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Thread: A Lesson on Gender Identity and Pronouns

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    A Lesson on Gender Identity and Pronouns

    So, I feel like I really would like to bring this up here & now seeing that it may be appropriate to introduce a discussion on gender identity since [Caitlyn Jenner (a very famous transgender woman) will be appearing in ERB soon.] This topic is just something I think should be brought up somehow anyway at least once as just a heads up on being respectful to fellow forumers, like me because I may not be the only one, but also because being educated on this issue is key when trying to respect someone in this situation.

    My Exposť:
    So, I am transgender. I have identified as such for 5, almost 6 years now, & that's as long as I've been transitioning from male to female as well. This means a) I was born biologically male at birth b) but I identify with being a female & c) I use female pronouns like any other person identifying as a female would. As previously stated, I've been transitioning for almost 6 years now. Gender transition includes taking personal steps to feel comfortable in your body to the way it best matches your identified gender. Things people do when transitioning include, but aren't limited to: Presenting physically as an identified gender not matching biological sex, taking hormones, having surgical procedures, etc. However, it is important to understand that not everyone who is transitioning will do everything the way others have done. Some only take a few steps to present as their identified gender, others go the whole nine yards. It's important to understand this. It's not really right to judge someone on the basis of how they present physically normally, so why do it to someone who is transitioning between genders (or identifies differently)?

    Another very important issue on this topic is pronouns. Everyone uses pronouns in their daily language. Pronouns are defined as a word that can function by itself as a noun phrase and that refers either to the participants in the discourse (e.g., I, you ) or to someone or something mentioned elsewhere in the discourse (e.g., she, it, this ). Just about everyone has a set of pronouns they best identify with. It is really important to respect them. So for example, when talking about Queen Elizabeth II, or Lady Gaga, or Caitlyn Jenner, or even me, you would use female pronouns (She/Her/Hers) because the set of people provided identify as women. When talking about EpicLLOYD, Barack Obama, Chaz Bono, or even Eminem, you would use male pronouns (He/Him/His) because the set of people provided identity as men. Some people will also identify as neither, both, or somewhere off an entire binary gender spectrum entirely. There are other pronouns that people who identify as such use, including the gender neutral, even grammatically correct: They/Them/Their(s). Pronouns are an important part of everyday life & it's good to remember that they can empower or break down someone. It's best to be on the right side of empowering someone, right? It can be a good idea to ask someone their identified pronouns in order to fully respect their identity if you're confused. Most people will appreciate the respect you have for them in that regard.

    Anyways, I bring this up as well because it's not easy feeling invalidated because of who you are, especially when that feeling leads to self-harm & suicide. Personally, I have been there numerous times because when transitioning I haven't met the kindest or most respectful people... My point is, it's not hard to treat people dignified by respecting their gender identity & using their identified pronouns. If anyone has any questions or comments & would like to discuss, I would suggest posting in this thread or even PMing me. You can also PM me if you'd like to know more about my journey through gender transition or if you're identifying yourself. Thanks for reading this thread.
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    A very helpful and informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share
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    Considering this started from me being a dickbag, I feel more informed now, and I can see why that bothered you
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