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Thread: Nice Peter VS EpicLLOYD 2 Discussion

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    This was absolutely awesome in my opinion. Such a personal battle showing ACTUAL beef between the two. It was a very TRUE rap battle and a perfect way to end the season.
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    This battle....

    I think this battle is different than any other we got, at least to me it feels different. I think the battle was good, not terrific (seeing as only Peter and Lloyd wrote this one, it's a bit understandable), but it's decent on it's own. And I do think we need to look at this battle by itself instead of comparing it to the rest of the season. This battle reflects on erb as a whole and if, on the off chance, they DO decide to just end it here, I think I will be fine with that final note. Either way, it's clear that we won't be seeing anymore battles for a long time.

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    I liked it

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    Boy that sucked

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    wow ofc erb another rap with 2 people ive never heard of


    It was alright. Wish it was something else, but it wasn't, so that's that.
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    My problem with this is that stylistically, this isn't even an ERB. No intro, no title cards, just a two people in a rap battle. I get what they were going for, and I like this battle 100 times more than I did the original, but I wish we got an actual battle for the season finale. Especially since they are going on a prolonged break. It subverted all of my expectations for one of their videos. So now I will be left with this sour taste in my mouth until the if/when they decide to come back.

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    I really liked this one. I hated Douglass v Jefferson and the terrible second half of the Bruce battle, but this is one of my favourite seasons. And I think they did this as a therapy, I've always thought they were buddies and liked working together, but also two guys with a very different approach to comedy and art. I think Im a bit more on Lloyd's side.

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    Well that was....different. Lol, no idea how I feel aboot it yet

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    I thought it was nice. A tad bit different compared to the other 69 battles but nice either way. :D

    It had so many personal stabs for both Pete and Lloyd that it actually got kind of dark at some points...

    Also, am I really the only one that this whole battle was basically a "we're taking a break" update video? Cause that's creativity right there.

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    To the battle

    It wasn't the greatest battle but was by no means the worst. I'll agree that it's a nice concept and they ran with it pretty nicely, but as an ERB it doesn't really fit. As an older fan of the series I enjoyed that it was at least somewhat filled with flashbacks to other older battles. As a finale I doubt that this is what the majorirty of the audience actually wanted, but it works nicely to encapsulate the series as a whole.

    For the season as a whole, it was a giant mixed bag of really spectacular battles and really mediocre battles. I'll admit I'm not as invested in the battles as I used to be but the battles just don't give me the desire to watch them over and over again. Only a few of them were truly memorable.

    Ranking the seasons, I'd have to go 2>3>1>5>4

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