So life was going okay. I felt closer with my friends. I cut ties with someone I really wanted to be with, but knew it was just hurting me, and I felt okay by it. I started a job where I'm getting paid good money.

Due to some things I'm not sure if I can mention, reckless recreational behavior, I'm being kicked out of my house. I have a few weeks, to find somewhere else to live.

I'm not so great with goodbyes, and I'm kind of tearing up a bit just writing this, but I love and care about each and every one of you. I didn't want to post in the leaving thread because I will be back and this was I may can update on my situation, but I wanted you all to know.

I really would love to come back to this forum in a couple of months when things are different, and maybe see some activity. It would be great.

I'm sorry I haven't been the best forumer, but I meant well

Thank you for all the times. I hope this isn't goodbye, but I'm not so sure whats going to happen.