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Thread: BBGun VS Clemi [Ryu VS Ken Parody]

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    BBGun VS Clemi [Ryu VS Ken Parody]

    Check the original first :

    Clemi: Hey BBGun
    BBGun: yes
    Clemi: You know I hate you since you plagiarized me right ?
    BBGun: yes
    Clemi: Well we should settle this shit once and for all with a rap battle to the death
    BBGun: ok
    Clemi: Do you think you can stop plagiarizing long enough to do that ?
    BBGun: can i go first
    Clemi: Okay, let's DO THIS !

    Round 1 ! RAP !

    BBGun :
    FUCK YOU CLEMI, you're such a little fucking bitch
    I'm gonna break your fucking head and throw you over a bridge
    You'll log out of the forum and go fucking kill yourself right after
    Because this will show you who is the real ERB master

    I'll break your dreams and slice you up like I was Freddy Krueger
    Beating you harder than Beethoven against Justin Bieber
    Your exes never found you sexy at all
    And plus they left you because it was your fault

    Like Dion with offenders I'm giving you the rapestick
    You call yourself Cleminem but you're nothing but a rap shit
    You talk about your dick everytime but used it less than Andy Stitzer
    So what the hell you got to say to me, motherfucker ?

    Clemi: What

    Round 2 ! RAP !

    Clemi: wait what about me nooooooo

    Verse... Two... Is... HAPPY HOUR
    You're a loaner lacking of French manners
    You're maintained by your mother and your friend's owner is Mrs. foster
    You can't hide your boner every time I make a cover
    And now I will diss you faster with MY FRICKING KINDLE POWER

    Watch yourself, kid, I'm gonna make you swear
    My BBgun shoots your smiling face out of your chair
    Just like Glass Joe, after this you're gonna need a new denture
    Because you're more pitiful than your Chatbox's adventure

    My rhymes are big, just like my forum cred
    I'm the kind of making ERB characters and epic threads
    I've proven you that I could beat you twice in a row
    So what you got to motherfucking say to me now ?

    Clemi : WELL ALRIGHT two could play at this game, dick penis loner
    You think you can win but well your time is ogre

    BeNDER: Clemi, that was Shrektacular
    PolarBore: That line was priceless
    Clemi: Thank you so much, I appreciate it
    BBGun: but
    Dion: shaddap bbgun

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    Clemi, that was Shrektacular
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    I agree.
    But,░in░truth,░I░have░wept░too░much!░Dawns░are░hea rtbreaking.
    Ξvery░moon░is░atrocious░and░every░sun░bitter. (ュ だ  どいロリラ威萎虞う ャイ意営縁ぇヵ)

    Quote Originally Posted by Juiz
    moon you're hurting me in ways you'll never even know. lets do that suicide, buddy.

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    Thanks :3

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    Jk good Battle

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