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    "Sir, I think you should see this"

    A paper slammed down in front of a man. Aged 34. He looked rugged and tired.

    "I know, Alfred."

    The put on his mask, and got up from his desk, then he headed to the Batmobile

    "I assume you already have a hint as to who they might be?"

    Batman got in the Batmobile

    "I might have a lead"

    YellowN, Number X, Adonis, EDX and King were all sitting at the table in Anarky's hideout.

    Which may or may not have been his apartment.

    The room was quiet, except for the music coming from EDX's headset

    Anarky was in the other room.

    Number X: So...

    Adonis: Where the fuck is Anarky?

    Anarky threw a map on the table

    Number X: Speaking of the Devil

    Anarky: The Devil has only one purpose, Ranger, my purpose changes with the flow of the times. I am an agent of chaos.

    YellowN: You're a fucking wacko.

    Anarky laughed: Perhaps.

    He pointed at the map

    Anarky: Thanks to Number X, I have made a plan. It's simple. We get in, we get out. We need a hitman, a distraction, muscle, and a getaway.

    Number X: I think it's obvious.

    Black Mask: I'm telling you, I'm not involved!

    Black Mask's head slammed on the table

    Batman: I'll ask you again. WHO DID IT?

    The question was followed by another slam on the table

    Black Mask: LOOK! All I know is this was done by "a group of vigilantes". I heard about this yesterday!

    Batman let go of Black Mask, who grabbed a bottle of scotch

    Black Mask: How about next time you ask before sm- What?

    When Black Mask looked up, there was no one in the room

    Black Mask: Oh fuck him.

    The mobster king got up, and headed towards the door.

    Which opened and smacked him in the face.

    Good thing he had a mask.

    "Yeah, and I was like, totally, yeah, like, whatever, she ain't got my number, like, fuck that"

    The lobby to Black Mask's penthouse was pretty silent, except for the senseless chattering of the secretary.

    A man walked up to the secretary's table.

    He was dressed in a brand new, shiny suit. His hair was rugged, and he looked tired, but his eyes sparkled as if the whole world was dancing before his eyes.

    Secretary: What can I help you with, sir?

    King: Hey did you ever see that movie with Brad Pitt where he's like a secret agent and..

    Before the secretary could respond, Brad Pitt appeared dressed in a tuxedo.

    Pitt: Hey babe!

    Secretary: OH MY. IT'S LIKE. IT'S TOTALLY.

    Then she fainted.

    King waved everyone that it's clear.

    Number X dashed in, and accessed the main computer, disabling all the security cameras.

    King then left through the backdoor, readying the escape car.

    YellowN walked past Adonis, EDX, Number X and Anarky, dressed in high heels, red dress, fake boobs, fake hair, and walking like a supermodel

    Adonis whistled, then Number X slapped him over the head.

    Number X: Please do not do that.

    YellowN walked in the guard room.

    YellowN: Hey boys, anyone wants a little lick lick rub rub?

    "Dang, she's hot"

    "Oh mama"

    YellowN: Me so horny. Me love you long time.

    YellowN bent over, revealing her (fake) boobs, and a grenade.


    The Guard room exploded, killing all the guards. YellowN left the room unscathed, and took off his wig.

    YellowN: Men are pigs.

    The explosion was not heard throughout the mansion, since EDX played soothing music inside the whole building.

    Anarky: Alright, EDX, Adonis, follow me to Black Mask's chamber.

    Anarky rushed through the rooms. Strangely enough, he seemed to know the penthouse by heart.

    In the second to last room, something was off.

    Cut, cut, cut.

    Adonis: Didn't Black Mask just recently bail out someone from Arkham Asylum?

    Cut, cut, cut.

    EDX shrugged: As long as it's not Killer Croc or Bane, I'm fine with that.


    Victor Zsasz jumped up from the shadow and landed on EDX, trying to slash away at his chest


    Adonis: I dunno, dude, he's weird...

    EDX closed his eyes, and projected a sound in Zsasz's head. It was a woman singing.

    Zsasz: That voice... angelic.. I need.. to free her..

    Zsasz dropped his knife. Adonis took this as a perfect time to strike, and charged towards Zsasz, knocking him down.

    Anarky got close and splattered Zsasz' brains out with a bullet.

    Adonis: fucking kill steal.

    Anarky ignored the remark, and moved on to Black Mask, leaving Adonis and EDX behind.

    Black Mask: Ow.. who the fuck?...

    He looked up. A man with a white, expressionless mask had a gun pointed towards him.

    Anarky: Get up

    Black Mask laughed, then he got up.

    Black Mask: You must be the vigilante. I don't fear death. I don't fear anything. What will killing me accomplish?

    Anarky kicked Black Mask towards the huge window in his office.

    Anarky: You see this town? Killing you will bring me one step closer to changing this city. Will it stop crime? No. Will it make it a better place? No.

    Black Mask: Sounds to me like you're fighting for a lost cause. Why change a city if it doesn't make it better, at least for yourself?

    Anarky: I am not selfish, Black Mask. I want the people to wake up. I need to kill Batman. Not the person, but what he stands for. And before I need to kill Batman, I need to do his job.

    Black Mask laughed and put his hands forward: Well then take me to jail, Officer Fuckface!

    Anarky: I need to do his job properly.

    Anarky took a step back, then kicked Black Mask through the window, waiting for the sound of collision.

    Black Mask slammed onto the concrete. The sound of his cracking bones emanated through the whole street.

    Anarky stormed out of the office, grabbed his squad, then hopped into the van.

    Anarky: Drive, King.

    Adonis: So, what now?

    Anarky: We got a date with the Riddler.

    Gunnt picked up his phone.

    Gunnt: Yo.
    ???: I need Anarky dead. 10 million for his body.
    Gunnut: What do I get if I bring him to you alive?
    ???: A kick in the nuts. I want him dead.

    Gunnt picked up two SMGs, then walked out the door of his shitty apartment.
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    Mmm Josh Brad Pitt
    But,░in░truth,░I░have░wept░too░much!░Dawns░are░hea rtbreaking.
    Ξvery░moon░is░atrocious░and░every░sun░bitter. (ュ だ  どいロリラ威萎虞う ャイ意営縁ぇヵ)

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    Gunnut was walking casually along the rooftop. He was snacking on a protein bar.

    He was talking on the intercom

    "So let me get this straight, he isn't alone?"

    "Nope, he has like a whole group of vigilantes 'n' stuff."


    "Where do you think they'll strike next?"

    "Riddler tower."

    "How'd you know?"

    "I see their van. They were sloppy."

    "Should I call Nygma?"


    Gunnut took another bite of the protein bar, then set up his sniper rifle.

    "Should I call Nygma?"


    Saiya put the phone down.

    PolarBore lifted his eyes from his newspaper, "Dion Weekly".

    Saiya and PolarBore, the most vicious criminals Gotham has ever seen. Luckily for Gotham, half of the time they can't stand eachother, and the other half they are too lazy to do anything. But now Gunnut's sparked their interest.

    Saiya: Grab your coat, Polar, we're off to see Eddie.

    Polar rolled his eyes: Oh boy.

    Saiya and Polar stormed out the door.

    King stopped the van outside the Riddler tower.

    Anarky walked through the front door.

    Adonis: WHOA WHOA WHOA

    Number X: Don't you think it would be wise to plan our route? Barging through the front door might not be a good idea.

    Anarky: Just follow me.

    Anarky took the elevator, followed by EDX, King, Number X, YellowN and Adonis.

    A voice was heard in the elevator

    Riddler: Well well well, if it isn't Gotham's newest task force! Come on up, I've been waiting!

    They all walked in, and saw an empty room, with Riddler sitting in the middle.

    Riddler: Hello there, Heroes of Gotham!

    Anarky examined the room

    Anarky: Hello, Nygma! Allow me to introduce you to one of my best followers, YellowN

    YellowN: Yay!

    Anarky pushed YellowN forward.

    Riddler twitched.

    Anarky smiled. He knew.

    YellowN approached Riddler, then suddenly, a loud gun-shot was heard.

    Gunnut put down his sniper rifle.

    "Heh, looks like that Anarky fellow ain't so tough after all."

    YellowN dropped down, with a bullet through his brain.

    Adonis: Holy fuck..

    King closed his eyes. Kittens appeared all over him, trying to calm him down.

    EDX's music aura played the theme from The Pianist.

    Riddler: AAAARGH! How did you know?

    Anarky: I know you all too well, Nygma.

    Riddler laughed: I have to say, your plan is the smartest plan I've seen in quite a while.

    Anarky lifted up his gun: Thank you!

    Riddler smirked: I am not afraid of death, even though I'm sad I can't be alive to see your plan crash and burn. Hehe..

    Anarky unloaded the gun into Nygma's head.

    Then he looked at YellowN

    Adonis: Now what?

    Anarky: Casualties.

    He left the room.

    Anarky: For a much greater purpose.


    Gunnut: Wut, why

    Polar: Who did you shoot?

    Gunnut: Anarky

    Gunnut was on the rooftop, talking to Polar and Saiya through comms.


    Gunnut: Oops.

    To be continued...
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    Rip AnarYN

    Act uqa wa it
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    Fuck that's sad ;-;
    But,░in░truth,░I░have░wept░too░much!░Dawns░are░hea rtbreaking.
    Ξvery░moon░is░atrocious░and░every░sun░bitter. (ュ だ  どいロリラ威萎虞う ャイ意営縁ぇヵ)

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    moon you're hurting me in ways you'll never even know. lets do that suicide, buddy.

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    "What a fucking idiot"

    Saiya was nervously walking all over the apartment

    Polar: Would you just chill?


    Polar shrugged: He'll eventually shoot the right guy.

    Saiya: No. I'll do this myself.

    And she left before Polar could say anything.

    "Big Boss Sam is not going to like this.."

    "30 days hath September"

    Batman: Look, Julius, I just want all you know on Anarky...

    "April, June and November"

    Batman sighed

    "It's obvious Anarky is a ticking time bomb. The question is: Do we want to be there when it goes off?"

    NumberX cleared his throat.

    He was surrounded by King, EDX and Adonis.

    Adonis: Look, I'm only here for the money. We do get money, right?

    King: Is that all there is to you?

    Adonis frowned: Look, we can't all create money with our imagination

    King: Wait, I can do that?

    EDX turned on some relaxing music.

    NumberX: Thanks, EDX. Now, I have someone who might be able to give us a hand. He's a criminal scumbag, but there's no one smarter or trickier than this guy.

    Batman: Tell me all you know about Anarky?

    Condiment King: You want some... SPICY information?

    Batman left the cell, slamming the door behind him.

    The plan is working perfectly.

    However, they might be plotting against me. I do not know if they seek power, money, or protection. However, they will create chaos.


    Anarky put down his pen, and glanced over to the TV

    "Last night, the Super Villain known as "the Riddler" was found gunned down his in tower, next to the body of what police say is one of the Masked Vigilantes.

    No one has yet to comment on this turn of events, but the words on everyone's lips is "Justice" and "Betrayal"

    Anarky switched off the TV.

    Batman: Look.. Hatter, what do you know abou..


    Batman: I swear to god..

    B-Cream smiled. He was dressed in a fancy pink suit, and his long hair was ruffled up.

    B-Cream: Ranger, my man! What's up? Haven't seen you in ages.

    He hugged NumberX then pointed to King, EDX and Adonis

    B-Cream: Glad to see you made friends in Gotham. Even though they're fucking weird

    NumberX: Look, we need everything you got on Anarky.

    B-Cream sunk down in his chair: Look, I got stuff on him his mother doesn't even know about, but I think you'd probably be more interested in the guy behind you holding two SMGs.

    ???: Wait, Anarky's not here? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

    Anarky jumped out of his seat.

    His front door opened.

    Saiya: 'Ey Anarky, you home?

    The woman entered his apartment, holding a steel bat. She was dressed in a suit, complete with a tie and fancy boots.

    Anarky laughed.

    "I thought he'd send a real assassin after me."

    "And I thought you actually had a plan, instead of killing all of Big Boss Sam's men. You made him reaaaally angry."

    "It's not my fault he can't take care of them."


    She readied her bat

    "It is now!"

    Asylum Guard: Sorry Batman, these guys are way too loony to actually give you real info.

    Batman: I know. Do you have any files on Anarky?

    Asylum Guard: Let me ask the doctor.

    The Asylum Guard left, leaving Batman alone inside the Intensive Treatment facility.

    ???: Hey, Bat. I got the info you want.

    Batman looked inside the cell, then entered.

    ???: Come on, Bruce. Us Canadians are known for being polite, after all!

    To be continued...
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