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    Because I'm a basic white girl obsessed with Tumblr, I tried my hand at making aesthetics. My early attempts were eh, not so great, but recently I made an aesthetic for myself which I really quite like. I feel it fits me to a T.

    If you'd like an aesthetic like the one above just post here with details such as your MBTI type, your Hogwarts house and/or adjective buzzwords that you feel fit your personality (such as 'bubbly' etc.) You could also request a certain colour you want yours to be.

    If you really want you can just put in a request without any of that stuff and see how well I know you .
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    **color (you stupid limey <3)

    Those look pretty good! I'm not looking for one, but they seem like work/art/pictures/whatever you crazy kids call them these days that I'd find from art accounts on Tumblr or something. Keep it up!

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