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Thread: Clarification

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    Logging onto the forum and reading you're dead is no pleasant business. Knowing it's because some asshole "friend" made a "funny" and it hurt a lot of people here makes me really mad.

    1. I'm not dead.

    2. I'm sorry on the stupid motherfucker's behalf that he hurt all of you and that you were all sad because of my "death".

    3. I do have some brain trouble, and it doesn't let me stay on a phone, pc, or anything for a long period of time, which means I can't really hang out here as much as I should.

    4. After being really mad, I became really sad and I want all of you to know I love you, and whatever happens, and how little time I spend here, I will never forget you.
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    I will delete this forum.

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    Well, this has been an odd day, but all in all, it's great to know you're alive, Turtle. I think that's all I can really say, besides that PM I sent you when we thought you were dead :P
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