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Thread: A hollow organ.

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    A hollow organ.

    Yesterday, After napping at work, I woke up to a pain in my chest, It wasn't bad as the past few times that had happened to me, It's not unusual but when i stood up- my right leg failed me and i came falling down; i tried using my hands but they failed me as well, I couldn't move my arms or my right leg, Office mates helped me to sit down, It took about an hour or so before I gained faint feelings back to my leg, I still couldn't move or feel my arms, I thought I had lost them forever but the feelings/nerves went back after a few minutes. I rested until office hours were over, I could move my leg but it hurts to walk normally, I had to get someone to assist me to go home from work, I headed straight to my doctors and told them what happened, Apparently- My condition was kind-of getting more "bad" to sugarcoat it.

    It's not new to me that my condition isn't gonna be better but the feeling of being helpless nor being able to move my body was so scary and surreal, I never felt so helpless, I guess, This thread was just to let out my feelings 'cause there isn't really anywhere else i could anonymously post things like these without worrying people about who I am.

    But yeah, Thanks for reading.

    Love y'all.

    //If this is in the wrong area please move it thank you!

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    I'm so sorry is there surgery or anything?
    But,░in░truth,░I░have░wept░too░much!░Dawns░are░hea rtbreaking.
    Ξvery░moon░is░atrocious░and░every░sun░bitter. (ュ だ  どいロリラ威萎虞う ャイ意営縁ぇヵ)

    Quote Originally Posted by Juiz
    moon you're hurting me in ways you'll never even know. lets do that suicide, buddy.

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    I hope you'll be fine eventually
    Quote Originally Posted by Dion View Post
    I will delete this forum.

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