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Thread: Future Job

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    Future Job

    I would like to hear your guys opinions.

    I am going to take a computer class in Trade School next year, I can learn how to fix computers.

    My dad works for TEC (Telephone Company) and he says alot of people ask for people to fix their computers.

    He says that if I can learn how to fix computers well, he can give me their computers and I will fix them.

    Now, he says that I can earn up to over $100 dollars a day.

    I AM 14 YEARS OLD!!!

    This may not seem like much, but if you were 14 years old, and you can get over 200 dollars a week, is that good?

    Most of you have jobs so I was wondering if this is good.

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    Re: Future Job

    I don't have a job, but at the age you're at, that seems like a good deal. It seems you're in a good market for the time being as of now. Of course you'd have to upgrade your experience, and profit making, and whatnot when you're older, but that's besides the point. At the age you're at, this seems like a good deal. I'd take it, if you're really interested in fixing computers

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    Re: Future Job

    I'm 22 years old. I make about $180 every 2 weeks.
    Not from the site though the site makes like -$95 a month (not including all the contests n stuff we do)
    I make the money scanning case files for a law office at night/on weekends onto their server.

    So yeah I'd say $100 a DAY is pretty good! $100 a week is pretty good!!! But I guess it really depends how many hours you're working. I make $9/hour, which is about $8/hour after taxes.
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    Re: Future Job

    When I grow up, I plan on directing movies and video games. I've always been interested in movies.
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    Re: Future Job

    Yea mt! I kind of wanted to do video games. I also have a movie idea for you.

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