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# AFC North WLT Div
2 Steelers 12-4 4-2
6 Bengals 10-6 4-2
8 Ravens 9-7 4-2
16 Browns 2-14 0-6
AFC North to start:

1. Steelers: 12-4

Look, the Steelers are gonna be REALLY good this year barring major injuries. They have 2 of the best YPA running backs in the game (Deangelo Williams and Leveon Bell, who will be the teams main starter once his suspension is over). Big Ben is doing good and has the best wide receiver in the league to compliment him in Antonio Brown. The defense is getting better. Look for this team to make a deep run.

Breakout sleeper: Ladarius Green, TE

Pittsburgh takes care of their tight ends, and with Heath Slater (the teams all time leading receiver from the team I believe) gone, Ladarius Green who showed great flashes in San Diego should step up and be a top 10 TE in the league game to game.

Team Bust: Markus Wheaton, WR

I know Martavius Bryant is suspended for being Martavius Bryant, but that doesn't mean you should opt for Pittsburgh's #2 receiver in later rounds. Brown is still going to get all the catches. All of em. Markus Wheaton is going to have much more field time, but don't expect him to even be worth drafting.

2. Bengals: 10-6

They won't flirt with perfection like they did last year: They lost Reggie Nelson and Andy Dalton won't be as good as he was last year, and don't expect Marvin Jone's WR2 role to be easily filled. However, they will still be consistently good enough to be a playoff wildcard. They still got consistency on both sides of the field and AJ Green is a monster, not to mention this team had a real good draft.

Breakout Sleeper: Andrew Billings, DT

The rookie nose-end was a steal in the late rounds, and should look for a potential immediate rotational starting role, which I expect him to thrive in the Bengals system.

Team Bust: Brandon LaFell, WR

The guy who missed most of last season with the Patriots? Yeah he's not taking any catches away from AJ Green and Tyler Eifert. Again, he's no Marvin Jones WR2.

3. Ravens: 9-7

The Ravens aren't going to be nearly as bad as last year, as I hear Head Coach Harbaugh is planning on making preemptive cautions so that the majority of his team DOESN'T get injured this year so that he doesn't have to bring in the hobos who loiter outside the stadium to fill the depth chart. The Ravens have quite a decent lil' team when healthy and I liked their draft alright, but injuries will still plague them mildly and Flacco is another year older. This isn't the super bowl team from a few years ago, but they're on the bounce back.

Breakout Sleeper: Kamar Aiken, WR

With Steve Smith getting really old by NFL standards and being highly injury prone, as well as Breshard Perriman having glass bones and paper skins, with Mike Wallace's underachieving nature topping it all off, Kamar Aiken is primed to break out as the bona-fide number 1 WR for Flacco and the Ravens. He filled this role and the WR2 really well last year with others out, he's young and he's got talent.

Team Bust: Justin Forsett, RB

Lol ok look: Justin Forsett is not a bad RB. He isn't in his prime and he's slowed down a bit, but he's not bad. But the competition here is too much. Jav Allen filled his role better than Justin did last year. Terrance West and rookie Kenneth Dixon are extremely promising and nipping at the heels of the others. Look for Forsett to either share the workload a lot, or be replaced at the first signs of inevitable trouble.

Browns: 2-14

Giving them 2 wins is generous. Most of the only good pieces the Browns had on the defensive side left (Rip Alex Mack) and their QB situation makes you yearn for the days of Johnny "TMZ and Ecstasy" Manziel. This team is painful to look at. They have NOTHING going for them except NOT having the worst head coach in the NFL (We'll get to who that is on a later date) and having a lot of young talent due to a shit-load of aquired draft picks. Some of the 93.5 WRs they drafted are bound to contribute.

Breakout Sleeper: Corey Coleman, WR

He's got to be there #1 receiver, so he's bound to get the most catches and yards for the team, which still isn't saying much. This is a BROWNS sleeper keep that in mind, not on the level of a regular sleeper.

Team Bust: The Entire Team-er, I mean, look for RGIII (QB) to be another brick in the proverbial Brown's wall of QB busts and failures.


Stay tuned for another division soon.