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Thread: Rules of the Forum: 2015

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    - Do not flame members.
    - Do not harass members.
    - Do not cause unnecessary drama or forum fights.
    - Do not spam.
    - Do not double or multi-post.
    - Do not use overly offensive/explicit language.
    - Do not post/link any inappropriate material.
    - Do not post/inquire about/offer to make any transactions involving real money or physical products
    - Do not link any form of pirating or illegal downloading.
    - Do not impersonate anyone. This includes members, celebrities, and the ERB Crew.
    - Do not post or advertise other forums.
    - Do not publicly discuss the actions of the Staff when it comes to site decisions.
    - Do not create double accounts.
    - Do not share the personal information of other members.

    All rules apply to content within a users signature and avatar.

    Certain Sections may have rules specific to them, or may have rules that do not pertain to them. If you are not sure of these special rules, please refer to the Section Rules for that specific section.

    Overall, if you are not sure if what you are doing/are about to do is against the rules, please contact a Moderator and ask!

    Remember, these rules are always subjected to change.
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    Spam: A post and/or topic that is pointless and off-topic such as:

    -Irrelvant topics in the incorrect section, or made outside of Spam Central.
    -Anything that does not pertain to the topic of discussion, or that does not answer the question asked (Such as stating "I don't know.")
    -Any topic, regardless of the subject or content, with a misleading title.
    -Quoting a post without adding any discussion of your own (Such as quoting and stating "Same.")
    -A post made of only emoticons or images.
    -Bumping a topic (6 months old) with a post that is not relevant to the discussion.

    Topics that are posted in the incorrect section will either be closed or moved.
    Please note, this does not apply to content within Spam Central.

    Flame: A post, topic, or chat-post meant to offend or hurt the feelings of any member. Flame comes in two different "forms":
    - Mild Flame: A statement made with the intent of insulting or putting another member down.

    - Heavy Flame: Any statement made that is overly offensive, such as racist or sexist statements.
    Harassment: The constant bothering/annoying of another member with negative messages/posts in an attempt to put them down or cause them to feel uncomfortable.

    Baiting/Inciting Drama: A post or statement made with the intent of getting a member to flame you, or to cause forum fights/arguments. We do not tolerate the misuse of anonymity to abuse this rule, even if it is a "Confession". If the staff finds that this is an issue, we will confront you through the use of your IP address, as it is the only way to communicate with you. We do recommend that if you have any issues with the site and/or members, that you contact the Forum Staff via; Private Messaging.

    Double Posting: Posting twice in a row on a topic without another members post in between, on a topic not containing your own original work. This also applies to posting two or more repeats of your own thread.
    If you would like to add to a topic or discussion, copy your last post, then use the "Edit" button to delete it. Then, make a new post containing the old content and whatever you would like to add.
    Unacceptable Post Content: As this is a fan-forum for the Epic Rap Battles of History series, we need to take into consideration who may stumble upon this forum, as such, the follow content is not allowed:
    Sexually explicit material: Content of sexual/innapropriate nature. This includes posting links to sexually explicit sites, posting overly sexually graphic text posts, linking inappropritate images, using overly sexual avatars or signatures, and cybering.

    Disturbing or upsetting content: Any graphic content with the intent to "shock" or "gross-out" members. This includes any and all gore, grotesque images/text posts, and shock sites.

    Malicious/Virus-ridden Content: Any links or discussion to send a member to a site with the intent to infect their computer with any sort of malicious program.

    Illegal Content: Any post made to direct a member to a site containing illegal downloads of software or media. This includes torrent sites.

    Scamming: Attempting to convince or trick a member into handing over any type of information that could cause harm to them. This can include their password or any sort of bank information.
    Side note: Moderators will never ask you for your password. We will also not change your password, as a measure to protect your account from hackers. If you've been hacked, contact a Moderator, with proof, and we will work it out.
    If you aren't sure if something you're about to post is inappropriate, please contact a Moderator and ask!
    Impersonation: Making an account to pretend to be another person. This can include another user, a part of the ERB Crew, or anyone else.

    Advertising: A post/message containing any form of link or discussion with the intent to draw attention to any other forum. Links to things such as Youtube channels are allowed.

    Discussing moderators and their actions: It is forbidden to make a topic or post openly in the chat discussing the actions of a staff member in regards to site decisions, which include warnings, infractions, bans, etc. Do not use the Report Button for this situation. Reports are for a completely different reason altogether. If you find one of the former unfair, please private message one of the staff to discuss it with them in private.

    Ban Evading: Making an attempt to access the forum while banned. This includes making a new account or using a proxy server to make your IP.

    Troll Account: An account that was created for the purpose of trolling. This can also refer to a member whose activity on the forum has become centered around long term trolling. This term does not refer to a member with a single, short term instance of trolling (which will result in a Two Point Infraction).

    Sharing Personal Information of Other Members: We have had cases where members have had their privacy leaked onto the forum without their own consent. We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience on this forum, and with an enjoyable experience, also comes respecting others and their own privacy. This goes for the following instances:

    • Sharing Secluded Chat Messages (Skype, AIM, Etc.)
    • Sharing Private Messages
    • Sharing Phone Numbers, E-Mail, or Mailing Address
    • Sharing Personal Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, Etc.)
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    Upon reaching 8 Infraction points, you will be placed into the Offender usergroup for two weeks. This means that all of your posts must be approved by a Staff member, you will not be able to send Private Messages, and you will not have access to the chat. After that, your next 6 points will earn a Two week ban. If you reach 4 points after that, you will receive a One-month ban, and after getting 2 points beyond that, you will receive a Six-month ban.

    Spamming - One Infraction Point
    Overly offensive language - One Infraction Point
    Begging for Rep. - One Infraction Point (Your current Reputation will also be reset to 0)
    Publicly complaining about Staff actions regarding site decisions - One Infraction Point
    Doubleposting - Two Verbal Warnings, Then One Infraction Point
    Spoiling something (Book, Movie, Show, etc.) before it's been out for two months - One Infraction Point
    Baiting another member - Two Infraction Points
    Double Accounting - Two Infraction Points
    Advertising Forums - Two Infraction Points
    Mild Flaming - Two Infraction Points
    "Trolling" - Two Infraction Points
    Ignoring Staff requests - Two Infraction Points
    Creating Drama - Three Infraction Points
    Plagiarism - Three Infraction Points
    "Lesser" Porn (IE: Dildos) - Three Infraction Points
    Linking to a torrent site - Four Infraction Points
    Sexual Harassment - Five Infraction Points
    Heavy Flaming - Six Infraction Points
    Threats of real life violence - Seven Infraction Points
    Posting gore images - Eight Infraction Points
    Posting pornographic images - Eight Infraction Points
    Links to Viruses - Eight Infraction Points
    Creating a Double Account (After first offense) - Two week ban
    Complete disregard of previous warnings/bans - Two week ban
    Sharing personal information of a member without their consent - One month ban
    Being a Double Account - Permaban
    Spambot - Permaban
    Continuously obtaining/sharing personal information of a member without their consent - Permaban
    Ban Evasion - Permaban
    Being a Troll Account - Permaban
    Failing to pass a Redemption phase - Permaban

    Users that have gone an entire month without receiving an infraction point will have one point removed from their record. If you have recently been unbanned, you must wait an additional month before being eligible for Infraction Decay.
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    After a member has served a six month ban, they will be brought back as a Trial member. The trial phase itself will last four weeks, where they will be put into a Redemption usergroup. They will be allowed back into the forum, with limited access, as follows:

    First week: The member will not be able to send Private Messages, will not have chat access, and will need forum posts approved.
    Second week: The member will gain the ability to send Private Messages.
    Third week: The member will gain chat access.

    If at any time during this period, the member commits an offense, or the Staff feels that the member is not suitable for a ban repeal, they will have their access to the forum revoked, and will gain a permanent ban. If they finish their Redemption period, with no issue, they will gain full membership status again.

    During this period of time, the Mod staff would discuss this member, their offenses, and what risk they could bring to the forum, and then discuss, with the member in a group, their actions.

    As a personal note, I'd like to emphasize that, while these members have committed offenses, and suffered bans for them, they are willing to change and have earned a second chance. I ask that you all respect this, and leave your personal bias out of how you treat them. This does not give anyone an excuse to harass or incite drama with these members.
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    Special Thanks to:

    Dion, Rob, and Sam: For running this beautiful place
    The past, present, and future Mod Staff: For helping keep our community safe and under control
    All of our members: For sticking around and being a part of this giant, dysfunctional family
    Peter and Lloyd: For making the Epic Rap Battles of History, for without them, this forum would not exist

    And Hana for busting her beautiful bum typing up all of this rule stuff and making all these pretty banners and doing all that cool stuff ;3

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