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Thread: The Paradox : Age of War

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    Quote Originally Posted by Discord View Post
    Is this a sequel or a reboot?
    Reboot mate

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    Good. Cause otherwise it would be confusing as hell.

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    A new beginning.

    *disclaimer, this is better read using a darker forum skin.

    ———The start of a beautiful school year———

    Erboh Academy, Erboh City, U.S.A., Earth.
    January 6, 2016
    5:45 AM

    Intercom : Good morning students of Erboh Academy, Please take a seat- The announcement will be made shortly.

    The auditorium filled with noisy students slowly became quiet, Soft murmurs can be heard and the sounds of schoolgirls giggling and schoolboys mocking each other. A few minutes passed, everything went quiet

    Tap.. Tap... Tap..

    The sound of shoes tapping the hardwood stage surrounds the entire Auditorium.

    Tap, Tap

    The screeching of the microphone is heard all throughout.

    Old man : "Is this thing working, Okay, okay, Good morning students, I gathered you all here today to inform you of good news and bad news, It will affect our institution greatly but don't fret! Nothing much will change."

    Tap.. Tap.. Tap..

    The sounds of shoes again...

    Another man walks towards the podium at the centre of the stage

    Old man : "Let me introduce to you, The new head of Erboh Academy!!"

    ... : "My name is Erik T. Hattington, Nice to meet all of you." The man said as he bows to the students.

    The students whispered to each other, murmurs and low voices scatter the room

    and after a few seconds, silence fell but a mere fifteen seconds later every student stood up and said in an excited voice

    "Nice to meet you, Sir Hattington!"

    Hattington : "What a friendly crowd you all are, Let's all greet this new school year, well It's not really a new school year but let's greet the rest of this school year the best, yeah?"

    The crowd cheered as they welcome their new principal

    Hattington : "Such accepting students, It'll be an honour to be guide all of you." He said while looking left to right towards all of the students.

    A group of people enter the stage as well.

    Hattington : Oh, I forgot to introduce to you, The Academy's new staff!

    The students were in a state of confusion, asking each other questions and everyone had a different reaction

    Hattington : "Now, now! Don't be alarmed, We won't be replacing any of your subject professors! You'll have a new Coach, Guidance Councillor, School Nurse and 3 new Deans!, They'll be introducing themselves one by one, So, Staff? If you will.

    ... : "Hello, My name is Pol R. Bore, I am the new school medic, I hope I don't see you any of you in my office but I will accept any patient-no matter what the injury or sickness is, Nice to meet all of you." Dr. Bore bows right after.

    ... : "Good to see you, I am Lohuy D. Hutt, I am your new school Guidance Councillor, Please follow the rules and we won't have any trouble."

    ... : "Hello to all of you, You all look solid, My name is Spar T. Cus! Your new coach! I'll whip you all up in solid shape! All right!"

    Hattington : "You new deans won't be arriving until next week, So for now, Let's work together to make Erboh Academy the best school in the world!"

    The crowd cheers and claps to the new Erboh Academy Staff

    Old Man : "You may now leave, please enjoy your break for now, It's currently 8 AM, Your break will last until after lunch, If you don't have classes on 2 PM onwards, you may go home, Thank you."

    The crowd cheers again, while some boos

    Old Man : "Oh and before I forget, You may sign up for the new and improve clubs at the bulletin board, We encourage student friendship and bonding!"

    Erboh Academy, Erboh City, U.S.A., Earth.
    Main Hall
    January 6, 2016
    10:45 AM

    ... : "Clubs, huh? Wonder what I can join" says the kid.

    ... : "Hey, Ranger! Are you going to sign up for the student council again this year?" asked the student.

    Ranger : "Oh hello, Turtle, Good to see you again, I'm thinking about it- how about you? Are you joining the council again? It was nice leading the council with you, you know." He said as he extends his hand out of a handshake.

    Turtle : "Totally! Too bad that most of the council already graduated or left, It's just us two remaining, you know." he said as he shook ranger's hand.

    Ranger : "So, Do you want to sign up? I'm pretty sure they'll give us the President and Vice president position to us without any trouble." he said while taking out a pen from his messenger bag.

    Turtle : "Heh, I already did! Check the board!" he laughs as he pointed at the student council signup paper.

    Vice President : *incoherent gibberish* "Turtle"

    Ranger : "Always ahead of me, Turtle? Eh? Almost all positions have been filled out! he said surprised at the revelation while writing his name on the "president" slot.

    Turtle : "I was actually waiting for you, come! I've set up the student council room! It looks just like last years! he said with enthusiasm.

    Ranger : "You're as reliable as ever, Let's go."

    Erboh Academy, Erboh City, U.S.A., Earth.
    Student Council Room
    January 6, 2016
    11:30 AM

    Ranger : "Oh wow, You really did make it like it was last year, To be honest- I thought you weren't going to enrol this year- You're kind of the only friend I have in this school-" he said as he sits on the president's desk.

    Turtle : "Eh, I was not going to at first but then I remember that I don't have anything better to do with my life." he laughs at himself.

    Ranger : "Do you think the new members will come today? I really doubt they'll have the same enthusiasm we did when we first joined." he said as he looks out the window.

    Ranger : "This is a beautiful place, We the student council should strive to keep it the same, yeah?" he said.

    ... : "I agree, President." A student says as he enters the room.

    Turtle : "Ah, you must be... Not trying to be racist here but are you Hiro Y. Nerudo?" He said while scanning the student's face.

    Hiro : "Yes, My name is Nerudo, Y. Hiro, You can call me Hiro! Nice to meet you both. he said while bowing- showing respect to his superiors.

    Ranger : "So that leaves the other two missing, Nice to meet you, Hiro! Once we're complete, We'll be operating as usual. He said as he cleans up his desk and puts a pacman figurine on it.

    Hiro : "My brother will be joining us tomorrow, The other one will be coming tomorrow as well, Let's work hard together." he said whilst cleaning one corner of the room, "I'm taking this spot, I'll make this my battle-station per say. he said as puts up masks from different origins on his side of the wall.

    Turtle : "I've got to admit, That's a creepy collection but hey as long as it makes you happy! All right! I can already feel my blood pumping again! Also, Hiro, how'd you like my miniature toy collection? Aren't they nice! " he said as he points to his side of the room full of toys, collectibles, figures.

    Hiro : "It's very nice but please don't touch mine. he said as he swats Turtle's hand away from one of the masks.

    Ranger : "You have very sharp eyes, I like that, Heh! he got you good Turtle!" He points at turtle and laughs.

    Intercom : Attention! Student Council, You are being summoned to the principal's office, I repeat, You are being summoned to the principal's office.

    Ranger : "Did we do anything wrong?" he said with a worried expression.

    Hiro : "It'll be fine, Let's go, president and vice president.

    The three walked out the room and heads straight to the principal's office.

    The reason for their summoning! On the next episode!

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    Oh hey that's me

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    Oooh, this seems exciting as hell :3 Can't wait for more.

    Also my collection of figurines are dildos right?
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