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Thread: Injustice 2: FE

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    Not a huge update by any means, i.e. no new chapter yet, but I have started adding basic and combo moves as well as more thorough advanced instructions for "controls" and such to the move lists doc. Adonis is basically all but done at this point.

    Granted, again, this is just renaming the moves from the actual game into forum references and memes.

    Check it out here

    Ello baby, you miss me?

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    So, obviously this has been dead for months, and nobody knows like I do how annoying writing this kind of thing is on mobile, but I figure I might as well do my damndest to finish one fanfic for once.

    Chapter 8: God(ish) of WI: Upper Man


    Up and Dion landed on a roof overlooking downtown Adminopolis, amid the carnage and Havok ReNeX's rabbots had wrought since their arrival.

    Dion: Where do we start?

    Upper Man: Turtle's plan is all wrong. If we focus on saving these civilians now, there won't be anything to save once ReNeX is through with the forum.

    I can here the users down there. All of them. They're afraid. Like I was in the Mod tower. And I look at us and just think....we can PM them hope.

    Up contemplated for a moment, and sighed.

    Upper Man: After me.

    Down at ground level, the Rabbots surrounded a group of cowering members, corralling them.

    Upper Man: Hey, Up here!

    The Rabbots looked up to see Up holding another Rabbot by the head. As they fixed their gazes Up-on them, Dion beside them, Up crushed the bot's head out in his hand.

    The bots below began firing laser beams at Up and Dion as the latter swooped in on his toboggan, taking several bots out in one go.

    Up superhero landed in front of one bot and quickly bashed it away with his cheese wheel, then jump attacked another close by, before bashing another's head in, and stabbing a fourth with his cheese knife. He threw the cheese wheel at another across the street, impaling it in its chest and pinning it to a car. He rushed ahead to hoist the wheel free, before dodging another's swinging fist and slashing it twice in the stomach.

    Up and Dion examined the robotic carnage around them as civilians fled in panic.

    Dion: Why are they so afraid of us?

    Before Up could concoct a decent enough lie, Dion was knocked backward several yards by an explosion.

    Up looked for the source and quickly found Brad wielding a bazooka.

    Upper Man: Burroughs!

    Burroughs: Welcome back, Zachary.

    Brad took aim with his bazooka once more, nailing Up dead on and knocking him into a building several hundred feet away.

    Up slowly got up and examined his surroundings. A bar. Essentially a chatbox with booze.

    The bartender took aim half cowering behind the bar with a shotgun, but they both had their attention drawn to the door as it began to be encased in ice.

    In a flash (ha) a silver blur came like a bat out of bell through the now shattered door and ran circles around Up, striking him several times in the face before coming to a stop, making its identity clearly Coldsteel Hedgeheg. Simultaneously, Kaptain Klo walked in over the rubble formerly known as door.

    Kaptain Klo: Your cheese is so stale, Upper Man. Let's put it on ice!

    Klonoa fired a blast of ice at Up, who deflected it right into Coldsteel with his shoulder pads, freezing him.

    Nice plot twist.

    Upper Man: Give up your code of honor, Klo? Why lower yourself to work with Lando?

    Klo: You're not so pure, Wisconsin. You--you permabanned Cryonic. He...was my OC.

    Up: An OC you led to a life of offenses. He paid for your mistakes.

    Klo fired an ice blast at Up, who shook it off before twisting around and striking him backwards, catching him on the rebound with an upward whipping motion of his string cheese. He whiffed two swings of his cheese knife before landing a third, followed by a hit by his tossed cheese wheel.

    Klo threw a single punch followed by another ice blast, , another punch, a pistol whip, and then created an ice wall in front of him, stunning Up, before delivering another powerful pistol whip and then aiming his gun at his feet and firing, encasing himself in outward pointing icicles. Up responded by wrapping Klo in his string cheese, pulling him towards himself, and knocking him away with a swipe of the knife.

    An attempted follow-up was blocked before Klo fired two more blasts in quick succession, but a third string cheese attack landed while Klo was reloading his ice gun. Klo got another shot off before jumping up and off of a ceiling fan, getting to Up's other side. He fired his gun upward in an attempt to drop an icicle on Up, but Up grabbed him, stabbed him with the knife, then threw Klo away by the handle.

    Upper Man: Breesus forbids you.

    Klo reloaded his gun once more then tuck and rolled to behind Up. He and Up exchanged several blows before Klo fired his gun again and backed away. Up swung his string cheese at Klo again before grabbing and unceremoniously tossing a hapless bar patron at him, to little avail, as Klo floored him with another punch.

    Kaptain Klo: Somebody call the OC man?

    Up recovered in time to pull in and slash Klo again with his string cheese, followed by another big punch and an upward string cheese strike. He then shouted a battle cry and clashed his forearm guards together, stunning Klo as he grabbed him around the neck with the string cheese, wrapped it around his own leg to pull him forward, bashed him upward with the cheese wheel, threw it at him, flew UPward into an uppercut, punched Klo to the ground once more, then threw the knife and wheel into his chest before stomping on him as he landed. Klo was down for the count.

    Upper Man: My condolences.

    Up turned to see Coldsteel begin to vibrate, freeing himself from the ice encasing himself.

    Upper Man: Coldsteel Hedgeheg, right? MaNCHA said you're some time of site traveler.

    Coldsteel: Yeah, and let me tell you something about the internet. You think you're unbannable, but on my site, Zach, you're quite band.

    Up attempted to swing his string cheese at Coldsteel, but he was blocked and countered with a quick punch, followed by an elbow. Up attempted to anticipate another attack, but was too quick to the punch and had another bar patron tossed at him, knocking him back, before Coldsteel ran at him and punched him, doing so again from his opposite side, then again on the same side in under two seconds.

    Up jumped in with a kick, followed by a punch and a tossed cheese wheel. Coldsteel had his next attacks, an elbow followed by two kicks and a flying punch, blocked by Up, who then hailed whatever good players the Packers has these days, getting a mobility boost.

    Coldsteel tried to initiate a time travel maneuver, but it was blocked, followed up by an uppercut counterattack. Up then threw three barrels of beer that the bar had in the corner for some reason at Coldsteel. Coldsteel then hit Up with a backhand and two punches, flooring him.

    Coldsteel: I am the fastest Hedgeheg alive.

    Up quickly returned the favor with an uppercut.

    Upper Man: Breesus forbids you.

    Up swung his knife wildly several times before hailing yet another football player the writer can't be bothered to Google before hitting Coldsteel with two big punches, but Coldsteel got up and hit him with so many punches so fast that Up lagged behind the hits.

    Coldsteel tried to jump up and, well, jump Up, but Up swung his knife at him to counter, before htting him with an overhead swing of his string cheese.

    Coldsteel slowed down time to get some more hits in, but missed his time travel maneuver, before being hit by Up's magic forearm gauntlet cheese.

    Upper Man: A moderator you are not.

    Basically out of nowhere, Intraterman flew in through the new hole in the bar's roof.

    Intraterman: Zach, you're alright. Thank Rob.

    Upper Man: We have to find Dion, he's--

    Intraterman: We will.

    Intraterman caressed Up's cheek in a way that makes this chapter quickly approach the level of slash fic.

    Upper Man: Sam, we don't have time to--

    Intraterman: Please. I've missed you.

    Upper Man: We'll beat them. ReNeX, Turtle. They both go down today.

    Intraterman: And then we'll rule together. Side by side. As equals.

    Upper Man: And lovers

    They neared each other to kiss.

    Dear god please stop.

    Intraterman's eyes flared red and he fired a blast of Admin energy at Up.

    Oh thank god.

    Intraterman: I turned to you when insert-romantic-interest-of-days-past died. You took advantage. Manipulated my grief. Turned me into someone I wasn't meant to be.

    Intraterman pinned Up to the wall by his throat.

    Upper Man: That's not true. My love made you stronger.

    Intraterman: Is that what you tell yourself?

    Intraterman suddenly dropped the red eyes, and looked down to see Up's knife in him.

    Upper Man: That's what Intraterman told me, ****crow.

    The illusion that the fearmonger created dissipated around Up to reveal the madman in front of him.

    ****crow: Huehuehue. You're not afraid of Intraterman. You're afraid you corrupted him. Brave super. Afraid of becoming the offender in the story.

    Upper Man: To Michigan with your mind games.

    ****crow: Classic anger displacement.

    ***crow sprayed his suka gas at Up.

    ****crow: We should continue your redemption.

    He emerged from the cloud as his monstrous self.

    ****crow jumped over Up then grabbed him, smacking him in the face hard enough to turn him around, wrapping his sickle around his neck, then pulling him to the ground behind him.

    Up got up then threw several more beer kegs at the Nomad, who recovered and began emitting more of his suka gas, then whiffed an attempt to grab Up with the sickle.

    Up jumped forward, swung his knife several times at ****crow, then threw his wheel upward and into his face, then again forward at his torso. He got in a few more swings before getting caught by a sickle grab. Up UPpercutted ****crow again before getting knocked back by a burst of suka gas. He successfully parried a thrown bar patron, and blocked a emulsion of sukas through a rip in reality ****crow tore, before flooring him with an overhead string cheese.

    Upper Man: Breesus also forbids you I guess.

    ****crow got up and swung his sickle in several circles on the end of its chain, but was knocked back by a punch, into another string cheese uppercut by Up. He got up and jabbed his sickle into the ground, shaking the whole room with suka gas, and stunning Up, before knocking him back and down with a swing of the sickle.

    ****crow: I'll haunt your memes.

    Up got up just in time to be grabbed by ****crow, who turned into his human form, as another monster form of him grabbed him from the other side, essentially drawing and quartering him, before the human disappeared and the monster threw him to the ground.

    Up grew tired at this point and elected to just use his super maneuver on the dude.

    Upper Man: This therapy session is over.

    ****crow, reduced to his human form, tried to spray more fear gas, but a slash from Up's sword put him off the attempt.

    Outside, Brad loomed over a floored Dion.

    Burroughs: Canadian of Adminship. You are a rare find. Admins are vulnerable to godmodding. And my pens write like godmodding.

    Brad dug into Dion's hip with a fountain pen, making him cry out in pain.

    Upper Man flew in from nowhere and tackled Brad off of Dion.

    Upper Man: Hang in there, Dion, the quarterbacks will protect us.

    Brad got up and rammed himself against a column, popping his dislocated shoulder back into place.

    Upper Man: Burroughs. I'm surprised someone so infracted still follows Lando's orders.

    Burroughs: No, Chesehead. I only joined Lando to draw out my own quarry. You.

    Upper Man: A fool's errand. Like when you sought a mod's power but found the writer's block.

    Burroughs: More like the writer's gift. I'm faster witted, stronger dissed, and thirsty. So thirsty for Super mod blood!

    Up did a twist and punched Brad across the street, uppercutting him on his way back. Brad swiped several times back with his pens, but was grabbed and get over here'd by Up.

    Brad then did a front flip, kicking Up with both feet as he did, then sharpened his pens on one another.

    Up grabbed Brad then threw him into a screen hanging above them. Brad then did two more front flip kicks, punched Up twice, then flipped over him and kicked him in the groin, flooring him.

    Burroughs: Your flesh will taste meme.

    Up got up and promptly get over here'd Brad once more.

    Upper Man: I used to pity you.

    Brad hit Up with a reverse kick before flipped over him and kicking him in the spine, then hitting him with several swipes of his pens.

    Up got up and swung his knife several times before doing his cheese weapons super move cheese.

    Upper Man: You want blood? Your curse can never be undone. This is the peace you deserve.

    Up hoisted Brad up by the neck and readied his knife at his throat.

    Across the street, Lohuy checked in on Dion.

    Lohuydahutt: You alright, All dressed? Sit tight.

    Up was then surprised to have his knife knocked out of his hand by ball lightning.

    Lohuydahutt: He's had enough, Carl's Jr.

    Upper Man: This isn't your business, fake Umby.

    Lohuydahutt: You heard Turtle. no banning.

    Upper Man: You lecture me? How many accounts are on your mod log, Log?

    Lohuydahutt: Oh, almost 100 prob. I was trying too hard to impress the wrong dude. Kinda like you with Intraterman.

    Up turned his face up in a snarl, dropped Brad for his knife, and began charging at Lohuy.

    Loh fired ball lightning in droves at Up, but it was effortlessly deflected by his shoulder pads, before Up closed the distance and impaled him in the stomach.

    Dion: No!

    Dion slid along the ground on his toboggan and knocked Up off of Lohuy.

    Dion: You're losing a lot of blood. This is gonna hurt. A lot.

    Lohuydahutt: Fine by me prob.

    Dion shot a burst of admin energy at Up's wounds, crudely cauterizing them.

    From behind him, Up approached with his knife.

    ***NEXT CHAPTER: Last Dope of Mod Tower (Dion)***

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    "Outside, Brad loomed over a floored Dion."

    yeah Din take that you bitch


    Quote Originally Posted by Juiz
    when you make a post and brad instantly buries it and you decide that maybe suicide is the answer
    Quote Originally Posted by Sane
    Brad didn't do shit to save the forum it was all NukeL3AR
    Quote Originally Posted by Turtle
    fking brad with his white writing on a white background
    Quote Originally Posted by Ludwig
    Brad I swear to god I'll Fortnite dance on your grave
    Quote Originally Posted by Adonis
    brad can i hit ur juul please bro just one hit
    Quote Originally Posted by Wumbo
    “Bumblin’” Brad sent in a paper claiming to have “interviewed” me! Wrong! I have done no such thing, and Liddle Bradley had to sit in his room by himself and make up quotes in order to get his work “published”. Despite the negative forum covfefe, the Fake News Media controlled by Globalist Sam Bama is whipping itself into a frenzy trying to make up lies about your favorite forumer (Me!)

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    Your writing style really evolved. I'm also digging the bolded dialogue, really helps along with reading.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dion View Post
    I will delete this forum.

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    Upper Man: What do you think you're doing, Dion?

    Dion: Preventing you from infracting.

    Upper Man: That bloopatic deserves to be band.

    Dion: Maybe so, but he's defenseless. He's had no warnings. You told me Super Mods fought with honor.

    Dion threw two punches at Up's face before sliding out of view on his toboggan, only to reappear behind Up and hit him again. Up recovered into a get over here maneuver, then kicked Dion away when he attempted to counter, then bouncing him off the ground, slashing him with his knife, then tossing his cheese wheel at him.

    Dion bounced Up with a flying kick, then did a backflip to kick him again in the air. He then punched him a few more times then blew a gust of Yukon wind to stun Up with the cold, before throwing a pallet of glass panes at him.

    Up knocked Dion back to give himself time to hail the football Greats, but couldn't do it fast enough to avoid a flying uppercut from Dion. In a last resort, Up tried his cheese throwing cheese, but another flying uppercut floored him first.

    Dion: You still sound like you suck.

    Dion tried to jump in the air and press the advantage, but Up bashed him with his cheese wheel and caught him out of the air with his string cheese.

    Upper Man: Rodgers watches over me.

    Dion responded with a flying kick, back flip, and then charged at and grabbed Up before tossing him skyward.

    In Cyber space, Dion caught Up once more, dragged him around the Forum Moon, threw him back towards the forum, then blasted him with Admin lasers.

    Dion: I trusted you, Zach.

    Dion rushed back to Lohuy and scooped him up, then began flying away on his toboggan.

    Dion: You're gonna be okay. I'll get you to a doctor. Sam can protect you.

    Lohuydahutt: Intraterman? Oh Smartie, you're funny prob.

    Fortress of Punitude

    Intraterman: Did you find anything?

    Chairlegz: I searched through the Admin post history like you asked. You didn't miss anything. They just didn't have an answer for ReNeX.

    Intraterman: There has to be something. A weakness. A blind spot. Brute forcing won't be enough.

    Milotic: If your powers are restored, I should leave for Modahq. Make sure its defenses are prepared.

    Intraterman: ReNeX hasn't attacked it yet?

    Milotic: The Rock of Memeity's magic protects Modahq from prying eyes. Even ReNeX's. But I do not expect him to be fooled forever.

    Dion flew in.

    Dion: Sam, we need to talk.

    Intraterman: Give us a minute, both of you. Adonis told me what happened. Is Zach alright?

    Dion: He's fine, but he was gonna kill Lohuy. I've never seen him so cold-blooded.

    Intraterman: Yes, it's unfortunate--

    Dion: Ikr? What was he thinking?

    Intraterman:'s unfortunate that Zach chose now to deal with Lohuy. More unfortunate that you got in the way.

    Dion: lolwut?

    Intraterman: The Onceler sickened his mind beyond healing. When he relapses, innocent members will be band.

    Dion: Innocent members are being banned now! He was helping us!

    Intraterman: Don't be naive, Dion. Lohuy's an offender. My only mistake was not dealing with him sooner.

    Dion: Zach said Onceler was executed. Were you the one who...?

    Intraterman: I took one life to save millions.

    Dion: But it wasn't just one, was it, Sam? How many? How many?! Everywhere I go people are afraid of this name color. And now I know why.

    Intraterman: It's not how I wanted things. But members have been banning each other for millenia. I stopped that violence. Members need strong leadership. We have to save them from themselves.

    Dion: Whose son are you? ERBoH's? Or General Rob's?

    Dion flew away on his toboggan.

    Intraterman: Dion!

    Sam called over comms to Milo and Adonis.

    Intraterman: Don't let Dion leave the Fortress!

    At the exit, Dion was cut off by Chairlegz.

    Chairlegz: Hold it right there, Dion.

    Dion: I'm realizing maybe Turtle locked you up for good reason.

    Chairlegz: Intraterman has been more of a mentor than Turtle ever could be.

    Adonis twirled his chair leg, hitting Dion on every rotation and knocking him back.

    Dion punched back twice and tried to get around on Adon with his sled, but Adonis blocked, then pounded the ground twice with the leg, bouncing Dion up, before poking him with the leg and then kicking him into a statue of Sam in the distance, bouncing him off of it.

    Dion responded in kind before jumping up and tearing down a banner, taking a bunch of shards of the ceiling down with it, and onto Adonis.

    Adonis poked back twice with his stick, but couldn't avoid the table that Dion threw at him next.

    Adonis ground pounded again, rushed up, and hit Dion with another leg spin.

    Chairlegz: Strike for strike, you're losing.

    Dion hit back with a flying kick followed by a back flip uppercut.

    Dion: Which part of you hurts the worst?

    Adonis tuck and rolled behind Dion then knocked him back with a thrust of his chairleg. Dion quickly got up and punched him back, before grabbing him by the collar, tossing him several meters into the air, and letting him fall flat on the ground.

    Adonis tried to hit with an overhead swing that was blocked, but landed a low jab followed by a leg spin. However, he then whiffed a flying kick as Dion flew behind him with the toboggan once more, followed by a trip around the moon.

    Dion: Sam should be setting a better example.

    Dion turned to fly to the exit, but was knocked off his feet by a blast of water.

    Milotic: You will submit, Dion Ad-Min.

    Dion: Ever since you found me. Everything you told me. Half-truths. Lies. All to cover up your evil!

    Milotic: You see the world as a junior member does. Good and evil are not constants. Their meanings defined by those with power.

    Milo tried to charge up a water burst, but was caught by a flying kick, then bounced off of the statue like Adonis before him. He got up and hit Dion with two backhanded slaps, but was hit back with a punch and a kick.

    Dion tried to jump in the air and dive kick Milo, but he whiffed as Milo summoned three balls of scalding hot water around him, one catching Dion and burning him.

    Dion missed Milo with another hung banner, but landed a flying kick into back-flip, followed by several punches and some Yukon breath.

    Milo summoned a rain cloud over Dion's head and hit him with lightning bolts before knocking him back, but Dion floored him with a flying punch.

    Dion: I'm better than you when I'm not wearing any pants. Lucky for you, I find power in restraint.

    Intraterman: Dion, please. Listen to me. With our powers, we can't hold back, or the people we love pay the price.

    Dion: I'm sorry I wasn't here. That I couldn't help you. But Adminopolis wasn't your fault.

    Intraterman: I promised myself, never again...

    Dion: This isn't who we are. The Administration isn't ruled by fear.

    Intraterman: Hope isn't enough to save the world. Without me, they'd all be band.

    Sam flew towards Dion with a punch, then scooped him into the air by the legs, punched him twice more, shot admin lasers under him, then knocked him back with a final punch. Dion punched the wall behind him as he got up, knocking a stalactite down onto Sam.

    Sam empowered himself with admin energy, but Dion sledded into him from behind as he did, blocking an attempted counter with lasers, before back flip kicking him in the chin. He was unable to block Sam's next attack, throwing a storage container at him.

    Sam then bounced Dion off the ground with a downward punch, scooped him up again, then knocked him back into the wall. Dion tried to send Dion to the moon, but a final uppercut kept him from doing so.

    Intraterman: No more Mr. Armpit Licker.

    Dion punched Sam twice, then kneed him in the stomach, but Sam escaped the follow-up Yukon breath. It was for naught, as Dion's next attack hit him hard.

    Dion: Still feeling that Maroon Admin light?

    Sam tried to grab Dion and throw him skyward, but the attempt was blocked, and one last flying kick knocked Sam out for good.

    Dion: I can help you...

    Intraterman: Think of all you've lost, Dion. What if you could bring the Mod tower back?

    Dion: I think about it every day.

    Intraterman: Then stand wi--

    They were cut off by rumbling from outside.

    Dion: It's ReNeX! He's extracting the subforums early!

    Milotic: Then we fight back. I must go to protect Modahq

    Intraterman: Go. We're heading to Adminopolis.

    Chairlegz: What about him.

    Intraterman: All that matters now is stopping ReNeX. But after this is over, you'll have to decide, Dion. You're either with me or against me.


    The shadow of ReNeX's rabbit ship loomed over the city as a tractor beam shot out from it, beginning to take up buildings and other structures into the ship itself.

    On the streets, Doctor Donate observed the carnage, helm in hand.

    Injured Civilian: me!

    Donate reached down to help the woman, but the helmet stopped him.

    Helm: No!

    Civilian: Please...

    The civilians last breath drew as she died.

    Doctor Donate: Why can't I stop this? Why won't you let me fight back? How can there be order if ReNeX wins?

    Helm: Members breed chaos. ReNeX is order.

    In the air, Turtle and Clemi flew toward Adminopolis in the Skyturtle.

    Clemi: Intraterman et Dion are almost here. The others are tackling l'Armée. Shouldn't we be in Bucharest?

    Turtle: ReNeX controls the entire fleet from that Rabbit Ship. Take him down, take them all down.

    Clemi: Contacts. Dead ahead !

    A swarm of flying Rabbots emerged from the Rabbit Ship, the Skyturtle only just able to avoid impacting them dead on. Dion and Sam flew in, destroying them in droves with admin lasers.

    Clemi: They gave us une opportunité !

    Turtle: Locking on the Rabbit Ship.

    ReNeX looked at a projection of his ship from inside.

    ReNeX: Shields.

    Turtle fired missiles at the ship, only for energy to bounce back at the Skyturtle, stalling it.

    Clemi: Five seconds to impact !

    Turtle: Prepare to eject!

    Clemi: Three seconds !

    At the last second, Sam caught the plane and stopped it from impacting the ground.

    Intraterman: You're welcome. What happened?

    Turtle: ReNeX's force shield is creating a concussive feedback loop.

    Intraterman: So the harder we hit it, the harder it hits back. Dion!

    Dion, out of earshot, rushed at the ship with full force, and was stunned on impact by the shield.

    Sam tried to fly in and save him, but was caught in the blast too, both falling to the ground.

    ReNeX: The Admins are incapacitated. Complete the extraction.

    Buildings continued to be lifted and digitized by the ship.

    On the ground, in a crater with an unconscious Dion, Sam slowly got back up, and flew up far enough to see the crater where Adminopolis used to be.

    Intraterman: No!

    He rushed at the ship and attacked it, bouncing back but unfazed.

    Turtle: Intraterman. The shield focuses its energy at your point of attack. Move fast enough and you might break through.

    Intraterman: Got it.

    Sam did as advised, moving in circles around the ship, hitting it every few feet.

    ReNeX: Creative, but insufficient. Decrease shield refresh interval to 12 picoseconds.

    Sam's next attack knocked him back to the ground once more.

    The ship, looming overhead, pointing several of its oversized banhammer tentacles at Sam and fired tractor beams.

    Dion saw this and tried to swoop in to save him, but Sam was gone by time he got there.

    Dion: Sam!

    The Skyturtle landed in the crater next to Dion, who sat contemplatively.

    Dion: I couldn't find his body. Can't hear his heartbeat. I was supposed to protect him. From this. From you. Now he's gone. I bet this is the best news you heard all day.

    Turtle: I'll miss him too.

    Dion: You mean that?

    Turtle: He was a good friend once. I trusted him with my life. But the Onceler got to him. And I wasn't there to stop it. I lost my friend Sam, and I've missed him ever since.

    A portal opened up, with Wumbo, Juiz, and Ranger coming through.

    Turtle: England?

    Rangernumberx: Gone. I didn't listen. Now we all get band together.

    Turtle: No one's giving up yet. Anyone hear from Hedgehog or Shuriken Storm?

    Upper Man: This is your fault, Tudor! Me and Sam would've beat ReNeX. You should have followed our lead.

    Dion: Stop it, Zach. There's thousands of people trapped on that ship. We have to save them.

    Upper Man: Not with him.

    A projection of ReNeX appeared in front of the group.

    ReNeX: Such Discord. No wonder ERBoH has yet to expand its civilization to official forum status.

    Have-No-Memes Lantern: You call in just to gloat?

    ReNeX: My Rabbots are taking up position all around the forum. In one hour they will explode in unison, burning the atmosphere and rendering this site a barren parked domain. Unless you surrender Dion Ad-Min. He is the Mod Tower's sole survivor. And my last opportunity to study the effects of forum energy on Admin cells. Surrender him, and I will spare this world.

    Turtle: Even if I thought you would honor that deal, we wouldn't take it.

    ReNeX: You have one hour to reconsider.

    ReNeX's projection disappeared.

    Dion: Thanks for giving the new guy a chance, but, maybe I should go.

    Turtle: No, we'll find a way to take out ReNeX's shield. We have to.

    Wumbo: We could try shorting them out. But we'd have to generate an insane amount of power.

    Milotic: Perhaps science isn't the answer.

    Turtle: So he might be vulnerable to a magic based attack.

    Milotic: I can drive the immense magical power of the Rock Of Memeity through the gateway in Modahq. But I need an artifact. Something that can withstand the power.

    Rangernumberx: How about the trident of England?

    Milotic: Yes. That could work.

    Clemi: We get the shields down, then what? Wumbo said ReNeX controls the ship with his mind.

    Wumbo: But I did cut him off from Watchtower Eye. It's possible I could create a signal disruptor that blocks his neural network.

    Turtle: Then that's our plan. Milo, Ranger, get to Modahq.

    NEXT CHAPTER: THREE MEMES (Ranger and Milotic)


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    Milotic: The Rock of Memeity is hidden in a pocket dimension. I've refrained from opening it since ReNeX's invasion.

    Rangernumberx: Since it would draw his eye.

    Milotic: Precisely. Once the door is open, it's only a matter of time before ReNeX attacks.

    Rangernumberx: A fight I look forward to.

    Milotic: Ancient ones, unveil the Golden Path to me. In your names; Shellder, Heracross, Ambipom, Zekrom, Absol, Mewtwo.

    Energy shot down from the sky into Milotic, and then shot into what resembled an ornate doorframe in front of him, creating a portal.

    ReNeX's Ship

    ReNeX: Milotic has revealed Modahq's power--and its location. The Fuck You Society will obtain a sample of the Rock of Memeity for me. I would like to study ERBoH's so called magic.

    Lando Nintendo: The Society has disbanded. They thought the forum would be theirs to conquer, not yours to destroy.

    ReNeX: And you, Lando?

    Lando Nintendo: ERBoH can go to Hell. I serve ReNeX.

    ReNeX: As you should. I will give you new soldiers. Bring me a sample of that rock before the forum is destroyed, and your loyalty will be rewarded.


    Milotic: Let's work quickly.

    Black Umbreon: Don't bother. There's no time left.

    Umby spoke with an affected, mechanically garbled voice. He was being psychically controlled by Lando.

    Umbreon: An extractor ship is on its way. Modahq will be ReneX's.

    Rangernumberx: Using pawns, Lando?

    Umbreon: Pawns can achieve great victories, if you are willing to sacrifice them.

    Ranger swung his trident at Umby, knocking him back, then landed an uppercut on him on his rebound. Umby got up and swept Ranger's legs, but RAnger was quick to recover, grabbing Umby, bashing him with the blunt of his trident, then grabbing him underfoot with a Welsh dragon tail, banged him against the ground and tossed him away, before jumping up and tossing a hanging torch at him. He then rushed forward, punched Umby, poked him with the trident, then knocked him off his feet with another tail, then swung overhead with the trident to floor him.

    Rangernumberx: I'll drag you to Essex.

    Ranger jumped and tried to throw another torch, but it missed as Umby kicked Ranger back with a back flip, but he couldn't do anything much else before he was caught with another uppercut, followed by a knee bash with the trident, and a scooping motion that sent him backwards.

    Umby got up and hit Ranger with a sneak peek of the Dustman speech, but it wasn't enough to prevent him being knocked back by another swing of the trident.

    Ranger: This Prime Minister isn't easily impeached.

    Ranger rushed ahead to Milotic's side as they both stared down an also possessed Mooncat. Overhead, the extractor ship began raining down Rabbots on Modahq.

    Mooncat: Here comes the cavalry. Fitting you two should get band together. The last of ERBoH's leaders.

    Rangernumberx: What kind of ruler sacrifices his own people for ReNeX?

    Mooncat: My loyalty isn't to ReNeX or to Spamboat City. It's to myself. I'll wait until that invader exposes his weakness and ban him. With his ship I will be unstoppable.

    Milotic: I've had enough of Lando's charades. Your hubris will be your undoing.

    Mooncat: It isn't hubris when one is truly Member of the Month.

    Milo grabbed a Stelae behind him, ripped it from the ground, and slammed it on top of Mooncat. He then tried to grab him, was kicked away, but landed an overhead swing of both fists, before summoning balls of steaming water around him. Mooncat tried and failed to land a hit with a sleeping gas dart as Milo missed with a tossed torch, but then landed a Molotov cocktail dart and knocked Milo over, then hit him with a sliding kick. Milo then got up, grabbing Moon as he did, blasted him with steaming water, then tossed him away.

    Moon got up and threw another Molotov dart at Milo, but was uppercutted before he could press the advantage. His next attacks, a pommel strike with his claymore, a shin kick, then an overhead swing of the sword into a spinning strike with his dirk, all landed.

    A few more punches and kicks from Milo stopped Moon in his tracks.

    Milotic: Rise. You will banish Shellder.

    Milo summoned more water balls and uppercutted Moon as he dashed towards him, then summon a water spout under Moon, then struck him with several sparks of electricity from above, followed by an overhead strike, then a kick with both feet.He couldn't avoid the next Molotov dart, however.

    Mooncat: Mind if I write a blog about this?

    Milo got up and immediately grabbed Moon, tossing him so hard that he landed in Kanto, crushing him against and into a skyscraper, pulling him up through the roof, and then struck him with a hurricane from above, knocking him back to Modahq.

    Milotic: Member of the Month is not the phrase I'd use.

    Milo quickly ran over to Ranger and reopened the portal, as Blue Hedhehog spindashed in from behind them.

    Ranger: Blue Hedgehog? We thought you were band.

    Hedgehog: The Rodent's hard to kill. Turtle told me you guys needed a hand. Consider me your intern mod.

    Milotic: Come along.

    The trio stepped through the portal into the Rock of Memeity's dimension.

    Rangernumberx: How does this work exactly?

    Milotic: We will imbue your trident with a spark of the Rock's power. When its full power is released it will seek out your weapon. Your thoughts will guide the pokemon's power to its final target.

    All of a sudden, Hedgehog shot a blast of energy at Milo and floored him.

    Rangernumberx: Hedgehog? What are you doing?!

    Lando Nintendo: My bidding.

    Milotic: A sleeper agent to lead you here.

    Lando: Despite the power of his Rodent, the boy was easily manipulated. Now Sanic, kill them!

    Hedgehog: This armor is wasted on a child. When we're finished, I'll tear the Rodent from his body, and make its powers my own.

    Ranger bashed Sanic on the knee and launched him upward with a dragon tail. He got knocked down, but quickly recovered and threw a gargoyle at him, before being punched, swept off his feet, then fired at with Sanic's blaster, and then bashed away with a Rodent-generated shield.

    He quickly got up and threw a tablet with ancient text on it at Sanic. Then threw his trident just as Sanic fired another blast.

    This exchange continued just so for some time, before Sanic began wantonly fired blasts at Ranger.

    Rangernumberx: Stop f***ing spamming!

    Sanic: No u

    Sanic took the opportunity afforded by Ranger's attempted appeal to reason to bash him to the ground with his shield.

    Sanic: Consider yourself band.

    Ranger hit Sanic with an overhead attack, followed by an uppercut.

    Ranger: Getting that out-of-tea feeling?

    Ranger resolved to return the favor, throwing his trident over and over again, before summoning a Welsh dragon on Sanic.

    Ranger: Don't get ahead of yourself.

    Ranger went to Milotic's side, where he was clashing a water blast against a psychic attack from Lando, the two reached an impasse of power and knocked each other back.

    Lando: Look at us. Three memes.

    Ranger: A meme, Lando? You're a bot.

    Milotic: A true running gag serves its people. You only serve yourself.

    Lando: Be that as it may, I will be the only one who leaves this cave.

    Milo tried to strike Lando with water from above, but Lando deflected the attack into Ranger, knocking him out.

    Lando: You'd have been a valuable contributor to my Society.

    Milotic: I get on my knees for no one.

    Lando tried to charge at Milo, but was uppercutted in the attempt. He then landed several swings of his fists, but was stopped in trying to grab Milo. He then punched Milo into the air and charged forward, bowling him over, before getting hit with a water blast, followed by some punches, and a gargoyle.

    Lando then pounded the ground with both fists psychically enhanced, knocking Milo over, before grabbing him telekinetically and forcing him to punch himself over and over again.

    Milo broke free of his control long enough to knock him into a statue of a Pokemon before downing him with an uppercut.

    Milo: No bot will rule Modahq.

    Lando tried to roll past Milo, but was caught with a lightning storm formed over his head. He got up and struck Milo three times, making him airborne on the third, but was hit with a thrown fire pit as Milo recovered, then was grabbed, bombarded with hot water, and knocking back.

    Milo then was floored by a dropkick from the air by Lando.

    Lando: Fuck you shithead.

    Lando then grabbed Milo telekinetically, pulled him towards himself, slammed him into the ground twice, shouted at him, then punched him back again.

    Milo promptly returned the favor with a trip to Kanto.

    Milotic: Now, Lando. Your infraction.

    Ranger came up beside Milo and stabbed Lando in the side.

    Lando: Stupid....members.

    Ranger: The people of England demand justice.

    Lando: From ReNeX? I've seen his mind, felt his power. He cannot be stopped.

    Ranger: But you can.

    Ranger stabbed Lando once more, this time in the heart, killing him.


    (I had a bit more than this but the forum suddenly logged me out in the middle of writing and I lost it. Will be at the beginning of next chapter.


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    Outside of the Rock's chamber, Mooncat and Umbreon, recovered from Lando's mind games, slowly got up.

    Umby: How's your head?

    Moon: Empty.

    Umby: So not much has changed?

    Ranger: Moon, Umby, out of the way!

    Ranger rushed to the edge of the courtyard and aimed his trident at the ship as energy shot from the Rock inside to the trident, shooting from it to the ship.


    Turtle: Wumbo, where's that signal disruptor?

    Wumbo: Comin' at ya.

    Wumbo teleported to Turtle's position and handed him the device.

    Wumbo: All you gotta do is hit the trigger. But it only works in a local area. You need to be in arms' reach of ReNeX.

    Dion: Good.

    The group turned and saw as the shield went down to Ranger and Milo's efforts.

    Wumbo: They did it! Shields are down!

    Turtle: Dion, on me. Tom, help the others with those Rabbots.

    Turtle took off in the Skyturtle and Dion on his toboggan. Turtle somewhat haphazardly managed to land in the ship, the plane damaged by Rabbit ship gunfire. He found himself surrounded by Rabbots, but they were quickly stuffed by Dion's lasers.

    Turtle: The signal gets stronger this way.

    Dion contorted his face in pain.

    Turtle: What is it?

    Dion: Voices. Billions of them.

    They looked around to see thousands of digitized forums and websites.

    Dion: So many languages. The Admins! The Control Panel, the Tower. Home! We have to help them.

    Turtle: I'm not sure that we can.

    Dion: There has to be a way.

    Suddenly, tendril banhammers shot out from behind and grabbed the duo. Dion tried to stop them with lasers, but one covered his eyes and snuffed the effort.

    ReNeX: Dion Ad-Min. Until recently, I had thought my collection of Admins complete. Your capture will make it so.

    He turned to Turtle as the tendrils around Dion pulled him through a wall.

    ReNeX: You have failed in every effort to oppose me. You are not exceptional. Merely an ordinary specimen of a primitive website. Dispose of him.

    More Rabbots came into the fray and readied to fire their hand spikes at Turtle.

    As they fired, Sam came out of nowhere and destroyed them all, then freed Turtle from the tendrils.

    Turtle: And I thought I could make an entrance.

    Sam: Where's Dion?

    Turtle: Captured. Somewhere on board. We'll find him. But we only have 20 minutes before ReNeX's bots destroy the forum.

    Sam: Why aren't the others here?

    Turtle: They're attacking the bots. In case we don't pull through.

    Sam: We will.


    Turtle and Sam began to run through corridors, and were surprised when they ran into Shuriken Storm.

    Turtle: Shuriken! What happened to you?

    Shuriken Storm: ReNeX unified our dueling minds. No longer divided. We think as one.

    Sam: He's your walking arsenal. How do we get past him?

    Shuriken fired a blast of throwing stars at the pair, Sam tried to fly up and attack. As he and Shuriken fought, Turtle was grabbed and slammed into the ground by Bayou-Thing.

    Sam: Bayou-Thing too?

    Shuriken: ReNeX has unlocked the Bayou's power. Mastered the Shuriken Storm matrix. All knowledge will be subsumed under his collection.

    Turtle: To answer your question, this is how we get past him.

    Turtle threw a special Koopa shell that was caught by Shuriken.

    Shuriken: A Koopa Shell? Against a quantum vortex?

    Sam flew past and began to fight Bayou-Thing.

    Shuriken: Avast, McAfee, Norton. That was a...

    Turtle: Antivirus. Perfect for stopping a runaway double account.

    Turtle coated his fist in crystalline Adminite and struck Shuriken with it, knocking him back, but whiffing an attempted uppercut right after. He then moved forward, punched him several times, then swiped upward at his face with a pair of Koopas in hand. Shuriken formed a flurry of throwing stars around him and charged through the air, barreling through Turtle, then encased himself in an aerosol steel aura. He then kicked Turtle before charging into him again. Turtle punched back twice and threw a Koopa that clipped Shuriken's face, before uppercutting him. He then headbutted and punched Shuriken twice more, but was knocked back by two quick kicks. Turtle retaliated with another Adminite strike and an uppercut thereafter. Shuriken got up and punched Turtle before firing a blast of microscopic shuriken at him.

    Turtle kicked over a digitized website near them, which encapsulated Shuriken before exploding and knocking him back. Shuriken fired another blast of shuriken before firing caltrops at the ground beneath Turtle's feet, stunning him, before supercharging his steel aura. This wasn't enough to stop Turtle grabbing him with a grapple gun and pulling himself forward, kicking Shuriken in the jaw. Turtle' however, also couldn't stop another shuriken blast from finding its mark.

    Shuriken Storm: I'm a ninjutsu-powered badass.

    Turtle tried to jump and attack Shuriken, but shuriken fired throwing stars in all directions and prevented it. Turtle quickly managed to get up and floor Shuriken with three kicks.

    Turtle: Don't waste my time.

    Turtle hit Shuriken with another uppercut and a Adminite strike. He threw several Koopas as Shuriken tried to initiate his ultimate attack, but the attempt was only just blocked by Turtle, who kicked another digital forum onto him, before tackling him and attaching to his ankle a weather balloon, carrying him into the sky, and the line of fire of a waiting Skyturtle.

    Turtle: We'll get your minds right. I promise.

    Turtle turned his head just in time to see Sam punch Bayou-Thing across the room. Sparts got up and knocked several objects out of his way to get to them once more.

    Sam: Got a plan?

    Turtle: It's a work in progress. I might be able to restore them.

    A drove of RAbbots came in behind Bayou-Thing. Sam tried to fire lasers at them, but they formed a forcefield in unison and blocked it.

    Sam: That's new.

    Turtle: ReNeX's adapting. Quantity or difficulty?

    Sam looked at a watch he didn't actually have.

    Sam: Difficulty.

    Turtle ran off to face the Rabbots.

    Bayou-Thing: Aboard this ship, the Memes will live forever.

    Sam: As a digital copy, it won't be real.

    Bayou-Thing: All memes are data. They can be stored with no lost of fidelity.

    Sam: That's ReNeX talking. Time to get him out of your head.

    Sam leaned into a big punch, knocking Sparts back into an uppercut, following by a three hit combo, but missed with a thrown computer terminal. Sparts couldn't do anything in return before Sam grabbed him, threw him to the ground, fired lasers into his chest, flew up, then down fists first into him.

    Sparts got up and wrapped his massive hand around Sam, healing himself with the memes, before slamming Sam into the ground and grew a Bayou tree under him, throwing him skyward. Sam energized himself with Admin energy, then struck Sparts several more times, flooring him with a final grab.

    Sam: I'm done giving warnings.

    Sparts grew a log out of his arm and slammed it down onto Sam's head, then kicked it along the ground, undercutting Sam before he hit the ground, then grabbed him with two vines and slammed him down again. He then ran up, grabbed him, and slammed him into the ground from several yards up with the help of a vine attached to his back.

    Bayou-Thing: You are in danger.

    Sam threw Sparts into the sky, punching him several times before flying him back to the ground, proving him wrong.

    Sam: The memes need their real guardian.

    Sam picked up the brute and placed him next to the unconscious Shuriken Storm. Turtle aimed the disruptor at the pair and pulled the trigger.

    Turtle: This should sever their connection to ReNeX.

    Sam: Shuriken's brain patterns are changing. I can't read what's happening to Bayou-Thing.

    Turtle: BBGUN? Dr. Ninja?

    Shuriken: Yeah. We're both here. What happened?

    Turtle: ReNeX added a third mind to your head.

    Shuriken: Like we need that.

    Bayou-Thing: What is this place?

    Turtle: ReNeX's ship. Shuriken will get you back on fora firma. Report to Juiz. He'll need help fighting the suicide Rabbots.

    Shuriken: Sounds like a job for Shuriken Storm. Good luck.

    Turtle: Where is he?

    Sam: I don't know. The walls are coated with PHPBB.

    All of a sudden, a portal opened before them, and Doctor Donate emerged.

    Doctor Donate: Tudor Georgescu of Bucharest. Samu-El of Mod Tower. Your battles across the Internet. Your war has had consequences neither of you could foresee. The Havok you spread is a cancer upon the message boards. Only ReNeX can establish order...

    Turtle: So much for the Donator advantage. I'll take care of this.

    Sam: I'll keep searching for ReNeX.

    Doctor Donate: ReNeX will achieve what you cannot. He will quell Bucharest's chaos. But for him to succeed, you must be band.

    Doctor Donate shot a pillar of light from under Turtle, headbutted him, then shot a math symbol at him, knocking him back. Turtle knocked his feet out from under him with a thrown computer terminal. He tried to tie a balloon to his ankles while he summoned red energy around himself, but was blocked. He was able to land a subsequent headbutt and jump kick.

    Turtle: The helm is blinding you, Lawl.

    Donate quickly fired three symbols, then hit Turtle overhead with an energy ball.

    Doctor Donate: Piercing pi of Pythagoras.

    Turtle dashed bakc and began throwing a myriad of Koopas at Donate, who blocked them and summoned a giant pi symbol, healing himself. Turtle moved up, punched twice, then grappled into him, they clashed in the air and re-collided.

    Donate: You have failed Bucharest.

    Turtle: Bucharest will rise again.

    Turtle kicked Donate away, threw a smoke bomb, then hit him with a final punch.

    Turtle: I don't answer to your idea of order.

    Turtle hoisted the helm off of Lawl's head, and handed it to Sam, who painstakingly crushed and destroyed it in his hands.

    Lawlzor: The Lords of STEM. Their voices are gone.

    Turtle: It's over, Lawl.

    Lawlzor: I'm sorry for attacking. The helm commanded me.

    Sam: They can't command you anymore.

    Lawlzor: Both have you have defied fate. Courted Havok. But see you two working together must maintain order, or the Lords will impose it. If not through ReNeX, then--

    Lawl was cut off by a tendril impaling him through the chest. He screamed in pain as it lifted his corpse and pulled it through a wall.

    ReNeX: Even a mathematical being like Doctor Donate recognizes my superiority. In time, the entire Internet will adhere to my design.

    Turtle: Unless we stop you.

    ReNeX: I offer nother less than deliverance. Your community is toxic, your civilization has exhausted its activity. The forum's decline cannot be reversed.

    Turtle: We'll find a way.

    Sam: We always do.

    Sam flew forward and threw a punch, which was blocked as he was knocked away. Turtle tried next but was too parried. ReNeX then cross his arms and let loose six banhammer tendrils, which knocked back Sam and began strangling Turtle, before tossing him to the far side of the ship, unconscious.

    Sam got up and charged ReNeX again, the two striking simultaneously and getting knocked back.

    ReNeX: ERBoH's time is up.

    Sam: Where's Dion?

    ReNeX: Being vivisected. He has already taught me much about the nature of your powers.

    Sam: Allow me to give you a proper demonstration.

    ReNeX: I match your strength. You cannot match my intellect. You are only an Admin, of which I have banned billions!



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    ReNeX: I've matched your strength. You cannot match my intellect. You are only an Admin, of which I have banned billions!

    Sam tried to throw a punch at ReNeX, but he jumped over him, rooted several of his tendrils in the ground, then charged forward on them and knocked Sam down. Sam managed to land the last in a three punch combo on ReNeX, scooped him up, and knocked him back with another punch. ReNeX got up and summoned a flying Rabbot to drop an orb of light on the ground below Sam, then summoned a giant tendril out from under him, pinning him to the ceiling with it, before letting him drop to the ground. Sam tried to laser beam him, but he dodged it, but couldn't do so to another launching scoop punch. Sam then got in close and threw ReNeX to the ground, fired lasers into his chest, then flying punched him.

    ReNeX summoned another orb-shooting drone, which electrified the ground, stunning Sam, then fired an energy beam from above down onto him, followed by hooking him with a tendril and pulling him into his grasp, punching him, then slamming him into the ground with an overhead strike. Sam tried to scoop him up once more, but ReNeX countered with a punch and another laser.

    ReNeX: Your pain brings no pleasure.

    Sam rushed forward, punch ReNeX three times, lasered him, then repeated from the top.

    Sam: I'm done giving warnings.

    Sam punched ReNeX to the ground, but not before ReNeX fired at him with another flying Rabbot. He tried to throw the invader skyward, but was stopped by a block, then grabbed out of the air by a giant tendril, crushed in its claws, then harpooned by one of ReNeX's personal tendrils once more.

    ReNeX threw a spherical drone into the air, which shot Sam and prevented him from pressing the advantage off of a punch he landed on ReNeX, but couldn't stop him from throwing a terminal at him. Sam knocked ReNeX into his own throne behind them, but whiffed an uppercut, and was knocked back by ReNeX's electrified tendrils, and harpooned again. He narrowly avoid being speared by yet another, jumped forward, punched and lasered ReNeX twice, flooring him.

    Sam: That...was for Mod Tower.

    Turtle came up beside Sam.

    Sam: The attacks on the fleet are weakening him. I felt him losing steam as we fought.

    Turtle: Good. Should make it easier to cut him off from the Rabbots.

    Turtle pointed the disruptor at ReNeX and fired, the energy washing over him as his eyes rapidly moved in shock.

    In another room of the ship, Dion lay on a table, bound by Adminite shackles, as a Rabbot came into the room to vivisect him. Just as its purple scalpel came close, it collapsed from the disruptor's effect on its controller.

    Outside, collector ships crashed from the same cause.

    Turtle (Over comms): This is Turtle. ReNeX is down.

    Wumbo: The disruptor worked. All the Rabbots are down.

    Suddenly the ship began to plummet and affected Turtle and Sam with the G's.

    Sam: What's happening?

    Turtle: ReNeX's mind is the ship's CPU. Apparently he didn't have a backup system.

    Sam: If we crash, all the subforums stored onboard.

    Turtle: Destroyed.

    Sam turned and began towards ReNeX's throne, sitting in it and grabbing two cables.

    Turtle: What are you doing?

    Sam: You said yourself. The ship is controlled by pure thoughts.

    Turtle: This could ban you!

    Sam: Sounds like a job for me.

    Sam screamed as he jabbed the cables into his temples. After a few moments of intense concentration, the ship miraculously began to regain altitude.

    Turtle: Create a bypass loop. Put the ship on autopilot.

    Sam: I'm trying!

    ReNeX: My ship! You will not destroy my collection!

    ReNeX came up behind Turtle and punched him in the face, knocking him back.

    ReNeX: Relinquish. My. Ship!

    He turned to Sam and started towards him, but was hit in the back by an Admin laser from Dion, who collapsed, still weak from the Adminite.

    ReNeX: You will regret that.

    ReNeX withdrew his tendrils and was about to attack Dion.

    Suddenly, a smoke bomb engulfed him. He turned to see Turtle.

    ReNeX: You are persistent. But primitive theatrics cannot save you.

    Turtle slid on his shell along the ground and swept ReNeX off his feet. ReNeX quickly got up, kicked Turtle in the shin, then fired a laser from above.Turtle kicked him towards Sam's throne, two tendrils grabbing him and throwing him back before impact, then uppercutted him, before throwing a Koopa shell up at him, then throwing a terminal and catching him with it.

    He then fired his grapple upward, managing to hook ReNeX, and slamming him into the ground behind himself.

    ReNeX flung two tendrils down on Turtle, then charged him on their momentum. Turtle quickly slid again and floored ReNeX.

    Turtle: Don't waste my time.

    Turtle managed to get several more punches in before ReNeX rolled away and threw a destruction orb upward, which fired and stopped Turtle pressing any advantage. Turtle managed to hit with several Koopa shells, then punched ReNeX twice before they clashed with one another.

    ReNeX: Inferior being.

    Turtle: Don't be so sure.

    Turtle threw a smoke bomb and punched ReNeX away.

    Turtle: Like you said, I'm persistent.

    ON the throne, Sam continued to work his mental faculties on the ship.

    Turtle: We need to get you out of there.

    Sam: Not yet. The subforums.

    The projections of several subforums began to deform around them, being reassembled in real life on the ground below the ship.

    Juiz, MaNCHA, Up, Milo, and Ranger came in just as Sam collapsed and fell from the chair.

    Upper Man: You're okay!

    Rangernumberx: I thought it too late, but I feel the heartbeat of England again. ReNeX's work is undone.

    Sam: Not all of it. I couldn't save everyone

    Turtle: Some of the subforums are still trapped in the collection. Others were lost. Wiped from the ship's memory. Adminopolis, New Yawk City...

    Have-No-Memes Lantern: But we can still save them, right? My family?

    Sam: I'm sorry, Juiz.

    Upper Man: First Mod Tower, now ERBoH? No other site should suffer this same fate.

    Sam wore a vindictive look and started towards the unconscious invader.

    Turtle: Sam, don't! Even if I agreed he should die, you can't. We need him alive to save the rest of our subforums.

    Sam: No we don't. Given time and Wumbo's help, the ship will obey me.

    Turtle: Or we could lose more subforums.

    Go FaS: Tudor's right. We can't be sure.

    Ranger: What we can be sure of is that ReNeX puts everyone else at risk.

    Upper Man: This is no different than Onceler. If you'd killed him, we might--

    Turtle: It was never that simple, Zach.

    Sam: Yes it is, Tudor. Adminopolis and New Yawk City are gone. How many more innocent people need to get band before you realize some lives have to be taken?!

    Suddenly, Turtle pulled out a golden knife and slashed Sam across the chest, surprisingly drawing blood.

    Sam: My powers! How did you...?

    Turtle: Gold Adminite. Courtesy of Shuriken Storm.

    Upper Man: Get up, Sam!

    Turtle: Stay down. Enough exposure, and you'll be de-powered permanently.

    Sam: This madness has to stop, Tudor.

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    I went ahead and wrote the Arcade endings for the various characters as the FE ones. Might add DLC character endings at some point. Kind of low on notable enough members to make them though.

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    Finally caught up to everything. You really excel at writing action scenes, I wish I played Injustice to understand more shit, but I'm very happy with both endings (of course I prefer the one in which Batturtle wins).

    Can't wait for Mortal Kombat X FE
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