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Thread: Enden : Bleed for Victory [R2D]

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    Name: Father Plague
    Power: Disease
    Class: Fanatic
    Gender: Male
    -Wears grey robes
    -His head is bald, and all his veins are popping out. In the middle of his forehead there is a tube which was surgically put in there. The tube carries a sort of virus that he uses for his "sermons".
    -His eyes are pitch-black, and his lips and tongue are dark green.
    -He has a necklace with a red X, signifying the plague.
    -Under his robe, he has an assortment of diseased knives, chains, bombs, vials, and his "Bible".

    Age: Not sure, he says he is over 500 years old

    -Prefers not to fight initially, but wants to give everyone his "sermon". His sermon involves drugging people, chaining them down, then infesting them with his own special virus while he chants from his "Bible". The virus he created is a toxin that upon reaching the stomach, will spread to the whole body, eating through the liver, the heart, the lungs, and the intestines, but at the same time managing to keep the body running at full capacity. This way, the person will keep on feeling immense pain while the virus is doing its work. After the virus wears off, the person dies instantly, due to permanent damage to his insides (sometimes the lungs, heart, liver and intestines are simply eradicated). Continuous exposure to the virus will keep the person running without any vital organs for an indefinite amount of time, while still feeling immense pain. Father Plague has been on the virus for over 400 years.
    -When he does have to fight, however, he takes out his toolkit. He has knives that infect you with everything from extreme skin diseases to stuff like maggots or lice. His bombs release gas that can infect people with plague. His vials are filled with all sorts of bacteria. Some vials have blood from the diseased, which he drinks on a regular basis, but would be deadly in contact with others.
    -When shit gets serious, the throws away the robe, and pops a whole tube of Plagued Blood. Plagued Blood makes him corrosive to the touch, gives him immunity to any sort of pain, and also makes him go bat-shit crazy (more than he usually is)

    Backstory: As a young boy affected with the Black Plague, Father Plague learned that in disease there is more healing than in health. So he started to try and get every disease possible. His parents kicked him out, and deemed him insane. He roamed the streets, spending time in sewers and among the homeless. Soon enough, people noticed that his drive was immense, even though his skin was almost ash-gray already, and he kept coughing up blood, and his eyes darkened by the day. He was ill, yet everyone looked up to him, because it was as if he controlled the diseases.

    As he gained a cult, he started experimenting on them. He dissected the ill, drank their blood, performed rites for the terminally ill, and he also developed his virus, which he first tried on himself. The weakness and pain he felt upon taking the drug surpassed any he had ever felt, and he was instantly hooked. That's when he developed his sermon.

    People all around the world would come so that Father Plague could make them feel pain and weakness beyond all else. Because, in his words, "You do not find God in disease. In disease, you become God"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadpool View Post
    Reserve Disease Fanatic pls!
    Holy shit that's f*ckin' terrifying...
    Quote Originally Posted by A View Post
    if you stop going to the beach, you won't get sand in your vagina over petty little things.. it comes whene it comes

    Okay. The world presents some problems and we don't know what to do!
    You've come to find your feelings aren't exactly what you knew.

    The odds are stacked quite poorly if without a winning hand.
    But bear in mind your faring's only worse if you don't -

    Chin up! Don't bet on sinking ships because they'll turn your chips to trash!
    You've got to set your sights and hopes on setting not to crash!

    The truth can seem quite bleak if you don't make your plans unfurl.
    But I would not let that mar my opinion of the world.

    Bye. If you want to keep in contact PM me as quickly as you can. I have an email where you can contact me that I'd be happy to give my friends. I love you guys.

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    Reserve bone lancer pl0x

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    reserve rock drummer

    former co-admin

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    Name: Sir Changez
    Power: Bone
    Class: Lancer
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Being slightly over seven feet tall, Sir Changez cuts an intimidating figure. He wears a helmet made out of a human skull, his yellow eyes visible through the sockets. The helmet obscures the entire top half of his face. The bottom half is visible due to the skull's mandible being absent - revealing blue-grey skin and thin lips. A huge plate made of solid bone is worn across his chest shoulder-width. The chest plate has small spike-like protrusions emanating from it. Sir Changez's shoulder pads are raptor skulls with their mouths opening to his huge, heavily muscled and bone-plated arms. His right arm is a huge four-metre long lance made of bone that is cracked with use. Sir Changez's left arm ends in a skeletal hand. Below his chest plate, Sir Changez has a bear, unarmoured rib-cage with no flesh around it. His rib-cage gives way to a pelvic guard and bone-plated legs. His feet are grounded firmly in boots made guessed it - steel, because boots made of bone is stupid.
    Age: Unknown, presumably hundreds
    Backstory: Placeholder
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    Reserving paper ninja.
    Quote Originally Posted by Juiz View Post
    I once heard Ranger was a legend.
    Now I can confirm Ranger is a legend.

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    Name: Adrian (Last name unknown)
    Power: Ink
    Class: Assassin
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Adrian has since moved on from being a ninja and has become an expert assssin. Black hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. Little wisps of ink sometimes can be seen from his face or hands. Carries unorthodox weapons that, he claims, still manages to get the job done, such as fountain pens and ink wells. However, he still has a regular blade on him. While he prefers having black ink, he won't be against blue, red, or any other color. His favorite type of ink, however, is invisible ink. He wears dark clothing, sometimes with a cloak, to conceal himself.
    Age: 20
    Backstory: Adrian was once the main character of a lengthy novel that no one wanted to read. However, when moonlight was cast upon the deserted and open pages of the book, the ink animated, and became Adrian, who now lives among people. As for the switch from ninja to assassin? He has become much more cynical lately, and now almost prefers to be alone. And who would want to interact with an expert, sometimes hired, often disliked, assassin?
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    I'll reserve poison monk

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    Removed a few Gods.

    They're not called legends for nothing


    - Adjusted health from 5000 to 10,000
    - Adjusted damage from d50 to d75


    - Adjusted HP from 2000 to 3000
    - Adjusted Elemental attack bonus to +50 from +20


    - Increased health from 1500 to 2500


    - New Legend Beast

    These boots were made for walking.
    - Set Travel time to a fixed d6 roll instead of turn based
    - Cannot travel to a place that you don't have knowledge of where it is
    - Mounts guarantee that you will arrive safely to your destination
    - Quick Travel (Caravans/Boats/Airships have a 20% chance of encountering an ambush if away from cities, or civilization.)

    An arrow to the knee

    - Towns full of civilians have guards that can one hit any body, Be mindful if you want to attack innocent villages.
    - Big Cities have guards that have a base of 1000 HP, You can try to fight them but the outcome will end up with you dead or in jail.
    - Castles and Keeps have guards that have a base of 400 HP, The bigger the castle- the weaker the guards but be wary of other dangerous beings in them.

    Good morning and Bad Night?

    - Monsters are relatively weaker at daylight but stronger at night
    - Non-Monster enemies are stronger at daylight but weaker at night
    - Night/Day does not count in dungeons.

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    Name: Ezekiel the Tempest
    Power: Water
    Class: Pirate
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: White, but usually covered in mud that he looks brown. Long, black hair with a long black beard. Missing eye. 6'5, about 260 pounds.
    Age: 42
    Backstory: Never knew his real parents, grew up in the streets of Llanwrtyw, being raised by a fellow older orphan named Rylan, who gave him the name Ezekiel. Spent his life stealing, and moving from place to place, until one day, when he was 13, while walking near the sea, a group of boys from the current town they were in proceeded to fight them. Rylan's throat was slit, and the rest of the boys ran away except the one holding the knife. He ran to the sea to throw the knife away, but as soon as it touched the water, a wave crashed over the boy. He was found laying in the sand, with a knife impaled in his throat. Ezekiel was never recognized by anyone again, and many believed he disappeared.

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