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    OK, that interpretation of me fits surprisingly well.

    *looks around to find a hidden camera*

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    Episode 4 : Vesper.

    I can't believe it...

    "Whoa, Vesper looks so cool now." Brine said.

    I must agree, A robot that looks like a japanese demon does look cool, but can he defeat the mecha before the sphere completely incapacitate him?

    "...Command your buddy-roid to focus on the left leg.." Luke said.

    "All right! Hey! Vesper! Focus on it's left leg!" Brine shouts.

    The Oni-Roid summoned a sword from flames and it starts slashing on the Mecha's leg.


    "They're actually doing better than 75% of the other groups."

    "True, Dr. Burner they're only the second group who survived for more than an hour, Do we stop the experiment now or?"

    "Let's wait for the robot to die, I'm interested in seeing to what is going to happen to Sphere users once they burned out their Lost Zone."

    "Spheres are truly Skyworth's best work."

    "I have a question about spheres Dr. Morales"


    "The lost zone only activates on the third and final switch right?"

    "I believe so."

    "Why couldn't they just stop the device from entering lost zone by only letting the switcher switch two times? Make a fail-safe clicker?"

    "I don't know, I don't work for the Z-Wing."


    "...What's happening to that robot..?" Luke asked.

    "...I'm sorry for your inevitable loss, Brine"


    The robot's chest burst open and the sphere comes out forcefully decimating the robot only leaving it's left arm as the sphere vanish into nothingness.

    I saw it with my own eyes... What timing out on a lost zone does to a robot...

    Brine stumbled a few steps forward, and his tight fists flew to his chest as a way to put up with the pain. He blinked several times to get rid of the tears that flew to his eyes.

    "How...How could you do this to him?!!" Brine shook me aggressively.

    "I-i'm sorry.. I-it was bound to happen"

    "You took away my only friend in this world.." Brine said as he picks Vesper's remaining arm.

    I fucked up..

    "...Okay, Training is over, Please come into the bunker." Dr. Burner said over the speakers.


    "You all did good, You need to focus more on teamwork and you should all make some combat ready armour." Dr. Burner said.

    "As far as Individual performance is concerned, you all did fairly well." Dr. Morales added.

    "Your praise isn't going to revive my robot!" Brine shouted as he bolts out of the bunker.

    "It was my fault, I'm sorry about that."

    "Either way, You all did great out there." Dr. Morales said.

    "You may now go, Mr. Morales will take you back to the Headquarters... Except you, Joe." Dr. Burner said.


    "Why did you opted for me to stay?"

    "I want to know more about these spheres." Dr. Burner said.

    "What do you want to know about them?"

    "Tell me everything." Dr. Burner said while he sits down.

    "It's made by the most durable metal, it's entire working is like a USB when it connects to the holder's finger when he pushes the button, It's pretty simple mechanic but it takes at least a week or so to make one sphere."

    "Hmm, How exactly does it choose which power up to give the user?" Dr. Burner asked as he writes down notes.

    "We take memory data from the M-Wing and put it into the binder machine that puts a random memory to the sphere so we don't really know what power is in the sphere."

    "Memory Data?" Dr. Burner said as he put down his notebook.


    "Hello Hello! Anyone there?" said a hologram of a dude in a snazzy outfit.

    "Ah, Hello Mr. Kiiro Otacon" said Dr. Burner

    "Finally, I've been trying to contact you, Oh and who is this?" Mr. Otacon asked as his hologram walks up to me.

    " I-i'm Joe Dahutt, I work at the Z-Wing at Skyworth."

    "Ah, Yes, The Sphere project." Mr. Otacon said as he paces the room.

    "So, Kiiro what brings you here? Are we in trouble?" Dr. Burner said.

    "Well before we get to that, It'd be rude not to introduce myself to our friend here, My name is Kiiro Otacon, I am the president of Hisao Industries, We provide funding towards Skyworth by the use of sponsors, We'll see each other often." Mr. Otacon said as his hologram faces Dr. Burner

    I couldn't hear the conversation but Dr. Burner's face seems to be in distraught.


    "Well it was nice meeting both of you, I'll contact you soon if I see fit, Good luck with all the hard work and don't forget, You're here forever." Mr. Otacon said as the hologram disappears.


    "Well then, Ehm, If you want to go now, You're free to leave and thank you for all the information." Dr. Burner said.

    "It's no problem professor, I'll show myself out and thank you for the training."


    And so I return to my room.


    "Finally, I can get some rest!"

    Or so I thought, The TV in my room turns on and a logo appears.

    "Hello, Sorry for disturbing your evening, I am Kiiro Otacon and I am broadcasting this all over Skyworth, As you may know, We are going to choose five of your best scientist to work in field for us, A competition to see who's the best will start soon, If you want to register please go to the main lobby and do so, I am expecting only the best scientists to win. This competition is for the best and excellent only, If you do not think you can handle the pressure then I suggest to not register for now and try again next year, Hone your skills and may the force be with you, Again, I am deeply sorry for the disturbance and I wish you all a Good night."

    A competition, Meh, I'd rather work on making perfect spheres that don't critically injure anyone any more, I need to find out how to stop the sphere from going into the Lost Zone, I think I should have a word with Luke tomorrow, Oh, And I should apologize to brine again as well.

    Night time lock down initiated; Goodnight.

    Well, Time to sleep I guess.

    Playing lullaby playlist, enabling night sky hologram, Good night. Sleep tight. Do not let the bed bugs bite.

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