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Thread: Fan Made ERB's

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    Fan Made ERB's

    This is an opportunity for me to display my battles and anyone can post theirs for me to look at theirs as well. Also, if anyone wants to work together on some with me, that would be awesome.'

    To open, I will post one of mine.


    King Arthur!

    Huzzah! An overrated video game character
    steps forth to fight, and become my next rhyming perisher.
    You may be a Hyruler, but I'm the high ruler.
    Both you and your raps are weak, you're the fire fueler.
    I rap at you imperiously, feel my lyrical tyranny
    You fool around and go smashing pots, while I take my job seriously.
    It takes hours upon hours, for you to complete a single task.
    Don't get me started on your face and ears, you should put on Majora's Mask.
    An evil wizard takes your girl, every time you turn your back, fool
    I mean there should really be better security at that castle.
    My name is on a pedestal right next to the Great from Pella.
    I forget your name. It's um... Um... I remember now, it's Zelda!

    You think you're the mightiest rapper in your attempt be dissing me?
    Looking for the perfect battler, you've found the missing Link.
    Looking for worthiest challenger, I'm here to take the crown
    Gather the knights at your table, and I'll win every round
    My first move, Mr. Hogs the Cam a Lot
    I shoot my raps like an arrow through Lancelot.
    'Cause he should've been the very one man you slaught,
    he went and gave Guinevere his lance a lot.
    Call me Mordred, I mortally wound you as I'm storming your palace
    I took a quest for a damsel in distress, while you took one for a chalice.
    I would continue to put my sword in you with much malice,
    but I defeated the demon Ganondorf, you're not even a challenge.

    Hey! Excuuuuuuuuse me, princess! You're a prissy little midget who can't defend when I finish you in a spar of fencing
    Yes, you have the Master Sword, but I'm the sword master.
    The rock was better enemy, from which I pulled Excalibur.
    I was given the quest from God to find an item that was magic
    How would you put your puny little fairy against my wizard and match it?
    Let's go toe to toe, then you'll know you'll not be stopping me, now
    Then, I'll see your princess, she'll wanna play songs on my Ocarina
    I'm a mighty legend across all the lands, known for my fighting
    You're a character that flops, Nintendo has to keep retrying

    Galahad was the only one that found what you're looking for
    You still making feeble attempts, so, let me Tri-Force
    I cringe at your raps, like I did at your Monty Python movie
    I'll smash your Grail, and I'll collect the rupees
    The battle was over the second I pressed start
    I throw a rap grenade at the ugly piece of Art
    I'm a peacemaker(piece maker), I'm tearing down the wall of Merlin
    I say Knight, Knight! When, you see my four swords unfurling.
    You made a decent story, and they told it well,
    but this boss battle against me was a Holy Fail

    WHO WON?
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    That's none of your business!
    Nice battle! Link won! You should try getting Sam to review this!

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    That's none of your business!
    Quote Originally Posted by Tacohero2012 View Post
    Who is Sam?
    Samilton. He's a well-known reviewer on this site.

    Here's the link:

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    Thanks man! Also, thanks for the compliment! I worked at it all day haha.

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    Anyone can give me feedback on these.

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    Aladdin vs. Hercules

    I bring pain on the Arabian I'm facing in this caper
    He fades in the radiance of the greatness that I bathe in
    I'm persistent in pursuit as Perseus in Medusa's decapitation
    My famous name is adjacent to Jason in the great myths
    All across the world, there's not a one who's never heard of me
    You can even ask Mrs. Klump, she'll say "Hercules! Hercules!"
    You're meaningless, and menial without Genie or Jasmine
    Attacking me in this battle rap? I'll have to punch a lad in.
    A true hero is measured by the strength of his heart
    and going around stealing has never got ya far.
    Sure, you stole a lamp and now you are a prince
    I'm about to kill a street rat, taste this arsenic

    Prince? Please. You're insulting this Sultan
    You've got brawn, no brain, you're Incredible Hulkin'
    Your ego is going to eventually cause you to crumble
    I'm willing to bet even Narcissus is much more humble
    Wanna talk character? You kill your whole family
    You should have channeled your anger in this cypher we're battling
    Then maybe this rap wouldn't have been much labor for you
    Maybe you should go ask your daddy for help, but Hera hates you
    A star was born, now it's about to burn out
    Sure, now you're a god, you guard doors, what a turn out
    I've dealt quite a punishment in Megara's underworld
    Now, try to carry the weight of my insults, Wonderboy

    You've got raps, but I have punched lions
    I've done more deeds than you can complete in a lifetime
    I've defeated Cerberus, a flock of murderous birds,
    I've tricked Atlas, got golden apples, then I stabbed a bull,
    Then, I sliced a nine headed Hydra, applied fire, until it finally died
    Then, I tore my sword in both the Boar and this bore
    Not to mention, I ventured through Jasmine's Cave of Wonders,
    I've got my father's Bolt, and she enjoys my thunder
    You found your father was still alive but he abandoned you
    Here, take a Kleenex, and go cry yourself Abu hoo

    Nah, here, take them back, you can keep the tissues,
    You're one to talk, you also got daddy issues
    You're one of many Zeus's illegitimate sons
    Then, when his wife found out, she put some snakes in your crib at 1
    I'm common street thief, and this fight is stolen
    Take a lesson from Midas's daughter, silence is golden
    You've fought all your life, and your father made your place
    You've got phenomenal cosmic power, but itty bitty living space

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    Oedipus Rex vs. Norman Bates

    The sight of you in your mother's dress makes me glad I gouged my eyes out.
    I'll shower you with disses, my words cut, then, it's lights out
    Sure, you had a tragic childhood, but I doubt
    That it justifies killing insecure women on their nights out.
    You remind me of a schizophrenic Jack the Ripper
    You get cold feet with a woman, your solution is to shiv her.
    What's wrong, Norman? Norma knocked the normal out of you?
    Or is the crazy, monster mother that I'm talking to?

    Shh! Norman's sleeping, so, I suggest keeping your voice down.
    But if you insist to battle, then, I have no choice now
    Throwing insults and lectures like they'll actually phase me?
    Face off with a Psycho and I'll show you who's crazy
    Because of an oracle, your father disowned you
    You came back and killed him, then your mother wanted to bone you
    Awh! Look at your children or should I say little brothers and sisters?
    How does it feel to be your own stepfather, mister?

    You continue to fight, thinking you could own me?
    When it comes to motherfuckers, I'm the real OG
    Your story and raps are basic, yo, I got a Complex
    You killed both your parents, because you envied your mom's sex

    What walks on all four legs in the morning, two at noon and three in the evening?
    A baby that ignores my warnings, attempt to duel, and I cripple the Greek man.
    I'll punish anyone that thinks they can stop me
    Consider yourself murdered when you entered my lobby

    [Sigmund Freud]
    I believe your rage comes from an insecurity of yourself
    You still miss your mother, it's why you kept the motel
    You act out against Oedipus, because you can't admit defeat
    I'll call you Master Bates, since you just beat off on the beat

    Stay out of this, Doctor, it doesn't concern you
    I've already beat him, don't make me come burn you
    You talk of insanity, everyone knows you're not so sane
    You've got the whole population hooked on cocaine

    Don't go around acting like the fat lady's sung.
    Good thing we have a doctor, since I'm tearing you a new one
    Things you have to brag about, I've seen none
    Unlike yourself, it's your mother that's actually hung

    Now, children stop bickering, I rap this psychoanalysis
    Rex is an asshole, how fitting, he died at the Colonus
    You both give into your rage, and it'll get you destroyed
    You're lives are like your punchlines, you can't fill in the void

    You're arrogant about your learnings, you keep running them Lipps
    But I just saw you choking call it a Freudian slip

    You're a bigger quack, I'll have to agree with the schizoid
    Call me a Greek frat boy, I'm about Kappa Sigmund Freud

    Both of your raps really lack the seduction
    I'm the only of the three that could actually function
    Both your egos made your lyrics lose cred
    Your ids, got you beat, since you can't think with either head

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