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    Finale [2/5]: Hands of Fate

    1/14/16: "Hands of Fate: After the loss of a teammate and the Dark Lord, the team struggles to find a point in their mission... Until everything goes wrong."

    He was dead. There was no rescue, there was no afterlife. No bliss. Ophorum was dead, same with the Dark Lord. I had a bad feeling about encountering the dead dictator's supporters, but we had to move on. After all, the entrance to our chamber was sealed and we only had a connector into the depths of the caves.

    "This is pointless," I said after half an hour of walking, "one of our most valuable allies is dead. We killed the leader of the inhabitants to our escape path, meaning we have to avoid his thousands of workers or be brutally murdered."

    "No," one of the Cobalts spoke, "our destiny -- regardless of who is and isn't alive lays within this cave. More of us will fall before we reach the end, but the hourglass is still a problem"

    After a little bit more walking we reached a door with a heavy padlock on it.

    "Step aside," Brandon walked forward. He took a butter knife out of pocket, stolen from the fake paradise. He repeatedly dug it in the bottom slot until there was a loud click. He pulled the unusable lock off, and threw the door open.

    Once opened, we filed inside where there was a letter. It was addressed to me.

    "Dear Amy,

    I have a lot of time in my hands, no misspelling, and saw you did something.

    You searched Brandon Gold online, and turned up a result of a missing child's case from 40 years ago?

    I abducted him, 40 years ago. I kept him prisoner in a single dimension existence until he was old enough, and then set him up to trade sketchy items with you and your friend.

    Funny huh?

    You found him and knew the truth.

    That's pretty wacky.


    Your best bud - Savior Lord!"


    I know the Dark Lord was evil, but there was still something haunting about reading a letter from a dead person. But that also raised the question, who stole Liam after we were distracted by Ophorum's death?

    My train of thought was interrupted by two purple knights running into the room. They looked like the Cobalts.

    "The Magenta Informants of Fate?" Treff asked, "The Dark Lord tried to recreate the Cobalts, but never succeeded. At least -- no one in the continuum said he did."

    After that, the Magentas revealed that they had a revolver and a machete each. They both beheaded a the cobalts, swiftly, leaving only one. The one that couldn't talk. There was no time to react, and suddenly we were standing in... Space?

    I couldn't see anyone, but I could feel their presence. Suddenly, both Cobalts drifted in, bodies intact. They were slumped over, lacking their usual stiffness. On first glance, it looked as though a white being drifted forward, but as I focused harder - I understood that he was time itself. Comprised of every number sequence ever possible. All numbers changed to zero.

    "My children," his voice was louder than anything I'd ever heard, "it is with great sorrow that you are both killed on the same day -- by clones of your perfection. Welcome to time."

    "Father," one of the Cobalts spoke, breaking the spell of only telling the future, "are we truly finally free?"

    He came out of his armor. I saw he wasn't a being, no, he was made of a blue aura. He hugged his father and meshed into more numbers.

    "We're home," The other Cobalt grinned. He too left his armor and embraced his creator. Once everything was merged, Time turned to face the presence of the living Cobalt.

    "And you," Time said, "I can't lift your curse until you perish. You must perish by any means other than yourself. I'm afraid that in your current lifetime, you will never talk - so to break the strands of my repetitive creation process, I will mark you as a unique individual."

    Time made an X shape with his fingers over the Cobalt's helmet -- making a white X.


    Consciousness came back. We were still in the room, save for the two bodies of the fallen Cobalts. It was surreal to imagine that two magical beings such as them could be quickly killed so brutally. But there was beauty in their father saving them in their twisted afterlife. Before we could fight the Magentas, they took out their revolvers and shot themselves, fatally. They died and stayed their instead of another ceremony. Then I remembered. "You must perish by any means other than yourself", they weren't built to be honorable figureheads of time, they were built to be copycat murderers to rile up fear.

    We stayed wordless and progressed further. Eventually came to a wooden door. As opposed to light filtering from out of the cracks, pure midnight blackness poked out. The silence was broken by a member I didn't expect.

    "Get some sleep," The Grand Elder communicated, "tomorrow begins the big finale to our little journey. What the cobalts only told me to keep it safe was that not all of us were the chosen ones. Amy Caulfield, myself, the silent Cobalt, Treff, and Brandon Gold were the only chosen ones. They brought the others for support. It was a cheap tactic, but they didn't want to tell us that some of us would have to die. Fate has gone to incredible depths to ensure that only the prophetic members made it to the final chamber."

    And we all slept. For hours. We woke up where we were, no gauge on time.


    We stepped inside the dark room. The darkness funneled in from the outside. Fresh air was heaven in itself. None of us noticed at first. But there it was.

    "The Hourglass!" I shouted. Several monsters stood guard. When they saw us they left through exits carved deep into sandstone specifically conformed for their bodies.

    When all was at the brightest, even in the darkness -- our world fell apart.

    I saw the feet first, shiny purple feet. Then legs, leading up into a torso. The Dark Lord descended from the sky and landed 5 yards in front of us.

    "Impossible!" I yelled, "You died!"

    "I did nothing of the sort," he laughed, "if you mean making one of my slaves shapeshift to look like the witch's father to convince him to kill himself, yeah I did that. But that man wasn't me."

    "What?" My mind was blown.

    "I told you myself that I couldn't physically appear in this world, and yet you let your must valued member die over it? That's funny." He laughed. His body was fizzling in and out from reality.

    "And why did you bring Brandon from the past just to torment us?" I asked.

    "For banter! Your fanbase, the king and gecko thing, must've felt quite the twist. I'm a showman of course." He laughed.

    "Well that doesn't matter, because you're an illusion!" I called him out.

    "I was. Our conversation started, and you could've stopped it before it began. But now it didn't, and you didn't notice that the hourglass was completed." He giggled, embracing his insanity.

    "Monster!" I screamed.

    "In the flesh." He grinned.

    I wish I could've said he was bluffing, but the giant hourglass stood in all of its glory in the twilight. Then it started... Shrinking?

    "What?" I questioned it. He didn't respond.

    Finally, he pulled a stick out and placed it on the middle of the now smaller, but still very large hourglass. It fused into a hammer-like weapon.

    "Savior Lord," He shouted, "god of time!"


    Stay tuned for the dramatic finale continuation, next time on...

    Finale [3/5]: Suit of Space vs. Suit of Time
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    The Dark Lord is such a great villain.

    These episodes are tying up so many loose ends, I love it
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    Finale [3/5]: Suit of Space vs. Suit of Time

    1/15/16: "Finale [3/5]: Suit of Space vs. Suit of Time: It all begins, and fate is getting ready. With a few last minute surprises from the Dark Lord, Amy is forced to fight this powerful foe herself."


    "So Amy," The Dark Lord said as if we weren't about to battle to the death, "have you had enough time?"

    "Time for what?" I asked.

    "Oh," he grasped his shades, "it's just that the last time we spoke in private, you said you needed more time."

    He pulled his shades down fully, and his armor disappeared. His age started fluctuating between a spectrum of ages, and he finally formed into his real age. 14.

    "Hi, Amy." He balled his fists.

    "Hi... L-L-Liam." I didn't know how to react, "I finally found an answer. Y-"

    "Let me talk." He interrupted, "You like your new armor?"

    "Yes..." I was quiet, "I have an answer for what you asked m-"

    "I SAID LET ME TALK." He snapped. What happened to him, "You're going to say yes. I'm gonna be a smiley idiot, comply and not fight you, for you to kill me when I'm at my weakest. I'm not dumb."

    He started pushing the shades up his face.

    "You had your chance, and-" He started.

    I ran forward and knocked his time hammer out of his hand and smashed it open with my foot. I shot a black hole forward, and it swallowed up the broken glass and sand.

    "Amy!" He shouted, "You idiot! You have no clue what that's going to do!"

    He slid his shades up, became the Dark Lord, and wrapped his arms around me. And I felt it.

    The end of the world.

    Immediate bursts of pressure, suction, lack of oxygen, every feeling in the world at once. Liam blocked me from the worst of it.

    When it all stopped, we were standing on a platform made out of nothing.

    "You saved my life, Liam!" I was happy.

    "Wrong." He grinned, "Why let the world kill you... When I can do it myself?"

    I powered on the suit and got ready. We did hand to hand combat for a very long time. I threw a fist towards his chest and ended up punching the air.

    "Time travel," He waved from behind me.

    "Go on with your time and minions," I started, "I have space and friends!"

    I turned my back to him and the statue attached to me started glowing. The Grand Elder. He flew off my back. Secretly, we had been mentally communicating the whole time. The slit at the bottom of his head started shining light, and a massive body came out. He towered over the intimidating size of Liam, and drew a stone hammer.

    "Ok, Grand Elder, hold him off!" I shouted, running far away.

    "With pleasure. Thanks for saving me, Amy!" He called back. I realized the truth, the real world was a nightmare after it fell apart.

    As I ran, I encountered a garden. Three trees. One of them had long, unnatural branches, and had framed pictures of Ophorum growing from the leaves. The other two had shiny, blue leaves and nothing else. Fallen friends. I had to walk past them, until I found a familiar path.

    A landscape in my peripheral vision, but nothing when I looked. A path that led to a giant stone hand with a hole leading to a tube. I sat down cross-legged, and cupped my hands together, forming black holes in each.


    "Foolish child!" the Grand Elder swung his hammer wildly, smashing Liam's helmet several times, "When you chopped my head off earlier, you were playing to your advantage. When I was chosen to live with Amy, I was playing to my advantage. And now, we're in the no man's land of the universe, and it's no one's advantage. So this time, I'm going to kick your ass!"

    Liam time hopped to behind the Grand Elder and punched him in the back of the knee. The Grand Elder had no response.

    "Ha! What are you attempting to do? Give me a massage?" The Grand Elder asked.

    "No! I'll give you a tomb!" Liam said, trying to punch the hammer out of the Grand Elder's hand.

    "Okay. Tell me when you're going to start." The Grand Elder giggled, as Liam looked down at the armor covering the blood on his fist.

    The laughing ticked him off, and he squeezed his purple hands around the Grand Elder's. Liam yelled in pain, but didn't lose his grasp. The Grand Elder cringed hard.


    I was now surrounded by stone hands, their holes forming a dome of uranium energy around me. I couldn't snap out of the forming black holes, which were now causing a low hum against each other.

    This was a power I never knew was within me.


    The Grand Elder's age started going backwards, until he was a baby. Liam grew more in power as he took it from his opponent. He threw the baby Elder onto the ground and lifted his hammer.

    He slammed it down, sights on his head and-

    "Tsaf os ton!" I screamed, tackling him over at a speed faster than light, surrounded by my ungodly powers, "Tnemges Eramthgin laiceps nwo ruoy ot emoclew!"

    I looked deep in his eyes, through his shades, and culminated my will to speak in a way that he would understand.

    "Liam. Your time is over, even if it means the same for me." I spoke.

    I lashed my arms out, transforming the storage center on my chest into a hyper-black hole. Liam got sucked in and instantly and my body collapsed inside out. I felt the world coming back as I saw the faces.









    Grand Elder.

    And then it happened peacefully. Immense pain, but as soon as that...

    I died. Liam died and I died, right there. Nothing to look forward to, just a lack of being. Until my consciousness parted with my life as well, and I turned into a memory.

    A painful memory.

    Amy Caulfield and her suit of space. Liam West and his suit of time.

    No light.

    No hand reaching to grab me.

    There was a hug though.

    The warm embrace of death.


    Stay tuned for the shocking continuation...

    Finale [4/5]: Life Goes On
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    Holy shit.. I teared up at the last part.. Damn you, Ludiwg
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    I just realized I have been reading Ragnar as Ranger all this time...
    But,░in░truth,░I░have░wept░too░much!░Dawns░are░hea rtbreaking.
    Ξvery░moon░is░atrocious░and░every░sun░bitter. (ュ だ  どいロリラ威萎虞う ャイ意営縁ぇヵ)

    Quote Originally Posted by Juiz
    moon you're hurting me in ways you'll never even know. lets do that suicide, buddy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadpool View Post
    Holy shit.. I teared up at the last part.. Damn you, Ludiwg
    Destroyer of emotions!

    Also, since I have a few open days -- The series is ending this weekend!


    Now's the time to say that I've had slight thoughts of making a season named "Suit of Time" which explains everything, or "King's Continuum" which is a backstory about a younger Retri and Ragnar. If I did do either of those, I would after I finished VH and my next story.
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    Finale [4/5]: Life Goes On


    "Ragnar," Retri was concerned, "both Amy and the Dark Lord have perished. What do we do now?"

    "Oh, good will come to earth and my domain from now on." Ragnar spoke soft.

    Retri nodded. Ragnar made a circle out of his fingers and formed a portal from it. The king sent Retri through, back to the reclaimed King's Continuum. Ragnar looked around at his castle and hummed quietly. A peaceful melody.

    The castle started glowing a bright white, dragging him through the floor, sucking him into another dimension.


    A sputter for air. I don't know why the world forgave me, but life surged back through my veins. I was sitting down on a chair, surrounded by other people. A cello was between my knees and I was holding a bow.

    There were exits for whatever building we were in, but they led to pure white. I tried to identify the other strings players or audience members but couldn't. One stuck out, though. Liam sat with his arms crossed, looking at me.

    If I wanted to I could've gone down to his row and lashed out at him. I could've.

    "But you didn't." Ragnar literally read my mind, putting a hand on my shoulder.

    "Why not, though? I want to." I was angry.

    "Fate is set in stone, Amy. You controlled your greed." He smiled.

    "That's what it meant this whole time?" I was relieved.

    "Yes. Because you did, there are only three trees in the garden of demise. The first time I visited you is what would happen if killing Liam didn't satisfy you. You'd eventually turn on your allies," The King explained, "and the second dream was different. You led a rebellion of Liam's underlings to attempt to assassinate me and Retri. Finally, all of your positive memories of your Continuum friends would be dead, and you could continue going. You'd lead your troops to a gruesome victory against humans. Your power would fully consume you and you'd execute all of your allies until you were the only one on earth. The gods of judgement; Death, Time, and Space would come and smite you down. Not a pretty destiny for anyone."

    I didn't say anything. How would YOU react to learning that you could've potentially destroyed the universe? I was also surprised that there were more celestial beings than Time. Then I pieced together the truth. When I sent someone or something into a black hole, they met with Space. Space would sit and watch, I assume. I only guess this because neither the Grand Elder or Brandon complained.

    I met with Death, myself. I knew I could feel death when I died, but only then pieced together that I actually did feel him.

    "Your thoughts are right." Ragnar noted, "When someone is irreversibly close to death, he will come forth and give you his embrace. When he touches anything, it dies. A curse. We most not dwell on the beings of higher power though. You now know a song on the cello. Play it."

    Out of some odd muscle memory, I started playing a song. Not very long. Ragnar hummed along. After I finished, he looked worried.

    "This is odd," His tone didn't change, "by now your soul should have parted into light. Why haven't yo-"

    He was interrupted. The roof of the building was pulled off. I looked up at a massive mass of bits and pieces. Planets, stars, black holes. I was no genius, but I knew that this was Space.

    "Lord Space," Ragnar bowed, "to what do I owe the honor?"

    "Two deceased." His voice was very rough, unlike Time, "A duel in the balance of supreme importance was interrupted by Amy Judith Caulfield, a competitor, forcing death upon both her and her opponent, Liam Mitchell West."

    He reached both hands in and grabbed Liam in his left, me in his right. He tilted his head down towards us. He then molded us into his palms.


    Falling. No wind forcing my hair up, just falling. Eventually, a rectangle full of colors came in sight. When Liam and I landed in it, we were on our feet, in our suits.

    "Now," Time stood behind Liam, "in the universe -- battles that endanger the limits of mortal powers are settled in a fun way. Both of you will give it your all. One will perish. Ask no questions."

    Time rubbed his thumb across Liam's forehead. I realized Space was behind me. He rubbed his thumb across my forehead as well.

    And there it was. The final battle. One of us would perish, one of us would be victorious.

    A newfound power was in my veins, same to Liam. I glowed with a purple energy, Liam red.

    "It's intense isn't it?" Liam was stretching his limbs. I guess switching between ages requires some adjustments.

    "Yeah," I felt like we were normal friends again.

    "Too bad you're about to die," Never mind.

    "That's where you're wrong. Last time, I killed both of us. This time, I won't make that mistake." I was cocky.

    "Are you sure?" He asked.

    "As positive as I am that I would never date you," I glared at him.

    That set something off inside of him, and he charged forward. I just now realized that he again had his time hammer. We swung it towards me, but I caught it in a faster reaction time. I swung it down, making a heavy connection with his helmet. His shades slid down just a little bit. He adjusted them and snatched his hammer back.

    "So I guess this is real," He sighed.

    "Guess so," I agreed. How did we come to this? We used to be inseparable best friends.

    Liam pulled a fiddle out of the air. He threw it to Treff, who barely caught it.

    "If this determines the fate of everything," Liam started, "we better have a kickass soundtrack. Monster boy, play an epic piece."

    Treff followed orders and played a sad, but cinematic song. It kept going on and on. While I was drawn in, Liam smacked me down. He crushed me, kneeling on top of my chest.

    "We could've grown old together, you know." It kind of sounded like he was crying, "but time doesn't effect me anymore. So you'll become an old hag yourself."

    He pressed his hand on my suit face and realized he was going to mess with my age. I charged up cosmic energy in my fist. When I felt I was ready to burst, I smacked him across the face. It sent his body flying miles away. It took him a few minutes to charge back.

    Before I realized he had a clenched fist, I got punched in the face. His sorrow was replaced with rage, as he attempted to strangle me with his purple hands. I tried to smack him off, but oxygen was being cut off violently.

    "Poor Amy," he was sarcastic, "in your final hour. Your darkest day. You sit here and choke on the air you don't deserve. You haven't even realized that no one believes you."

    Treff snapped his fiddle in half and threw it at Liam. It knocked his hands off of me. I got sweet air while I could.

    "That's where you're wrong!" He yelled, "I believe in Amy! More than anyone else in the universe, I believe in her!"

    "She's a tough kid! She can beat your ass any day, glasses." Brandon snorted.

    "Confirmed," the Grand Elder chipped in, "from the day I talked with her, I knew that she would end your reign of evil. I'm not about to be proven wrong."

    "Amy can do it!" The Cobalt shouted. Everyone looked in pure shock, "Your sheer ignorance broke my curse, Dark Lord. If anybody on this planet can defeat you, it is Amy Caulfield!"

    Spirits started forming. Two Cobalts, and Ophorum. I knew the thought of ghosts was stupid, but they were definitely watching from wherever domain they resided in.

    "My brother is all-knowing," One Cobalt shouted.

    "So he knows that you're about to get a dose of your own awful medicine!" The other filled in.

    "I can change forms. If need be, I could turn into Death himself. If I possessed his power, I still wouldn't hold a candle to the chance that Amy has of beating you." Ophorum was angry.

    The spirits joined arms and morphed into one soul. They drifted through my four remaining comrades, adding them to the pile. They then floated into my body. I felt it. They were inside of my spirit. I had the power of the greatest bunch of men I ever knew, plus me!

    I now had a white cross on my helmet.

    "Your move," I spoke with the voices of all us.


    Join us next time for the heated series finale,

    Finale: Destiny's End
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    Oh, damn, Amy got fucking buffed!!

    I can't wait for Destiny's End
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    I will delete this forum.

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    Keep it up, keep it up!

    Juiz: You can quote me on this: Klonoa is my favorite son.

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    Finale: Destiny's End

    First off; Wow. Thanks, everyone. Never thought I'd make it here -- finishing a story following through and making an actual story. Your support has really helped me continue to write, especially Turtle/Deadpool, for being a big fan since I first posted. Since then, a lot has happened. The chapters got longer, my storytelling got better, and I learned a lot about devoting yourself to a schedule. I hope this has been as fun for you as it has been for me. I've been developing this story and tiny aspects in my head for 3 years, and here I am -- about to finish it!

    As a parting gift for the series, I will release episode names for my next big thriller, Matter Amulet.


    1. The Amulet
    2. Aired Out
    3. Inside the Factory
    4. Close Encounters
    5. Crimson Diamonds [Teased in Ludwig blog]
    6. Liquid Craftsman
    7. Draining Information
    8. The Hypnotist
    9. Crimson Jail
    10. Prison Bust
    11. Return of the Hypnotist
    12. Amulet Abduction
    13. No Escape
    14. Signal Flare
    15. Diamonds in the Rough

    Well, that's enough rambling on. Thanks for the continued support, everyone! Enjoy!



    "I'm always ready," Liam laughed, "killing a bunch of idiots I could've easily before is no different now."

    "Then why don't you quit hiding behind your words and fight?" I asked.

    Liam took me up on my offer and smashed at me with his Time Hammer. After hitting me, it struck the ground. Suddenly, we were standing in a field with velociraptors running fast.

    I outstretched my arms, casting a spell of gravity around the person-sized reptiles. I altered them to be facing and running towards Liam. They saw the skin poking from out of his mask and bit at him like crazy, a few nipping his chin. He smacked one towards me with the Time Hammer.

    I turned into some futuristic sword with an orange glow. I slashed towards him and hit his chest through his armor. It started smoldering orange and he screamed in pain. The sword must transfer immense heat. Out of muscle spasm, he smashed the ground with his hammer, and suddenly the field turned into mud.

    We were in a medieval town. Shops and builds appeared. Instead of my suit, I wore a chest plate and I was on a horse. I kicked his stomach lightly and directed him towards a large castle in the distance.

    As I got closer, I saw it had purple banners hung up. Definitely where Liam spawned in this world. My stallion charged through a shallow stream, and across a bridge. The bridge led to the open castle.

    Deja vu.

    Retri was playing the piano against the wall, and two staircases led upstairs. Instead of a friendly ruler upstairs though, it was an evil maniac.

    "Test your might," Liam laughed. A sword was next to him, wedged in a stone. He held a sleek black one. What he didn't know was that I had the Raptor Sword stashed away in my armor. It only heated up in combat.

    I pretended to try and pull it out. He laughed harder.

    "A damsel in distress! Allow me t-" I interrupted him. I gashed his face open with my sword.

    "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I screamed, slashing more. In the aftermath, his face was burnt up, bleeding from many places.

    "Big mistake." He rubbed one of the worse wounds.

    He swung at me with his hammer, but his focus was down. I flung myself backwards, and he whacked the floor of the castle. Another time shift.

    The world was withered away, and we were on a brown floating hunk of rock. Below us was bubbling magma. I snatched his hammer away. I sucked it up in a black hole, careful not to damage it.

    "We can play cat and mouse forever," I snarled after the black hole sucked it up, "or we can fight like warriors. I know you don't know anything about fighting fairly, but do it now or you'll die horrifically."

    "I'm game," he laughed, cracking his knuckles. I drew the Raptor Sword, him his black one.

    We bowed and tapped our swords together twice.

    "Never thought it would come to this," Liam sighed.

    "Well it has," I said while thrusting towards him.

    Our swords connected a few times, a flash of sparks and bloodlust with each hit. Although my weapon was superheated, it didn't seem to warp Liam's. Must be the material.


    Retri watched nervously, Ragnar behind him. The Crystal Ball showed the battle as it raged on.

    "What if she gets hurt?" Retri asked nervously.

    "Then it's fate," Ragnar shrugged.

    "And what if someone breaks the Universal Laws?" Retri asked even more nervously.

    "Then it's fate," Ragnar said again.


    "Should we move out?" Time asked up to a figure far out of sight.

    "..." He emitted no noise.

    "We've determined whose broken the laws, my lord," Space also spoke.

    "..." Still nothing.

    "Well we're moving out to stop the offender," Space decided.

    "You will do no such thing," The massive figure spoke in slow, dark voice, "I've decided that we let the battle end naturally. Nothing's convinced me to seize Amy Caulfield or Liam West yet."

    "But if they keep going then the timeline could be warped," Time sounded annoyed.

    "Are you disobeying my commands?" The giant one asked.

    "No, my lord." Time sighed, "We'll do it your way."

    "I know you will," The large one finished the conversation.


    I pressed my sword against Liam's neck, causing a burst of agony.

    "Jesus!" He shouted, "Do you know how much that hurts?"

    "I know how much it hurts to be murdered by you and your men," Three of my voices spoke, "and I know what it feels like to be kidnapped and taken to the future. I know what it feels like to be turned into a baby. I know what more feels like than you ever could. Do you know what it feels like to die?"

    "N-no." He was shaken up. He must've forgotten that I was everyone at once.

    "Well allow me to show you," I kicked him in the chest. He fell back a little bit, "Was that fun?"

    He couldn't talk. I kicked him again, and he went further back.

    "How about that?" I felt the summit of my powers, "Where are your giggles and banter now?"

    Harder kick.

    "Where's your retaliation? Your army?"

    Harder kick.

    "Where's your powers?"

    A kick to the head.

    "You're a kid who doesn't know what it feels like to have anything actually bad happen," All of our voices became one deep one as our spirits reached harmony, "So a girl didn't want to date you. Does that warrant genocide?"

    He didn't answer, so I stomped on him.

    "No, it doesn't." He cried. Both in pain and sorrow.

    "So. Are you ready to be spared, and have a second chance for light?" I asked.

    "Yes. Yes I am!" He was glad to have mercy.

    "Too bad. You haven't earned, and now you get to die!" I kicked him as hard as I could, knocking him off the earth we stood on.

    He quickly dug into the earth with his fingers.

    "Please, Amy!" He begged, "I'll never hurt a soul again."

    "I don't doubt you," I spoke with ice in my veins, "but nothing says I won't."

    Before he could react, I chopped and smoked his fingers off with the Raptor sword. He screamed in absolute panic as he plummeted towards the lava. He was caught by a black hand.

    Time submerged from the smoldering magma, holding firmly onto Liam. He brought him back to the platform and held his legs. Space descended from the air and grabbed his arms. The duo stretched him, as he squirmed. Finally, the big boss, supreme lord of the universe made himself known. Death.

    Death was an immeasurable behemoth, all solid black. Instead of features on his face, he had a white circle, where he watched everything in the universe at once. Not a single break in focus.

    "Liam West," His voice shook the land I stood on, "due to crimes against the Universal Laws, which bind all living creatures, you will be given the death penalty. Effective immediately."

    Death outstretched a lanky finger. Liam looked away, but Space forced him to look at the finger. Slowly, Death inched it closer, until he tapped Liam's chest. Liam died immediately. Death then grabbed him and dissolved him into the white circle, taking him to a permanent space in the depths of being deceased.

    "I knew we could do it guys!" I cheered. Suddenly, I felt two objects fade in and out of my body. Space's fingers. All of the conjoined souls separated from my body. Death took away the spirits, while Time cast my living partners to their proper time.

    Space grabbed my arms up, Time grabbed my legs. I felt a stretching sensation. After the immediate shock, I realized what was going on.

    "Amy Caulfield," Death spoke, "you let multiple souls inhabit a single host. You were also involved in the disruption of time flow. Due to these crimes against the Universal Laws, which bind all living creatures, you will be given the death penalty. Effective immediately."

    And I felt a hollow tap on my chest.


    Death this time wasn't warm. It was cold and full of negative judgement. As if my spirit needed to cheat death, I awoke in warmth. Black fingers cradled me.

    "What my lord didn't mention was a personal aspect." Space spoke with me, "Due to our judgement system, you had to receive the death penalty. On the other side, you also vanquished the worst foe the universe has ever faced. That warrants a revival. However, you have gained knowledge of the future."

    "Yes." Time said as Space handed me over, "To make up for it, though, the three of us reached middle ground. We will take you back to a time before any of this was a problem. We will allow you to maintain your memories, but you know the deal if you talk about them."

    His fingers glowed and he wrapped them around me. A fade through time.

    All of my allies waved.





    The cobalts.

    When I got to my vision of Ragnar, he squatted down next to me.

    "So this means I will have never technically met you?" I asked him, eyes wet with tear.

    "Unfortunately, my friend. You've done your best as an honorary Continuum hero." He smiled.

    "But I don't want to leave. My monster friends were better than my human friends." I was bummed out.

    "But you belong with your own people. I don't know if my memory will change when you go back," The King blinked back tears of his own.

    "Thank you, King Ragnar," I reached a hand out.

    "The thanks belong to you, Amy." He grabbed it.

    I faded with time.


    I woke up with my hand resting on my hand, elbow on my desk. Someone walked over. My friend, Liam West.

    "Alright, Amy, listen to me. This might sound crazy, but I think I might know how to create a black hole." He said, excitement fueling the life in his eyes. I laughed at him and called him a funny name. He was used to my playful way of joking, but he remained serious. He unfolded a piece of paper that was stuffed in his pocket. There was some long algebraic equation sketched on in dark pencil. I looked down at it, and gave another glance to Liam to make sure he was still serious.

    "What does any of this even mean?" I questioned him. He turned the equation into words. 'If compressed energy forms a star-like substance, and is crushed from a hole in a suit, a resulting black hole should form in the spot. If the amount of energy is low enough, the black hole should naturally disappear after sucking in one item.'

    "I don't doubt you," My voice trailed off, "but why does any of this matter?"

    He explained about how his dad had a lot of supplies in their junkyard of a garage. He sketched out some kind of design on the paper. He grinned shyly when he finished, and turned the paper to face my direction. On it there was a metal suit, with tubes lining the arms, meeting in the chest. The tubes also connected around holes in the palms of the hand protectors. The edges of the tubes were snipped off, implying that raw energy was stored as a chest plate, and formed around circles in the hands. Brainwave readers were snuggly lined along the inside of the helmet, with thin wires dipping into the tubes.

    "The suit reads your brainwaves, and when you want to form the low energy black hole..." He made a crushing noise with his mouth and shaped his hands into a hole. I stared at him blankly, and decided to speak.

    "Liam I don't..." I tried to wrap my head around all of this, "Think this would work. How would you get the supplies, how would it be safe, and how would you know something bad wouldn't happen?"

    "I guess that's true," he laughed nervously, "thanks for pointing that out."

    "No problem," I smiled.
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