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Thread: ERBoH official discord!

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    ERBoH official discord!

    Juiz, Ludwig and I have created a Discord server for ERB fans, and of course, as a way of bringing our community back together again.

    It's fairly new, so come help us test stuff and work at making it a great place to chill again. If you aren't a Discord user, maybe you hate it or never tried it, I would urge you all to at least join and see how you feel about it.

    More info over here:

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    Good job Sane. You killed the forum.

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    It's brand new, so let's check the stuff and re-cool it. Help make it a great place to work. If you are not a Discard user, you may hate it or have never tried it, I would urge you all to at least join it and see what you can say about it. There is a feeling. " I want to let you know that I know a lot about the manifestation. If you are interested, you can visit my site."

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