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Thread: Who do I cheer for now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uprising View Post
    If you feel like being cool, become a Packers fan!
    Lol but your a packers fan rekt (jk ily)

    If you feel like staying in your state, become a Chiefs fan

    I like Andy Reid and the team is ok but Alex Smith is boring and I kinda wanna get the fuck outta Missouri

    If you hate yourself, become a Browns fan

    I do, but not that much

    If you don't hate yourself or love yourself, become a Lions fan

    Lol to cheer for a team in detroit and one with Matt Stafford on it is to hate yourself

    If you love yourself, become a Colts fan!

    Na dude they gonna be mediocre this year

    If you're looking for some killer victories, become a Ravens fan

    I'm still mad about how they handled both the Ray Lewis and Ray Rice things

    If you enjoy winning by any means necessary, become a Patriots fan

    I don't, especially after they beat the Rams in the Ram's last superbowl (Sorry Juiz, I have nothing against Brady and Deflategate is a joke)

    If you like to throw snowballs at Santa, become an Eagles fan

    I like Sam Bradford but their draft pissed me off

    If you are into stripes, become a Bengals fan!

    Na fuck stripes and Marvin Lewis

    If you are into racism, become a Redskins fan!


    If you want your loyalty to be questioned again next year, become a Raiders or Chargers fan!

    True though. Chargers are meh but Raiders are ok

    And if you are a big fan of collapsing roofs, become a Vikings fan!

    Na fuck Adrian Peterson but the rest of the team is cool

    Those are your only choices.


    also hi brad
    hi babe
    Still iffy on the Bills. Rex Ryan is honestly funny and loveable in my book but I just don't care much for the team itself

    Woah Mama:


    Quote Originally Posted by Juiz
    when you make a post and brad instantly buries it and you decide that maybe suicide is the answer
    Quote Originally Posted by Sane
    Brad didn't do shit to save the forum it was all NukeL3AR
    Quote Originally Posted by Turtle
    fking brad with his white writing on a white background
    Quote Originally Posted by Ludwig
    Brad I swear to god I'll Fortnite dance on your grave
    Quote Originally Posted by Adonis
    brad can i hit ur juul please bro just one hit
    Quote Originally Posted by Wumbo
    “Bumblin’” Brad sent in a paper claiming to have “interviewed” me! Wrong! I have done no such thing, and Liddle Bradley had to sit in his room by himself and make up quotes in order to get his work “published”. Despite the negative forum covfefe, the Fake News Media controlled by Globalist Sam Bama is whipping itself into a frenzy trying to make up lies about your favorite forumer (Me!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juizus View Post
    Come to the dark side, cheer for the Patriots.

    Yes, join the Patriot fanbase :devil:

    But seriously, Deflategate was debunked yet Brady's still being punished

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