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Thread: Arena of Folly: OCBR

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    Arena of Folly: OCBR

    The Arena of Folly. Once every 20 years, somewhere in Europe, a hut appears. In that hut, there is the Promoter, the man that smiles at you and asks you if you want to join the arena. The prize for winning the arena? You have one wish granted. Any wish. ANY wish.

    So, of course, people from all over the world train and train and train to be able to take part in the Arena of Folly, and get their one wish granted. But is training enough? Are there individuals gifted beyond the mere capabilities of humans?

    We shall see.

    This will be an Original Character Battle Royal, which means that your submitted characters will fight (sometimes to the death. Not always) and the winner will get one wish granted.

    The Arena of Folly is different, however. Once it starts, you will realize that fighting is not everything. There will be 2 types of chapters:

    1. Arena Battles

    2. Intrigue and Strategy

    During the Arena Battles chapters, some characters will fight in pre-announced bouts, with the winner moving up the ranking. The first Ranking will be determined after the first chapter, which will be a Gauntlet.

    During the Intrigue and Strategy chapters, characters will interact behind the scenes, try and find out more about who runs the Arena of Folly, and develop relationships between them. The Intrigue and Strategy chapters will influence the Arena Battles chapters a lot, in many different ways.

    IMPORTANT! How to submit an OC:
    OCs will have to be at the same level of power, so there will be a pattern that all OCs will have to follow.

    Pattern 1: Choosing main traits

    This has to do more with traits related to combat/perception more than personality traits. When you submit a character, you will choose 3 traits, that are in order of importance. For example, a character with:

    1. Strength
    2. Resilience
    3. Strong willed

    will be stronger than a character with

    1. Resilience
    2. Strength
    3. Strong willed

    but he will also have less resilience. Combat traits can be anything you like, as long as they are within human parameters. A person can be very agile or fast, but superhuman speed is not a trait.

    Pattern 2: Choosing powers/Inventory/Race

    Your characters will be able to have super-powers. This can be anything as creative as you like, but you will be limited to only 2 (your characters will be able to hone their powers throughout the story, though).

    Powers should be strong, but not over-powered. For example: "Creating bombs out of nowhere" is fine, but "making anyone instantly explode" isn't.

    However, if you also want something different than powers, 1 or 2 powers can be replaced by SPECIAL ITEMS in your inventory. This can be anything to like a talking sword or even potions that enhance or poison. Your choice.

    You can also choose to replace a power/inventory with a race. If you want to be a vampire, you will have to be a vampire with only 1 power/inventory. I will also ask you to define your race, so I can know what is special about it.

    Pattern 3: Personality, Backstory, Sexual Inclination, Appearance, Wish

    PERSONALITY IS VERY IMPORTANT. I need you to spend as much time on personality as you do on powers and traits. They help me write the story and create meaningful interactions with your characters.

    BACKSTORY: What did your character do before joining The Arena of Folly?

    SEXUAL INCLINATION: Heterosexual/Homosexual/Bisexual/etc.

    APPEARANCE: Physically describe your character

    WISH: What will your character wish for when he wins?

    Name: The Man Who Challenged the Mountains

    1. Strength
    2. Resilience
    3. Strong Willed

    1. Inventory: Magic Armour (an armour that can not be broken, pierced, or shattered. If it sustains damage, it is regenerated)
    2. Powers: Bloodlust (The more damage The Man Who Challenged the Mountains takes, the stronger he gets)

    Personality: Violent. Angry. Sees everything as a challenge. Disrespects everyone's strength. Only cares about winning. Hates it when people outsmart him. He has the hammer and everything is a nail to him. (please detail more than I did here)

    Sexual Inclination: Heterosexual Male


    Appearance: Insanely tall and muscular. Always covered in armour, and his face is almost never seen. The armour is dark blue, and wears a full-helmet.

    WISH: To meet a worthy opponent.

    Registration Form:





    Sexual Inclination:



    Other: (If you want to add something that is not here)
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    Sauros Hibaki - A stoic and silent katana-wielding bad-ass.

    Kyösti Kärkkäinen - Vampire-hating Finnish hardman. Very Finnish.

    Wyat Glas - Black ops operative who won't take shit from anyone.

    Victor "Match" McKenzie - Hot-headed pyromaniac who will flame everything literally and figuratively.

    Zzu Zzu - A serene girl whose personality changes based on whether she uses the Dream Cap or the Nightmare Rod. People believe she is a god.

    Misdrizzle Reyn - The charming lady enigma with control over rain, wind and fog.

    Agnes Wuthric - A manipulative old lady that's amazing at building death traps. The thing is she wants to build one for herself.

    Juan Reyes - A filipino man who stumbled upon magical artifacts. He's a nice guy, but bent on avenging his family.

    Fionn - A headless horseman riding a motorcycle. All-around bad-ass.

    Dmitri Plaksniov - Soviet werewolf.

    Natasha - Living car that punishes child molesters.

    Billy - A child able to create anything through his imagination.

    Hot Dog Boy - A walking hot dog.

    Kleme - A cartoon prankster with 60k

    Andr0 - An android(?) with powers over the Data Dimension
    Kevin - An insanely tall man who can split himself into two using his skeleton
    Thor - Fuzzy furball with a shotgun. Can call Ceasefire.
    Death Lord the Great the Third - A small potato-like human with power over Death.
    Ella - A white knight fighting to stop evil. - Murdered by Agnes -
    The Behemoth - ?
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    Name: Sauros Hibaki

    1. Stoic
    2. Strong Willed
    3. Cunning

    1. Unbreakable katana that has a black edge with an aura that cuts on a molecular level.
    2. Unbreakable sheathe that when swung towards something, pulls it in closer, cutting the space between him and his target. He often fights with it in his off-hand.

    Personality: Stoic, slash-first-ask-questions-later logic.

    Sexual Inclination: Asexual

    Backstory: Nicknamed "The Vortex Samurai", Sauros was known throughout the land as being a deadly warrior who roamed the lands taking on bounties, causing his legend as a dominant warrior to spread to the point where kingdoms would hire him to turn the tides of their wars. His countless years of battle experience played a large factor here, however, as he seemed to have an intuition when it came to the outcome of the war; as soon as the side he was fighting for showed signs that they would be the losing side, he would turn over to the opposing side, accepting their payment and fighting on their behalf. Due to this mentality, after a while, kingdoms no longer hired him, labeling him as dishonorable. In retaliation, he would begin entering himself into wars, and wiping out both sides completely and taking the spoils for himself.

    Wish: He has no wish, he simply fights because it is what he is good at.
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    Name: Kyösti Kärkkäinen

    1. Resillience
    2. Experience
    3. Creativity


    1. Observant - Being a seasoned warrior, Kyösti can figure out a shitton of things about the person he's fighting by analyzing their combat style. The information learned is beyond what I would say is realistic, but it's not supernatural in origin.
    2. Unrealistically tough - Kyösti can get up from many things that should not be survivable by a normal human. It's not supernatural, it's just that in Kyösti's setting, being a tough stout dude from cold Scandinavia and with a vendetta is enough to survive being thrown hard enough to crack a brick wall, and to just tough out gunshot wounds. He's kinda...he's kinda like Phoenix Wright in that regard, isn't he.

    Kyösti seems rather cold, and distant. Now, it's not that he's actually cold and distant, it's just that he's Finnish. He'll definitely engage in small talk if he's drunk, or in a sauna, or drunk and in a sauna. And, if he gets to know someone well, he's an extremely and supporting friend. He still won't smile though.

    As a result of his experiences, he absolutely doesn't tolerate the presence of vampires. He will put most things aside to hunt down someone he knows to be one (unless you hit him with character development), or to protect someone else from one. He used to be very paranoid in the past. It's toned down in the present, however he still can be described as "careful" at the very least.

    If he's not fighting in a vampire, he'll be somewhat respectful towards opponents (even if his outward behavior may make him look cold and arrogant). If he sees a nice person with much potential, and not much in the way of training, he will offer to become their mentor. (if he decides to talk to the person in question) If he succeeds at becoming one, his teaching style is a very no-bullshit down-to-earth one.

    Kyösti, living all his life in Finland, is rather accustomed to cold (he's even a winter swimmer), but will bitch out at the first signs of heat. Unless it's in a sauna, that is. He also likes to drink, a lot, and likes to drink to get drunk. He's got a rather thick accent that might seem funny, or not be understood at times. For reference, see Hydraulic Press Channel's stuff.

    Sexual Inclination:
    Heterosexual male. Not too interested in sexual pursuits, tho. Not after he lost his wife.

    Finland. The land of many things: Cold, saunas, rally drivers, Nokias. Here's one thing you won't find too much of there, though. And that is sunlight. While Romania might be the homeland of the Demetrescu vampire clan, they decided to move to a less sunny place, and Finland is their current home. Now, let me be very clear. Those aren't your friendly neighborhood vampires, who are content with just pig blood or something. They do crave human blood.

    One of their victims was Inari Kärkkäinen, Kyösti's wife. And he stumbled upon the scene after he returned from chopping wood. Now, normally vampires are good at getting rid of the witnesses, and so, the one that Kyösti encountered lunged at him. Kyösti only noticed the lack of shadow before the vampire bitchslapped him (which resulted in the claws scarring his face) and broke the axe Kyösti was holding. Only quick thinking saved him, as he stabbed the broken axe handle in the vampire's heart.

    The masquerade was leaking. What should someone who can break it do? Well, try to reveal it naturally. He called the police and revealed what happened. This was not a good idea. The Demetrescu clan naturally had some moles in the local police, and disappeared the dispatcher, the first responders, and the reports. Naturally, Kyösti also was a threat to a secret, and he had to be killed as well. And, so, they tried ambushing him. Kyösti lived through every attempt, and all they succeeded at was convincing him to make himself some silver coated weaponry (he melted his and his wife's silver engagement ring to obtain the silver. He though it'd be a nice symbolic touch).

    He's been going at this hunt for 13 years already. He was beaten down several times, but he keeps getting up for more. Despite his successes, the Demetrescu clan is still there. He needs to destroy it before he gets old. Or at least train a successor to continue his legacy.

    Destroy the clan that killed his wife.

    Appearance: A somewhat short, stout dude. Slightly overweight, but has some muscles underneath. His hair's shaved off, (he began balding, so...), but it's a very dark brown, if something causes him to grow it. He's got a rather nasty trio of scars running from side to side of his face, at nose height.
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    Wyatt Glass
    1. Hard to kill
    2. Resourceful
    3. Stealthy mofo


    .357 Magnum Revolver

    Pair of spear point daggers

    Ability to use nearly anything as a lethal projectile

    Personality, backstory, appearance, wish

    Glas doesn't make an effort to maintain personal relationships. Not anymore. If anything the opposite. Getting close to people, in his experience, is how you get them killed. He's a man of few words except the occasional snide remark. If you're interacting with him, chances are he needs something, Intel, gear, whatever, from you.

    Glas was a member of an elite black ops organization known as Shepherd Seven. The organization's purpose was primarily to stop terrorist threats before they became reality, buy a subset of their Missions were solely to maintain U.S. interests of particular lucravity. Even if it meant some people had to "disappear". Glas found out about the nature of these missions and was put on a suicide mission by his superiors in an effort to silence him. Against all odds, Glas survived and, legally dead, returned to the States and, a few years later, began to utilize his skills and training as a vigilante, uprooting the criminal elements where ever he could, by any means necessary.

    Heterosexual, not that he pursues many relationships. Just another life potentially on his conscience.

    Wish: to bring his former Commanding officer, Jack Hewitt, back to life. He was killed by Glas when his being coerced into aiding Shepherd's increasingly misanthropic efforts was mistaken for true evil by him.
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    Name : Victor "Match" McKenzie

    Pattern 1: Choosing main traits

    1. Volatile
    2. Stubborn
    3. Abrasive

    Pattern 2: Choosing powers/Inventory/Race

    Fire Proof- His addiction to fire was the cause of both his downfall and his upbringing, He will set things on fire, His experience with flames and burns made his skin fireproof.

    Flame Thrower - Victor isn't Victor without his specially made flamethrower, It's made in a way that it recycles itself- Never running out of juice, It's lightweight and compact, He has mastered using this and knows how to use it well.

    Pattern 3: Personality, Backstory, Sexual Inclination, Appearance, Wish


    He's hotheaded, Literally, He hates it when people stop him from doing what he loves- Flaming the shit out of everything, He's stubborn in a way that he will rather see you run around burning than say that you were right, He's sensitive so one wrong word can burn him up inside and you- literally, He does not and will not care about you or your feelings, Sometimes the only emotion he feels is happiness when he sees the bright glow of a person on fire.


    Victor McKenzie, His love for fire started when he was a kid, It was christmas evening- He and his family were just sitting around the fireplace when little Victor accidentally yeeted his toy soldier in the fire, Victor saw the toy melt- and something inside him lit up, He smiled, Years later when Victor was about to head to college- His itch to scratch the match was unbearable- While his family was sleeping the night before he leaves for College, He set fire to their home, Victor smiled and admitted to the police that it was his doing- and he would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Victor in a mental health facility managed to set the place ablaze and thus freeing him from prison, He spent years making the best equipment for arson, He burned his past, and accepted his new future as "Match".

    SEXUAL INCLINATION: Heterosexual but the only flame he'll experience in his life is literal.

    APPEARANCE: He's a lean-built fellow, wears a special insulated suit-including helmet and gasmask, all black with a few hint of cheeto's red on the sides.

    Wish : To set the world in flames.
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    Name: Zzu Zzu

    1. Serenity (calm under pressure; has a relaxing presence)
    2. Quick-thinking
    3. Limber

    1. Inventory: Dream Cap
    A nightcap Zzu Zzu wears; when activated it registers and logs certain aspects of any mind within a 20 meter diameter radius. What it registers are hopes, desires, dreams, and pleasant memories. With this info, Zzu Zzu could use her Dream Cap to manifest any of these aspects into a physical form, transform herself into one of those aspects, or even turn others within the radius into one of those aspects. As far as the transformations go, they're completely in the mind and only give off the appearance of being what they are; in reality the transformee is still who or what they normally are (someone turned into a bird, for example, only looks like one, they cannot fly).
    2. Inventory: Nightmare Rod
    A magical rod Zzu Zzu wields; when pointed toward someone, it registers and logs certain aspects of that mind. What it registers are fears, worries, complexes, and stressful or shameful memories. With this info, Zzu Zzu could use her Nightmare Rod to manifest any of these aspects into a physical form, transform herself into one of those aspects, or even turn others she points her Nightmare Rod at into one of those aspects. These transformations are real. If she turns someone or something into a giant spider, for example, it is a giant spider. The downside to this item compared to the Dream Cap is that Zzu Zzu cannot move while it's in effect. Because of this it's usually more beneficial for her to transform someone or something else rather than herself.


    Zzu Zzu's a kind soul, but not necessarily a pushover. She treats everyone with respect no matter who they are, but is merciless against those who have proven themselves undeserving of love or kindness. The consensus on her varies depending on who you talk to--some think she's incredibly kind and harmless, some think she's obnoxiously sweet, others may see her as disingenuous, and others yet might find something unsettling about her.

    She's a bit aloof and tends to stare off into the distance, lost in thought, which may be responsible for some of the more unsavory opinions on her. In contrast to how she comes off, however, she's fairly intelligent, resourceful, and a surprisingly quick thinker.

    This is just her neutral state, however. When using either of her magic items, her personality does a near complete flip. When using her Dream Cap, she becomes almost sagely in her manner of speech and demeanor. She comes off as capable and gives advice to those needing guidance. Her inhibitions in this state are lower, and she's more prone to laughing at the slightest thing or cracking a joke or two herself.

    When using the Nightmare Rod, she becomes menacing and sadistic. In this state, she thrives off of seeing the fear on others' faces and toying with them emotionally. If it's a friend she's toying with, then even better. That perfect moment of realizing the betrayal of someone close to you is oh so sweet.

    What's her opinion on these two states, and which does she feel is closer to her? She thinks both have roots in her real personality. She doesn't put her Dream form on a pedestal, thinking that everyone has the potential to be that guide for someone important in their life. She also doesn't condemn her Nightmare form, believing that there's a little darkness inside everybody, and anyone who doesn't think so is only lying to themselves.

    She would never admit it aloud, but she has the slightest preference for her Nightmare state.

    Sexual Inclination: Bisexual


    Zzu Zzu is the living god of a small, hardly known island in the Caribbean, Eusique. At 22 years old, she's the youngest living god in the history of that island. Now, being a living god doesn't imply she's actually divine in anyway, rather that people simply worship her as if she is a god. She carries out the will of her island's faith, spreads the god's message, and lives free of any unnecessary earthly attachments. She's lived like this since the day she was born. Until she was 10 years old, she lived in her parents' temple without ever leaving. There she had multiple private tutors to teach her the necessary skills for both daily life as well as fulfilling her role as a living god. In the former side of things, she was taught basic academic subjects (Arithmetic, language arts, natural sciences, etc.), proper manners, and given physical education. In the latter side of things, she was taught all about the island's faith, the history of the living gods, and how to use the islands two most valuable treasures: the Dream Cap and the Nightmare Rod.

    After reaching the age of 10, she was sent out of the temple to explore the island at her leisure and get to know its residents. It went very smoothly. As a well-learned and polite, well-mannered young girl, she quickly became popular with the locals. She was praised highly and the talk of the town. She was taken in by a kindly old couple who lived with their grandchildren, and she stayed there for a year. Here she learned the value of fun, instead of living a stiff and scheduled lifestyle. Though she never lost the trained side of herself, still keeping a healthy distance from any unnecessary attachments.

    The time eventually came to return to the temple at the age of 11. When she did so, it was finally time to inherit the title of Zzu Zzu, the island's god. Her original name no longer mattered and would be changed. Her mother, the current 'incarnation' of Zzu Zzu, passed the role down to her and had her go through the final leg of training: getting a handle on the duties and powers of the Lord, Zzu Zzu. With the Dream Cap she would answer the prayers of the island's residents and show them that which they desired. With the Nightmare Rod, she would cleanse the souls of sinners by showing them the path that awaited them if they continued to stray from the Lord's words. Through the combination of these two treasures, she was able to mimic divine miracles not achievable by any ordinary man or woman, thus keeping the faith in Zzu Zzu. While in reality it was only a young girl performing these miracles, the rest of the island believed it to truly be the work of Zzu Zzu, effectively making the girl into a living god.

    11 years later not much has changed and she still serves as the island's living god.

    Wish: For her island to continue to prosper until the end of time.


    5'6" girl, on the thinner side. She wears pure white robes, but usually keeps her hood down so she could wear her Night Cap at all times. Her Nightmare Rod is kept at her hip through a holster-like attachment on the robe. The robe cuts off at her shin and she wears sandals. Her hair is a radiant golden color and her eyes are an aqua blue. She wears a silver necklace with a medallion of a horned dolphin, the symbol of her religion, attached to it.
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