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Thread: Fan Video for ERB Crew

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    Fan Video for ERB Crew

    Various members of the ERB Crew have visited us time to time, but I really want them to know that they're our friends and make sure they haven't forgotten about us. That's why I want to do a fan video from the forum to the ERB Crew. The plan would be to have a bunch of people from the forum help make a video saying hi to the crew, expressing our appreciation for all their hard work, maybe throw in a few ERB Suggestions or really just say or show the crew whatever you want. You can do this on camera, have an audio recording, have someone else read your requests for you, whatever, as long as you're interested, you'll get to be in the video somehow.

    Before anyone does anything though, I want to know how many people are interested. With so many people on this forum, this video could potentially be over an hour long if everyone just went nuts and did whatever they wanted right now. So let me know in the topic if you're interested, and what exactly you'd like to do for this video.

    Personally, I'd probably make a short video saying hi to the crew, tell them what it is I love about ERB, let them know what some of my favorite battles are and then try to sneak in some of my favorite ERB ideas. You can do something exactly like me, or you could do something completely different. Just let me know what it is. I'll stop this when it looks like we have enough people.

    If you want me to review something of yours, click me.

    We're all humans, we all make mistakes, but try to always keep the site rules in mind..

    Things on here I found funny:
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    wumbo write anotherfanfic now
    have nice peter come in
    "it's nice peter bitches"
    ""and i'm going to give you all my NICE PETER"
    and then peter visits the forum
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    there was a girl though once she told me she loved me she used to tell me that all the time
    she had this really adorable dog
    it was a boxer and it used to bark really loudly and throw howls in the night and never shut up and it kept her up and night before the big final exam

    and i just wanted her to do well on her exam so i shot the dog
    and all of a sudden im a bad guy

    and you don't love me anymore

    i'm so sorry i guess i never ever do a damn thing right

    everybody thinks i'm gonna cause problems

    nobody wants me with them cause they think i'm gonna do all this weird stuff that's gonna cause problems
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    i never lie
    Honest Wumbabe
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    Gogos are not 4 year old toys, they're a choking hazard.
    You Know What Else Is A Choking Hazard? My Penis. So you Better Stop Sucking On it So hard, Four Year Old. Make A New Thread For your Spam, You Stupid Bitch. We Try To have Fun Here. And Don't Jump On me About MLP, You Stupid little Fuck. Like YN Said, Go Get Tested Or Some Shit. I'm Tired Of Putting Up With You. Pie Licking Bitch, Go Shove A Pickle up Your Ass. Better Yet, A Banana.
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    I'm not reading past the title

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    I would love to do it! I'm all up for being in the video, maybe show off the shirt (soon to be plural) I designed and other fan art, give a few suggestions and just say a little hi to the Petes and the Lloyds and the crews. ^^

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    I think im interested
    Future rap battles i want to see
    Ash ketchum vs Charles Darwin
    Michael phelps vs usain bolt
    Gordon ramsey vs somebody ft. Colonel sanders
    Donald Trump vs Bernie sanders or Hillary Clinton
    JFK vs somebody
    Teddy Roosevelt vs bear Grylls
    Jimi Hendrix vs kurt cobain, tupac or bob marley
    Justice League vs Avengers
    Mao Zedong vs che guevara or fidel castro

    I think The next rap battle is Julia Child vs Gordon Ramsey

    Season 5 Predictions:
    Julia child vs gorgon ramsey ft. Colonel sanders
    Jimi hendrix vs kurt cobain
    Michael phelps vs usain bolt
    Van gogh vs andy warhol or some painter
    Mao Zedong vs che guevara or Fidel Castro
    Justice League vs The Avengers

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    Count me in

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    Oh hell yes. Totally in this shiznit. I could possibly splice it all together with my l33t editing skills too, if you all want.
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    I would lime to help

    EDIT: LIKE not lime...well, that too
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    I could do stuff.

    Footnote: I like limes.

    Act uqa wa it
    Quote Originally Posted by “Adonis”
    Gonad has no nads pass it on!!!!11!

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    I'm interested in copying you.
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    Sam can read my stuff I guess.

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    Count me in. Don't know when I'll get around to it but count me in.
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