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Thread: Enden : Bleed for Victory [R2D]

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    I wait until my clothes are dry and explore.

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    Izuna considered. A guild would give him a solid home, a money source, and the potential to obtain more power and influence. However...

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    Adrian decided to go over to the openings of each tunnel first. If he was looking for a person, there should be footprints. He looked for any prints in the goo as well as any crushed roses.

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    Sir Changez hacks his way through the forest looking for that darn kid.

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    OK, here goes...

    "So, fair mayor, what do you think separates man from the nature around us? Superior intelligence? A distinct lack of fur or scales? Those are all completely true, but I would barter the most important of those details is in fact, shoes. Shoes are the root of all evil, the most vile acts ever committed were probably done by someone wearing shoes. Shoes separates us from the earth around us, making mankind lose sight of what truly matters in the world. Shoes may protect us from rugged terrain, but don't you think that's just sheltering us from the true nature of the world? We allow evil to persist precisely because we have shoes to protect us. The world is a crooked, jagged place, and because of shoes we have done nothing to acknowledge or fight back against that fact. As such, I propose a world wide bans on shoes immediately and all shoemakers to be executed for their crimes against humanity," the Stonefish said, trying to sound as calm and composed as possible in spite of the content of his words.

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