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Thread: [Index] Epic rap parodies

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    [Index] Epic rap parodies

    This is where I'll post all the rap parodies :


    The Ultimate Bandown [The Ultimate Showdown parody] , by Brad

    Fu-kin' bye [American Pie Parody], by Brad

    The real forum [The real lime shady], by Clemi

    Friday [Friday parody], by Clemi

    What does the fan say [What does the fox says parody], by Clemi

    Chatbox-Mania, by Clemi

    BBGun VS Clemi [Ryu VS Ken parody], by Clemi

    Banned [Pompeii parody], by Colossal Titan

    Collabs :

    erboh forums [Candy Shop parody], by Adonis and Clemi

    Forum Paradise [Amish Paradise parody], by Gunnut and Clemi

    Tavon Austin [Jack Sparrow parody], by Sambama, T0M, Polar and Clemi

    4ever [Forever Parody], by Facilier, Polarbore, Wumbo and Clemi

    More to come !
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