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Thread: ERBoH Discussion: Section Rules

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    ERBoH Discussion: Section Rules

    ERBoH Discussion: Section Rules
    The section rules of ERBoH Discussion are:

    • Unless there has been sufficient proof that a rapper or rappers have been confirmed, please do not make a thread for said battle.
    • You may not mark a topic as "Official" until completely confirmed.
    • All topics made for a battle before they are released must have the word "Spoilers" before the title of the thread.
    • All ERBoH ideas must go in the List of ERBoH Ideas
    • Keep all discussion of a certain battle in that battle's official topic. Discussion of battles outside of their thread will be deleted as spam.
    • Double posting is not allowed in ERBoH Discussion, ERB Crew, or Nice Peter & The Monday Show. Double posting is allowed for original work in Dis Raps For Hire & Epic Lloyd.
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