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Thread: Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg Discussion

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    This was lit

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    There's some filler, but also some really solid disses, addicting flows, and clever double-meanings. I don't really know what to expect from the visuals, because on one hand the battle seems like it could lend itself to some really awesome shots, but on the other, they said in an interview a while back that they might want to get back to the basics and cut down on the budget. Hoping that they don't take that too far.

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    wumbo write anotherfanfic now
    have nice peter come in
    "it's nice peter bitches"
    ""and i'm going to give you all my NICE PETER"
    and then peter visits the forum
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    there was a girl though once she told me she loved me she used to tell me that all the time
    she had this really adorable dog
    it was a boxer and it used to bark really loudly and throw howls in the night and never shut up and it kept her up and night before the big final exam

    and i just wanted her to do well on her exam so i shot the dog
    and all of a sudden im a bad guy

    and you don't love me anymore

    i'm so sorry i guess i never ever do a damn thing right

    everybody thinks i'm gonna cause problems

    nobody wants me with them cause they think i'm gonna do all this weird stuff that's gonna cause problems
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    i never lie
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    Gogos are not 4 year old toys, they're a choking hazard.
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    I'm not reading past the title

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    ooh yeah I loved this! During this hiatus I thought I stopped liking them, but this made me so so happy

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    You got all these companies but they're incomplete
    I got one and I ??? money, incomplete???

    I think that line is "I got one and I'm full of money, incomplete"?

    Either way, if that's the case that's a great pun. "Incomplete" and "income-plete" as in complete income.

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    Dont wanna like...okay this may be because i dont like rap music at all and my love for ERB kinda died off but i had no reaction to this. Like the whole battle i just . Idk if the battle sucks or i just dont have interest or if its because idk anything about either of these people other than "oh that facebook guy vs that one guy that owns paypal or something" but it was kinda boring and not entertaining at all to me.

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    This was okay, but I'm pretty stoked to just be able to hear a new ERB. That was a feeling I never thought I'd get to experience again.

    I loved Peter's Zuck impression
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    This battle was pretty good! Loved both voices
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    this one was just fun. kinda was hoping for a "pedo guy" reference though, unless I've missed it

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    I liked Elon’s part. Zucc was not great not terrible.

    my god though i think the intro announcer was fan-made it sounded so bad


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    when you make a post and brad instantly buries it and you decide that maybe suicide is the answer
    Quote Originally Posted by Sane
    Brad didn't do shit to save the forum it was all NukeL3AR
    Quote Originally Posted by Turtle
    fking brad with his white writing on a white background
    Quote Originally Posted by Ludwig
    Brad I swear to god I'll Fortnite dance on your grave
    Quote Originally Posted by Adonis
    brad can i hit ur juul please bro just one hit
    Quote Originally Posted by Wumbo
    “Bumblin’” Brad sent in a paper claiming to have “interviewed” me! Wrong! I have done no such thing, and Liddle Bradley had to sit in his room by himself and make up quotes in order to get his work “published”. Despite the negative forum covfefe, the Fake News Media controlled by Globalist Sam Bama is whipping itself into a frenzy trying to make up lies about your favorite forumer (Me!)

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    For the first battle after a 2 year long break, I enjoyed this a lot more than some of season 5

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    Good job Sane. You killed the forum.

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