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    Epic Rap Battles of Forumers 2.0

    After 3 years, we're back! We decided to reboot the series and start over fresh and new. For those who dont know, around 2012 or so we started Epic Rap Battles of Forumers, a series where we wrote rap battles between 2 forumers that have some sort of connection. It was a fun series and we had a lot of fun making it so we decided to try again. Also, if you are NOT okay with us putting you in a battle, we will gladly not use you in one if you say so Just tell one of us and we'll add you to a list of forumers we cant use. We dont have a schedule set up currently, they'll come out when they're completed. And I promise, we wont take 6-10 months in between each battle...probably....anyways, First Battle at some point ^_^

    If you wanna check out the original ERBOF:

    Current Crew:

    Season 01 ~ 12/04/2016 - ??/??/????
    1.) Rangernumberx Vs. Rocket
    2.) Gunnut vs LAWLzoR
    3.) ???
    4.) ???
    5.) ???
    6.) ???
    7.) ???
    8.) ???
    9.) ???
    10.) ???
    11.) ???
    12.) ???
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    If you wanna put me in a fic or something, you may! Just let me know so I can read it when it comes out

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