makes a kissy face at the screen and puts her hands in a hug like motion.

    YN sits down next to Lawlzor

    Lawlzor's Mom: That's the best I can do for you, honey. I hope that is okay with you.

    Lawlzor's Mom smiles and waves.

    Lawl quietly laughs as tears fall down his face

    David sighs and sits in his office chair while silently watching the tape.

    YN snuggles in closer

    Lawlzor's Mom starts coughing and the tape cuts to static for a moment, then comes in with her smiling warmly again, albeit more monitors are now in the shot.

    Lawl embraces YN tightly while looking at the screen

    YN looks up at Lawl and smiles

    Lawlzor's Mom: The doctor's say I don't have much time, but they don't know me well do they, Lawl-deary? I'm quite the strong fighter.

    Lawl: I-I know you are. A-always were...

    Lawlzor's Mom: Mister David, can you please give him the box for me now?

    Lawl: B-box?

    Lawlzor's Mom : Be a deary and pause this for me when it comes to here. I don't want my Lawl to miss anything I say afterwards, after all.

    David nods, attempting to hide his emotions, and he pauses the tape.

    Lawl cries harder quietly

    David solemnly takes out a small black box.

    David: Your mother desperately believed.... well... She'll say that to you. This is her words in physical form.

    Lawl: W-what is it?

    David gives lawlzor the box.

    Lawl takes the box and opens it slowly

    Lawl: I-It is...

    David: She wanted you to have that... but now I'm just saying what she's gonna say.


    Lawl: I-It's her ri-ring...

    YN rests his head on Lawlzor's shoulder.

    Lawlzor : is her ring

    Lawlzor's Mom is waiting for about 3 seconds and then waves her left hand this time while using her other hand to point at the ringless ring finger.

    Lawlzor's Mom: Tadah~ It's magic, Lawl, my dear!~

    Lawl looks up at the screen again

    David lets out a small "hmph" with a smile, his face a little warmer.

    YN has his eyes fixed at lawlzor's face

    Lawl's tears still stream down his face as he smiles warmly

    Lawlzor's Mom: Give that to whomever you love, my son. You deserve a kind, caring, and absolutely fantastic partner at your side.

    Lawl: I-I have her mom...he is right here

    Lawlzor hold YN's hand tightly

    YN blushes and smiles

    Lawlzor's Mom: And if I know you, you will have found him or her already. You were always one step ahead of me, Lawlzor/

    Lawlzor's Mom: My blessing is with that ring, my son. Treasure what you have and give me some wonderful grandchildren to look after from heaven.

    Lawlzor: I-I promise...

    Lawl cries harder now and puts his head down while smiling

    David looks at Lawl from the corner of his eye and silently sighs as he turns his attention back to the television.

    Lawlzor's Mom lays down after the door opens off screen as the familiar voice of Rob comes through the sound saying "Here's your meds, Miss." She waves to the person offscreen.

    Lawlzor's Mom: Oh,Rob! Please, come in! Say hi to Lawlzor for me!

    Lawlzor whispers to YN "Once this is over can we go to my house?"

    David pauses the tape

    (PART ONE)

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    YN nods

    David: I can fast forward through this part if you want.

    Lawlzor smiles and wipes his eyes.

    Lawlzor : Can we just...hurry up?

    David nods and turns off the television, then shuffles the papers on his desk again.

    David: Well then.

    Lawl places the box with the ring into his pocket

    David takes out the will and opens it.

    David: We can start this.

    Lawl : Thank you. I hate to do it but I want him to see the house.

    David looks up and sighs, nodding.

    David: Are you walking there or driving?

    Lawl: I planned on walking...

    David leans back in his chair and cuts the TV on again, the tape still paused.

    David: I'll drive you there. It's much quicker. Then I'll take you to where you're staying. It'll save time... if you want.

    Lawl:Is there a way we can stay at my house?

    David: I believe so. I'm sure Rob still has the spare key from when he house sat for your mother during her last few weeks- maybe a month or
    two- of time she was in the hospital this time. I'll have him drop off the key.

    David : If not, I've got a paperclip and an old credit. Just don't tell anyone what I suggested.

    Lawlzor : Thank you. Now can you start reading?

    David reads the will and testimony.

    David: Alright then, Let's finish the tape and then I'll drive you there. I will leave the room so that you can be comfortable. This was your mother's final farewell to you, after all. I'll be warming up my car if you need me.

    Lawl nods his head in silence

    David leaves the room after unpausing the tape, closing the door behind him.

    Lawl: H-Hey YN...want to finish watching this?

    YN : O-okay..

    Lawl: I have something for you when we get home.

    YN: Mhm , Okay.

    Lawlzor's Mom: Lawl-deary, I know you probably don't want to hear this, but if Mister David unpauses the tape again, please listen.

    Lawl: I am listening mom 17:29

    Lawlzor's Mom smiles warmly at the screen as the boy grimaces vocally, waving at the camera with a nervous grin.

    Lawlzor's Mom: Lawl-deary, I don't know if you still remember him, but this young man here has been taking care of your mother like a champ. Do you remember him?

    Lawl: Y-Yeah...Rob

    Lawlzor's Mom: Good. I knew you couldn't forget him! And if you did, shame on you for forgetting your best friend! But I know you didn't. You're too sweet of a boy to do that.

    Lawlzor's Mom takes the medicine from the boy who says, "You don't have to do this, Miss, Our friendship died a long time ago." Lawlzor's Mom pats his face and looks at the screen with a cheerful smile.

    Lawlzor's Mom: That's our Robby-wobby. Always trying to be a pessimistic optimist.

    Lawl: Oh my god mom...

    YN is getting dizzied by the words

    Lawlzor's Mom laughs a little as Rob looks away from the camera, blushing, and saying "oh, god; oh, god, oh, god" quietly as his mother continues.

    Lawlzor's Mom: Listen, Lawl-deary. Please make up with him if you remember him. He's the only other boy I've considered nearly as good as you are, though not quite. No one can beat my sweet son. No one, And with that said, sweetie.

    Lawl slowly starts crying again

    Lawl: I...

    Lawlzor's Mom lets go of Rob, who leaves the room redder than a baboon's ass, and makes the kissy face and hug gesture, this time leaning closer to the screen.

    Lawl: I love you mom...I-I m-miss you much...

    Lawlzor cries heavier now into his hands

    Lawlzor's Mom: I love you forever, my son. Five-ever, too~ Never forget that. I've missed you so terribly much in the last two years, but if you're seeing this video right now, I couldn't be any prouder of my big, strong son.

    Lawlzor's Mom leans closer to the screen, her face starting to fill the borders.

    Lawl stands up and cries hard as he walks over to the TV and hugs it

    YN is in awe

    Lawl: Mom! P-Please come back! I-I mi-miss you!

    Lawlzor's Mom: Mwah~ Goodbye, my son. Remember... you will ALWAYS be in my heart, Lawl-deary. Forever and a day.

    YN starts tearing up

    Lawlzor's Mom: Always, my son. Always.

    Lawlzor's Mom leans back and waves, her right hand over her heart.

    Lawlzor falls to his knees and continues to audibly sob

    The screen fades to black and the tape ejects.

    Lawlzor : M-mother!

    David is standing outside his office, not saying anything as he hears the sobs coming from behind the door.

    YN cups his face with his hands and cries

    Lawl: I...I...W-Why...

    Lawl sobs harder before standing up again

    David knocks softly on the door.

    Lawl wipes his eyes and turns around facing YN and the door

    Lawlzor :Y-YN. Please come here.

    David opens the door a little.

    YN nods and walks to him

    Lawlzor embraces YN tightly and cries quietly again.

    David : I'll be in the black car in front of the office. Come out when you're ready.

    Lawl: I love you YN. Please...never l-leave

    YN: I won't.

    Lawl: T-Thank you...let's go...

    YN Nods

    Lawlzor wipes his eyes, smiles then heads for the car with him.

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