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    Everything Wrong With Songs

    Hey guys, welcome to my new series! Here ill be trying to be clever by dissecting lyrics to bad songs or good songs. Lets start with 'Alone' by Falling in Reverse! Think of it like Cinemasins to lyrics :3 If this doesnt belong in reviews, then feel free to move it c: Dunno how often ill do this but i did this one for fun so thought id post it :P

    1.) Alone - Falling In Reverse
    2.) Baby - Justin Bieber
    3.) Unchained - BOTDF
    4.) Yellow Submarine - Beatles
    5.) Lying Is The Most Fun... - PATD
    6.) Macklemore Vs Eminem - ERBP
    7.) The DK Rap - Grant Kirkhope
    8.) Fashionably Late - Falling In Reverse
    9.) Imortals - Fall Out Boy
    10.) The Monster Mash - Bobby Pickett
    11.) Nightmare On My Street - DJ Jazzy Jeff
    12.) This Is Halloween! - Danny Elfman


    OH! This is the end of everything that iv'e known
    OH! This is the end of everything that iv'e known!

    I know its the end of everything you know, you didnt have to say it twice, just sayin'

    Yo, White boy on the street rocking Gucci sneaks
    Oh no....its one of THOSE songs ;-;

    All i do is Win! Ch-Ch-Ch-Charlie Sheen!
    THAT doesnt date this song at all...

    Started out in 06 and revived the scene!
    Thats just not true...Escape the Fate was your band in 2006 and that didnt really bring Scene music back, since Fall out Boy and MCR are considered Scene music and they were around then...Also, bringing back Scene music isnt an accomplishment *thinks of BOTDF and shudders*

    UH! So many motherfuckers wanna be like me!
    YEAH! I mean who doesnt wanna be a guy who beats his girlfriend, cheats on his pregnant girlfriend, kicks fans out of a show because they're wearing another band's shirts, throws a mic stand in the audience and damages fans pretty badly?!

    Ca-Ca-Came from the lowest of lows, rose to the top with a vision!
    First of the S-S-S-Stuttering is fucking annoying. Second, *insert started from the bottom now im here joke here[/b]

    My hates talkin shit while washing dishes for a living!
    Better than being a dick like you, first off. Second, just because they wash dishes doesnt make their opinions less valid, third THIS IS A ROCK BAND DOING A GANGSTA RAP

    Fuck you bitches! Im a buisiness! Ill be kissing on your misses!
    JOKES ON YOU I HAVE NO MISSES! HA!...wait....*cries*

    What you spend in fifteen months is what I spend in fifteen minutes
    Wow you must waste your money a lot...

    Oh! Don't give a fuck about you!
    You hear me talking motherfucker and there's nothing you can do
    You're a bitch, you're a punk!
    Don't make me pull the plug
    Talking back and you suck, don't ask what I do for

    One second this song is a rock song, the next its a shitty rap and now this..MAKE UP YOUR MIND

    OH! This is the end of everything that iv'e known
    No way of knowing if i'll ever be whole

    I thought this was a gangsta rap...whats this about feeling whole?

    OH and if I try to make it outta this town
    No way of knowing if i'll ever be found

    This song doesnt know what it wants to be....

    And I dont ever wanna be Alone, Alone!
    Stop being a dick and maybe you wont be!

    I got a lotta people talking nothing but chatter
    "Why'd you switch your style up?" and That I Dont Matter!

    Funny thing is, before this song was released they didnt change styles so this means he KNEW EVERYONE WAS GONNA HATE THIS

    Man, Ive been in rap since I was shitting in pampers
    I highly doubt that

    Climbed the ladder to the top and now im shitting on rappers!
    First off, you arent even dissing any fucking rappers in this song and second you are FAR from the top

    All I do is work, straight up hussle and grind!
    Whatever you say, man...

    So many people mad at me for crossing the line
    No, we're mad at you because this fucking song and album sucks

    I-I-I-I find it kinda funny, the shit you say in your tweets

    But when we're face to face you aint got nothin' to say to me
    We do, we just dont wanna risk you throwing a mic stand at us too

    (Oh you) So fuck you too!
    You better take a step back before I call up the crew
    You talk a lot of shit but you spread nothing but lies
    You keep on running your mouth
    You better open your eyes

    Sigh...stop screaming pls. This doesnt belong in a rap

    Im on that wreck, fly like a jet
    Switching my lanes like im racing a vet

    What the fuck does that even mean?

    Im on that next
    Girl love sex

    What the fuck does THAT mean?

    No doubt im on top of the world, break your neck
    Is this an Anti hater song? An ego song? A song about feeling alone? WHAT?! WHAT?!

    We get it, you said it like 5 times...

    And that was Alone, overall. Its bad, it doesnt know what it wants to be. It tries to be three genres at once, rock/rap/hardcore and because of that it seems unfocused.

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