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    35 is way too young.

    If you want me to review something of yours, click me.

    We're all humans, we all make mistakes, but try to always keep the site rules in mind..

    Things on here I found funny:
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    nobody wants me with them cause they think i'm gonna do all this weird stuff that's gonna cause problems
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    i never lie
    Honest Wumbabe
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    Hello Darkness my old friend...

    WELCOME TO TOKUTALK! Where I babble on what's going on in the tokudom!

    Today, I'll be giving a brief insight to the brand new super sentai series :

    It's actually the 40th! Super sentai season!!!1

    It has a pretty amazing opening song!


    Now let's talk about the individual characters!!

    First we have

    Yamato Kazakiri aka the Red one

    He's ZyuohEagle!

    He's a human that can utilize the power of the Cube which only Zyumans can do! (Zyumans are like the animal creatures, you'll learn later) He also got amazing sense of sight! like really really amazing.

    Sela! aka Sharku/ The blue one

    As most Super Sentai's there's the mother figure, but Sela isn't your lovey dovey mother figure, oh no, She's the tough love kinda mom! She's a zyuman with an amazing sense of hearing!

    Leo! aka Lion/ The Yellow one

    Not a very original name i know right, Anyway he's the troublemaker of the group, usually calm but his temper is really really.. short, His special sense is his mouth, He's loud and he's strong.

    Tusk! aka Elephant/ The Green one

    As such, Super sentai has that "calm, genius but loner type guy" and Tusk is that guy, His actor is bland af tho, He has the power of smell (DUH)

    Amu! aka Tiger/ The White one

    She's the girly girl girl of the group, She's caring etc, Y'know generic pink/white ranger stuff, She has the amazing sense of Taste! (I mean come on, She was able to tell which fruits were in her smoothie without knowing what Red ordered)

    There's also going to be a sixth ranger called Zyuoh The World, He'll be having the power of 3 animals at once, Which is Rhino, Alligator, Wolf (OP much)

    Their enemies are called the DeathGaliens, They have an Arcade motif/theme going on for them (like they insert coins to their fallen comrade to make them big [they call it a "continue" hue])

    Their goal is to entertain their DeathGalien Leader, Yep, They kill people just to make one dick happy, The game is called the "Blood Game", They chose Earth to be the 100th planet of their blood game.

    See that guy sitting down? Yea that's the leader, the main dick.

    Zyuohgers uses a cube-like device to transform! Their robot is also made out of cubes! This show is cubes! cubes!!!

    Well since it's new, There's not much else i can say other than that this is already doing much better than the past series!

    Once again, this has been Yellownerd and i'll see you in the next one!

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    Waaaooooot is uuuuup Tokutalk natioooon, Leeeeet's geeeet roooooooooighttt into the neeeeeeeeeews!

    Welcome to TOKUTALK!

    Where I babble on what's going on in the tokudom!

    Today scans about the new Kamen Rider was leaked! Clear-ass Scans might i add!

    Starting on October 2, 2016 at 8:00AM!


    Kamen Rider Ex-Aid is based on a Video Game Motif!

    translation to the sounds coming from the belt

    [level 1]
    Let's Game!
    Nanja Game! (What a Game!)
    Muccha Game! (Absurd Game?)
    Waccha Name! (What's your name?)

    [when he transform for level 2]
    Gachan! Level Up!
    Mighty Jump!
    Mighty Kick!
    Mighty Mighty Action X!

    As you can see at the giant #1 on the top, That's the Gamer Driver! The device which he uses to transform into Kamen Rider Ex-Aid! (His base form is based of off "Arcade" games)

    From what I can understand from #2

    When he transform with the lever still closed, he'll transform into LVL 1 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (The giant chibi looking one)
    but when he pulls the lever back he'll transform into LVL 2 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (The next one, the pink with spikes)
    When he inserts the red cartridge to his belt, He'll turn into LVL 3 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (which the motif is "Mecha" game)

    #3 Are apprently other riders called "Kamen Rider Brave (blue) and Kamen Rider Snipe (Blue/YellowGreen)

    These are their forms!

    As you can see the first on the top is Ex-Aid, His forms are from left to right are : LVL 1, LVL 2, LVL 3 Mecha, and a "Monster" form apparently on the furthest right which is for now still a silhouette
    The 2nd row is Brave apparently based off of RPG games, LVL 1, LVL 2, LVL 3 RHYTHM Game, and a "Monster" form
    Third row is Snipe which is obviously based off of FPS games, LVL 1, LVL 2, LVL 3 "Flying Shooter" games, and a Monster form
    The fourth row is apparently Ex-Aid's bike, (From left to right) LVL1 form, Bike Form, Rider Form and Monster form
    The last one is "the enemy" which are called "Bugsters" (From left to right) LVL1, LVL 2 Bugster, and Lvl 3 "Sports games" and a giant question mark.

    These are what I know so far and what has been "Leaked" these are official scans from the toy catalogs.

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    Welcome to TokuTalk! Today we're gonna talk about

    Yes, I know I talked about this before but those were just pre-press conference info, now that the conference is over we now have a bit more understanding about the upcoming show

    Now, Here we go

    Let's start off with the main cast a.k.a the Kamen Riders :

    From Left to right we have:

    We have Ex-Aid, "Emu Hojo" portrayed by Hiroki Iijima

    Hiroki Iijima, like some of the past main rider actors (Gaku Sano "Gaim/Fruit Jesus") and Ghost (Shun Nishime) has also won the Junon Boy Contest (It's a yearly thing in japan and most of the winners end up being the new main kamen rider.)

    Emu is a medical student at Seito University Hospital, which appears to be the central location for this series. In his off-hours, Emu is known simply as M- a genius-level gamer!

    The middle guy is Kamen Rider Brave!

    "Hiiro Kagami" portrayed by Toshiki Seto (Who was rumoured to be kamen rider ghost last year) He is normally rude & condescending towards Emu but is willing to fight alongside Ex-Aid to stop the Bugsters.

    and the last main rider in the series (for now) is Kamen Rider Snipe!

    "Taiga Hanaya" portrayed by Ukyo Matsumoto (He's known for his roles in Ultraman) He USED to be a doctor, until an unrevealed incident caused his medical license to be revoked, Also many people have noticed the similarity to his character with that of Dr. Black Jack (Black/White hair, unlicensed doctor)

    and up next we talk about the supporting cast!

    From left to right again,

    We have "Asuna Karino" portrayed by Ruka Matsuda, She's a nurse and she has a secret side where she's an Idol Girl!

    In the middle we have "Palad" portrayed by Kai Shouma who is the early antagonist for the series, He's a bugster leader.

    Last but not least we have "Kuroto Dan" portrayed by Iwanaga Tetsuya, The President of the game-designing Genmu Corporation

    And last bit i'm going to talk about, the singer for the opening of the series :

    Daichi Miura!

    He's known for singing the song used in Parasyte (He sang the ending song "It's the right time")

    Speaking of time, It's time for me to say adios, good bye, sayonara!

    This is all what I have for today, so until next time!

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    A new kamen rider has been announced, I'll post details soon

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