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Thread: Mortal Kombat X: Forum Edition

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    Mortal Kombat X: Forum Edition

    Mortal Kombat 11 just got announced today and I'm hyped as hell for it, so I figured I'd make this, to be started once my Injustice FE is done, and hopefully be done by time the new game drops in late April.

    I'll probably be determining the characters that various members replace, but feel free to suggest who you'd like to be.


    Character Roster
    Scorpion (Adonis)
    Sub-Zero (Sam)
    Johnny Cage (Sane)
    Sonya Blade (Umby)
    Kano (Rocket)
    Raiden (Dion)
    Liu Kang (Klonoa)
    Kung Lao (Clemi)
    Kotal Kahn (Polar)
    D'vorah (YN)
    Erron Black (Gunnut)
    Cassie Cage (Lohuydahutt)
    Takeda Takahashi (Ranger)
    Kung Jin (Mooncat)
    Jacqui Briggs (Kubby)
    Ferra/Torr (Uprising/T.I.M.)
    Reptile (Turtle)
    Ermac (Lando Nintendo)
    Jax Briggs (Faker)
    Shinnok (Rob)
    Mileena (MaNCHA)
    Kitana (Wumbo)
    Quan Chi (Castiel)
    Kenshi (Lawlzor)
    Non-Playable But Story Relevant:
    Bo 'Rai Cho
    Tanya (Sonic the Hedgehog)
    Rain (Coldsteel Hedgeheg)
    Baraka (Brad)
    Fujin (SaySky)
    Li Mei
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    CHAPTER 1: Johnny Sane

    Johnny Sane: Millions of posts ago, Rob, one of the Elder Mods, betrayed his fellow site leaders and invaded the forum. Dion and the Elder Mods stopped Rob, locked him up in the Graveyard. Others followed in Rob's footsteps, like Exploding Rabbits' Admin, ReNeX, who was obsessed with conquering ERBoH. So Dion convinced the Elder Mods to enact Total Drama Forum Edition, as a way to even the odds, give ERBoH a chance. For generations, ReNeX followed the Elder Mods' rules. The war moved to the arena, where he sent his toughest fighters to challenge ERBoH's greatest defenders in Total Drama. Two years ago, we beat him. But ReNeX wasn't ready to lose. He violated the rules of Total Drama and invaded ERBoH. Most of ERBoH's defenders, our friends, were killed, turned into evil unbanned warriors. Despite the odds, we stopped ReNeX's invasion. As punishment, the Elder Mods deleted his account. We thought the long nightmare was over, but it turns out that Rob had been manipulating events. ReNeX's invasion, his death, all part of Rob's plan to escape the Graveyard and resume his war on the Elder Mods.

    Twenty-five Years Ago

    A soldier member's body fell flat on the ground, his face mangled, as his fellow soldiers charged in behind him and a swarm of flying spambots charged them. The platoon was little match for the demonic creatures, who tore the lot of them limb from limb, continuing to do so until helicopters firing machine guns came in and scared them off.

    Pilot: Destination, dead ahead.

    Johnny Sane: Set 'er down nice and easy for me.

    Pilot: Don't I always?

    Johnny Sane: If by always you mean not once. Major?

    Sane shared a glance with Umbreon in the co-pilot's seat, who got up and started towards the back of their chopper to address the soldiers within, including Lawlzor.

    Umbreon: Alright, you have the rendezvous coordinates. Far edge of the forest. From there we access the portal to Dion's CN Tower temple.

    Johnny Sane: Where there's an angry former Elder Mod and his bots waiting for us.

    Soldier: Mods, portal, flying bots.

    Johnny Sane: Nerdy guys with magic pens...

    Lawlzor: The world has changed. For the worse if we do not expel Rob from Dion's temple. He intends to poison the forum's life force, the vBulletin.

    Umbreon: And we're not gonna allow that to happen.

    Johnny Sane: Lawlzor and I appreciate the Major allowing us to join you. We're happy to kick Kain's bony ass back to the Graveyard.

    Suddenly, alarms began blaring at the chopper's console, and other choppers ahead of it began to explode out of the sky.

    Johnny Sane: You gotta land this thing!

    Suddenly, a chairleg on a rope came flying through the windshield, and impaled the pilot through the face.

    Johnny Sane: Shit.

    The pilot was pulled through where the window once was and out of the chopper, and all of a sudden, Adonis appeared in the back of the chopper, surprising the soldiers there. He kneed one in the chest, and kicked another in the face, hit them both again with a punch and an elbow, drew his chairsword from its sheath, decapitated the next two soldiers, then impaled another pair, drawing his other sword in the process. He conjured a rage ball and threw it at Sane, but Lawlzor jumped in front of it and was knocked back.

    Adonis threw another chairleg, which Sane effortlessly caught, before hitting him with a flying kick.

    Johnny Sane: Damn I'm good.

    He pulled Adonis back towards himself with the leg's rope, slammed him against the chopper's side paneling, blocked a flurry of punches, then superman punched him in the back of the head. Adonis drew a chairleg from his belt and charged at Sane, trying to attack him overhead with it. Sane managed to block, being pushed to the ground while fighting it back, kicking Adonis away as Lawlzor tackled him out the side of the chopper, Adonis grabbing the doorframe, and Lawl grabbing his leg.

    Sane got up in time to see Sam, revived from the dead as per Castiel's cruel process, looming over him. The two men Adonis knocked out came to and tried to attack him, but Sam grabbed their heads and slammed them together, shattering them with stupid puns probably, then throwing one of the corpses at Sane, who did the splits to dodge them, knocking away a head that rolled near him in disgust. Sam formed a banhammer out of, like, stupid puns or some shit, and swung it at Sane, but Sane caught it in his hands, it shattering as he did a backflip and caught Sam with a kick in the face. Sam failed to sweep Sane's leg and continued to fight him as outside the chopper, Adonis kicked Lawlzor off of him, Lawl only just managing to stay in the air by digging his oversized pen into the side of the helicopter.

    Sane only just got the upper hand in the fight inside when Adonis managed to get behind him. He elbowed him in the face, did a split while nut-punching Sam, then stood up and slammed their heads together, as Lawlzor got into the vehicle again and telekinetically pulled Sam out of it to the ground below. Sane grabbed Adonis and punched him out of the door, but he stuck into the metal with his chairleg, climbing back in just as Sane tackled him out of it again in time to avoid being in the chopper as it crash landed.

    On the ground, Sane dusted himself off and got up as Adonis teleported behind him.

    Adonis: The end in near.

    Johnny Sane: Getting a little ahead of yourself, aren't ya?

    Sane kneed Adonis in the chest, punched him several times, hit him with a nut punch, followed by an uppercut, another nut punch, then a flying kick.

    Adonis swung upward with his chairsword, carrying Sane into the air. Sane followed him up with an uppercut, following by a midair kick.

    Adonis teleported behind Sane, punching him as he did, then swept his legs with a swipe of a sword. Sane got up and grabbed him, breaking his arm, his leg, and then punching him away, before throwing a Polarhand at him.

    Johnny Sane: lol u mad bro?

    Sane kicked Adonis in the foot, then backflipped while kicking him. Adonis got up, teleporting into a punch and kickflip, swung his sword several times, then a final swing to floor Sane. Sane tried to uppercut him away, but Adonis did another flip kick and knocked him away. Adonis then pulled Sane towards him with his chairleg, grabbed him, sliced him twice across the chest with the leg, then punched him away. Sane kicked him in the face, breaking his jaw, kneed him, cracking his skull, then back flip kicked him, shattering the entire head's worth of bones.

    Johnny Sane: Got to get back to the chopper.

    Sane ran towards the crash site.

    Johnny Sane: Umby, get out of there--

    He was caught in a blast of puns by Sam from behind, who formed a pun sword and slowly approached. Sane only just managed to grab a crowbar off the ground, parrying his attacks, then tripping him before getting up.

    Johnny Sane: That was unpleasantly cringe.

    Sane threw two polarhands at Sam, then uppercutted him. Sam slid on a slide of puns and knocked Sane back before coating himself in puns. It didn't stop Sane breaking his limbs and punching him away. Sam did another slide, following up with a blast of puns to Sane's back in mid air. Sane whiffed two polarhands, then punched just as Sam formed a shield of puns in front of himself, trapping Sane in them long enough to throw a stray engine block at him, but not long enough to stop Sane knocking him out with a punch.

    Sane: Tasknags mang

    Sam rushed up just in time to be punched four times by Sane, then to have a polarhand thrown at him, before his arm and leg were broken, again, somehow. Sam got up and slid at Sane, followed by a coating of puns for good measure. Sane jumped in and punched Sam a whole bunch tho.

    Sane: I liked it better when we fought on the same side rip Havok ;-;

    Sane ran to check on Umby and Lawl.

    Sane: You two okay?

    Lawlzor: We fared better than the men.

    Sane: Add 'em to the list of things Rob will pay for.

    The three ran off to their original objective.

    Dion's CN Tower Temple

    A scourge of flying bots attacked intern moderators left and right, as Dion and SaySky took up position to defend against them.

    Dion fired a blast of Admin energy which took out several, as SaySky said to the sky to be windy, which knocked several more out of sight. One bot flew at SaySky and On the shoulder before being punched out and knocked away, as another one was roundhouse kicked into oblivion.

    SaySky pulled a ban-polehammer out of nowhere, not seeing another bot that came up behind him, only being stopped by an attack by Dion. The two traded blows with the bots around them, decapitating and otherwise maiming several before one flew in and tackled Dion, nearly getting him before being bisected by SaySky.

    SaySky: Dion, we must refortify the Portal's defenses down below.

    Dion: No, SaySky. It is too late.

    Reinforcement bots engulfed them, slowly approaching, before a glowing can of creamer came careening through the farthest ahead one's chest. Castiel walked up from behind its corpse.

    Castiel: The mighty Mods of ERBoH.

    Dion: You befoul these hallowed directories, Castiel. Be gone!

    Castiel: Surely you are pleased to see your friends.

    Up next to Castiel came several of the resurrected defenders of ERBoH, killed in the defeat of ReNeX five years previous.

    Castiel: You abandoned them to their bans. I returned them to forum life.

    Dion: A life worse than banning!

    Castiel: A life you will soon share. And my lord will witness your fall.

    The resurrected and the bots charged at the two Mods.

    The Forest

    Two of the flying bots threw soldier corpses into a crude pile. Nearby, Sane, Umby, Lawl and the remaining soldiers stalked in the shadows, eavesdropping on a conversation between the revived Faker and Gustav.

    Faker: So he's done his job?

    Gustav: Gustav expects him soon.

    Sane: Faker...

    Suddenly, a portal opened behind the group, and through it came yet another formerly dead member, Dr. Ninja, with a trio of bots in tow.

    Lawlzor: Dr. Ninja!

    The bad Doctor raised a kusarigama to the sky, letting lightning strike it, before charging the group.

    Faker: There!

    Gustav teleported into the foray of the ensuing gunfight, knocking down Sane, as Faker attacked Umby.

    Sane: Gustav.

    Gustav: Gustav is dead. I am...still Gustav but dead I guess.

    The two exchanged blows as Faker knocked down Umby, Sane quickly dispatching the fake Russian.

    Faker: This is your last battle, Chri--*shot*

    Sane interrupted him with a tackle.

    Sane: The real Faker wouldn't punch his forum wife.

    Faker: Johnny Sane. Banning you will be a pleasure.

    Sane threw a punch, but was quickly countered with several from Faker. He jumped off of a tree stump to avoid being grabbed, then grabbed back, breaking Faker's arm and leg, before jumping in the air and kicked him in the face.

    Sane: Hope someone covered that war, you know.

    Sane threw a polarhand just as Faker shot a blast of energy at him. Faker jumped in the air, flipped off of a protruding tree branch, then punched the ground hard enough to knock Sane off his feet, before flipping off of the branch again, this time kicking Sane twice, followed by a flying punch.

    Faker: You're gonna be worse off than my Countries Fic.

    Sane roundhouse kicked Faker's jaw, kneed his face, then back flip kicked him away, before throwing two polarhands, and uppercutting him.

    Sane: We're gonna redeem you someday...

    Sane caught up with Umby.

    Sane: Well, nice seein' them again.

    Umby: *sighs*

    Sane: Umby, that's not them.

    Umbreon curtly nodded, and the ran after the others. Sane walked up next to Lawlzor.

    Sane: That the elevator?

    Lawlzor: Yes, the "elevator". Bic contains the souls of my ancestors. They guide me.

    Gunfire erupted from further up the cave.

    Sane: Could they hurry the hell up?

    Lawlzor began chanting some Latin phrase and a portal opened.

    Sane: Going up!

    Umby: Fall back, now!

    Sane: Go ahead. You guys, stay here. Close the door.

    Two soldiers of the ones Sane referred to pulled out C4 to prepare to do just that.

    Elsewhere, Dion and SaySky fought off the resurrected and Castiel, making short work of the former by and large, but unable to do much to Castiel before two oversized hands clasped from the ground, unfurling to reveal Rob.

    Rob: You see it now, Dion. Your legacy. You poison their hearts with hope.

    Dion: And what do you offer them? The same as you offered millennia ago, when you betrayed your fellow Elder Mods and attacked ERBoH. We stopped you then, imprisoned you in the Graveyard, we will again.

    Rob: Remove the shadow from the light, the shadow grows. The legacy of forum life is bans. My followers accept this and live on. They fight for me.

    The resurrected suddenly came to and charged forward, Ninja hooked into Dion with his kamas, but Dion knocked him away by shocking them with Admin energy. Castiel attacked next, exchanging blows with Dion before electing tot ensnare him in the cords of a Keurig.

    Another tried to scream Sky's ear off, but Dion knocked them out from behind with admin energy.

    Rob blasted Dion and SaySky back into the vB chamber.

    SaySky: You will not touch the vBulletin!

    Rob: Oh, I will, and all of ERBoH will learn the truth, of bans.

    Rob attacked with his amulet, engulfing both mods in evil admin energy, before a flying kick from Sane floored him and knocked the amulet away.

    Sane: Sorry mang. Didn't see ya there. /s

    Rob: Miserable junior member. Insignificant poster of stupid memes. How dare you?!

    Rob attacked, knocking back Lawl with an energy blast. Dion started after the amulet.

    Rob: That is mine!

    Dion attacked with his own blast, but Rob deflected it into Sky, knocking them out. Umby tried to fire his gun at Rob, but it did about as little as possible.

    Umby: Ready?

    Sane: As always.

    The pair charged forward, attacked Rob in unison, but doing little to him despite it, Umby getting knocked down and away and Rob then effortlessly fighting Sane, before knocking him down too. He attacked Umby on the ground with energy.

    Rob: He will be the first to join me,

    Sane: No!

    Sane rushed forward and jumped in front of a final blast from Rob, it doing no harm to him as he glowed a maroonish red.

    Sane: I...don't have any clue what that was. But I do know this. You don't even think of banning him.

    Sane's attempt to backflip kick Rob was blocked, and three upward blasts of energy from the ground juggled him into the air and away from the fallen mod. He missed with a thrown polarhand, but landed a powerhouse punch that knocked him away. Rob caught Sane in a kind of energy net, stunning him, before shoulder charging him, and hitting him with a mimicked flying kick. Sane punched back several times then knocked him down with a polarhand.

    Sane: Didn't know you were such a scrub.

    Rob threw a jar of water at Sane, who blocked it then swept Rob's legs, before grabbing him and breaking his arm and leg.

    Rob blocked a flying kick, slapping Sane in the face, threw him to the ground, then stomped on his head, before juggling him with three energy blasts.

    Rob: No more tricks.

    Rob blocked a flying kick again, punched, elbowed, then shoulder charged Sane into the corner. Sane got up, dunked Rob's head in a jar of water, smashed it with his face, then threw him away after breaking his limbs.

    Sane: You really are a fallen Elder Mod.

    Sane glowed maroon again as he squared up with Rob.

    Dion: Johnny Sane, the amulet!

    Sane donkey kicked the artifact behind him and into Dion's hands, who activated it and pulled Rob into it, imprisoning him.

    Sane: Enjoy the new digs, mang. Umby!

    Sane rushed over to the floored Umbreon.

    Umby: Sane...did we...?

    Sane: Yeah. We got 'em.

    Dion: Remain here, the chamber's properties will heal Chri--*shot* in short order.

    Lawlzor: Castiel and the others are gone. A surge of energy overwhelmed my senses.

    SaySky: We can worry about Castiel another day, Lawlzor.

    Dion: We gained a bigger prize this day.

    Lawlzor: Rob's amulet, and within it...

    Sane: Ol' site owner himself.

    SaySky: Let us take the amulet to the Elder Mods.

    Dion: They cannot destroy it. No one can.

    SaySky: They might offer counsel, Rob can never escape.

    The mods walked off.

    Lawlzor: The war is not over. Castiel has escaped. Why are you smiling?

    Sane: He called me Sane.


    Sane: Dion told me later I'm descended from some PHPBB site leaders. Bred as warriors for the mods. I've never been able to re-summon that red halo. Dion thinks it was triggered when I saw a loved one about to die.

    Mooncat: How about you, Lohuy? Can you summon anything like that? Or did it skip a generation?

    Ranger: Take it easy, Moon.

    Lohuydahutt: We didn't need a halo in Yami Kage, or Havokia, or Epicztopia prob. Did we, Kubby?

    Kubby: Nope, we didn't. Ever been anywhere like that, Moon?

    Mooncat: I've seen plenty of action. Ranger and I both. Things that'd blow your minds.

    Lohyudahutt: Fu--

    Sane: At ease. You're all here because you deserve to be. You're beautiful and unique snowflakes. Now, as you're probably unaware, judging from the lack of gift cards, today is our team's six-week anniversary because that's how anniversaries work. The Secretary's pleased with our progress.

    Mooncat: You could throw away his creamer and he'd be pleased with our progress.

    Kubby: He was smart enough to have Sane put this team together.

    Ranger: I'm glad they chsoe me to join. New places, new faces.

    Ranger shared a glance with Moon. Fuck I didn't realize the slash fic worthiness of this plot point.

    Sane: As the secretary pointed out, us older folks are gonna retire soon. So it's time for your generation to step up. All of your groups. Together. For your team's first mission, you're going to the Yami Kage temple. We haven't heard from the Grandmaster for a while, so we need to make sure he's still on our side. That he's got our backs in things flare up again with Exploding Rabbit. So we need to bring him in. But don't be surprised if Sam's not willing to cooperate.

    Lohuydahutt: Why are we worried about Exploding Rabbit? I thought that Polar Kahn respected the Accords.

    Sane: He does, but he's facing a Civil War. The rebels win, those accords will be history.

    NEXT CHAPTER: Polar Kahn

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    Okay this is an epic idea, I love the history
    But,░in░truth,░I░have░wept░too░much!░Dawns░are░hea rtbreaking.
    Ξvery░moon░is░atrocious░and░every░sun░bitter. (ュ だ  どいロリラ威萎虞う ャイ意営縁ぇヵ)

    Quote Originally Posted by Juiz
    moon you're hurting me in ways you'll never even know. lets do that suicide, buddy.

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    Can i be smoke?

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    That's none of your business!
    Can I be Sektor?

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    gonad are you in love with me

    Quote Originally Posted by Juiz View Post
    Good job Sane. You killed the forum.

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    A convoy, headed up by a battalion of Brazilian soldiers, themselves led by Lando Nintendo and Gunnut, in the middle, a horse-drawn carriage, went down a dirt path surrounded by buildings. Inside, Polar Kahn, YellowNerd, and Rocket sat, talking.

    Polar Kahn: Twenty million.

    Rocket: Emporer, what's the expression? Not worth the level 39 on my Scraggy?

    YN: Polar Kahn has always bargained with you fairly, Rocket.

    Rocket: Sure, sure. Just sayin'...Upgraded weapons, my intel--and poof! The long PHPBB Civil War...done. Might be nice to kick back a bit, eh?

    Polar Kahn: You know MaNCHA's location.

    Rocket: An' 'is whole rebel army. S'gotta be worth at least...fifty?

    Polar Kahn: I must attack her...immediately. End this conflict. As you say, it drains us.

    Rocket: Right. Do we have a deal?

    Outside, movement was seen on the rooftops out of Rocket's periphery as the carriage suddenly stopped.

    Polar Kahn: What is it, YellowNerd?

    YN: The Emporer should not be concerned. Accident ahead. This dude will clear it.

    YN got out of the carriage and started towards a clamoring group of soldiers.

    YN: Make way for Polar Kahn. Move!

    On the rooftops, Sonic, Coldsteel, and a bunch of other hedgehegs were grouped up with MaNCHA.

    Sonic: The hedhehogs are in position. We await your order.

    MaNCHA: It is given, dearest Sonic.

    Coldsteel: Stopping a carriage is nothing. Killing an emperor--

    MaNCHA: False emperor!

    Coldsteel: Requires power. Power you have, MaNCHA, and won't use.

    MaNCHA took out and glanced at Rob's amulet.

    MaNCHA: It pains me to use it, Coldsteel. I need more time. The usurper's excursion came too soon.

    Coldsteel: The dashes spin as they may.

    MaNCHA: No matter. If Rocket does what I paid him to do.

    YN: Now! Do it!

    Soldiers loaded crates that were blocking the road onto carts to be moved. Back in the carriage, Polar and Rocket sat in silence. Suddenly, Hedgehogs charged at the Emperor's army and attacked.

    One hedgehog charged at Lando, but was quickly knocked away with telekinesis. Another two were quickly shot by Gunnut before they could get close. Some managed to kill Brazilians, but YN hit them en masse with a flurry of tentacles.

    Polar stirred in the cart to figure out what the hell was happening.

    Polar Kahn: Merda, o que aconteceu?

    Rocket: You've said a mouthful.

    Rocket drew a knife from his back and took a swing at Polar, who knocked it back. Rocket came in with a downward stabbing motion, which dug into Polar's shoulder despite his best resistance.

    Polar tackled Rocket into the far seat of the carriage and began pummeling him with punches, and finally a headbutt. Rocket got the upper hand, trying and failing to hit Polar with a hyper beam. Polar reached up and gouged Rocket's eye, then slammed him partially through a carriage window, punched him several times, then tackled him out of the carriage. They got up after a brief struggle.

    Polar Kahn: You wound me, Rocket. Your offer of aid was but wind and air?

    Rocket: Keep your 50 million. MaNCHA's giving me twice that to take you out.

    Rocket jumped off of a large creature resembling a buffalo with spines to Polar's back, then spun in the air and knocked him off his feet. Polar immediately got up and threw a poor old Brazilian woman at Rocket, before uppercutting him, grabbing him, leeching energy from him and tossing him away.

    Quickly, the person playing as Polar paused the game to figure out what his special moves were.

    Upon unpausing, Rocket threw a boomerang with rocked Polar, then air-spun at him, and threw two more knives. Polar whiffed an upward grab, was caught in Rocket's hand, and had a hyper beam fire at him.

    Polar then swept Rocket's legs, threw two banhammers at him, then uppercutted him to the ground.

    Polar Kahn: May you choke on your rep.

    Rocket dashed forward, threw two knives, then spun into Polar. He missed with an upward hyper beam, and was grabbed, leeeched, and tossed away. Rocket then ran up, threw two boomerangs, punched and kicked Polar, grabbing him and hyper beamed him before spinning upward. Polar got up and uppercutted, but was quickly knocked back down with a spin.

    Rocket: Huehuehuehue

    Polar hit Rocket with an aurora borealis from above, charged ahead, impaled him through the throat with the handle of a banhammer, twisted it to snap his neck, pulled it out then sent him flying with a knee.

    Rocket got up, sucker punched Polar, then tucked a stick of dynamite into his gut and let it detonate.

    Polar threw a banhammer, but Rocket jumped over him and punched thrice. Polar quickly returned the favor with an uppercut.

    Polar Kahn: You're not worth a Song a Day without the YouTube tag.

    Polar walked ahead and stabbed Rocket in the back, then grabbed him by the neck and was about to slit his throat when a burst of Golden rings knocked him off his feet. He looked up to see Sonic to be his attacker.

    Polar Kahn: You are the Hedgehog, Sonic.

    Sonic: I'm pleased you remember me, Jill Sandwich.

    Sonic threw another handful of rings, which Polar caught.

    Polar Kahn: I will never forget those who freed MaNCHA.

    Polar threw the rings back, barely scratching Sonic. Sonic pulled two quills off his back.

    Sonic: He vowed to create a free Hedgehogia. Something you refused to do.

    Sonic blocked a swing of the hammer by Pole.

    Polar Kahn: A united PHPBB stands strong against its enemies.

    Sonic: It will never be united under your rule.

    Polar Kahn: Your rebellion is all that prevents it.

    Polar uppercutted with both fists and threw three banhammers at Sonic. Sonic threw a handful of rings back, which struck Polar, then front flipped, kicking him with both feet. Polar got up and leeched him of energy before tossing him away, then threw a barrel at him.

    Polar Kahn: Bans come to all.

    Sonic jumped up and threw rings at Polar, ran up, punched him twice, flipped backwards to juggle him, then threw more rings. Polar hit him with a jumped kick, then another uppercut, then hit him with more Northern Lights, stabbed and snapped his neck, then kicked him away.

    Polar Kahn: You are a fool to trust MaNCHA.

    Polar walked away, effortlessly taking out attacking Hedgehogs left and right until he saw MaNCHA, Coldsteel, and a few lingering hedgehogs on a roof.

    Polar Kahn: He tasks me for the last time.

    Polar teleported onto the roof behind them.

    Polar Kahn: MANCHA!

    MaNCHA: Rocket was to ban you, miserable Bore! Attack!

    The three Hedgehogs charged at Polar, but he quickly dismembered and defeated them with banhammers.

    MaNCHA resolved to attack, jumping in with a kick, but being effortlessly blocked, counter attacked, then knocked off the roof with a thrown banhammer. He turned to Coldsteel.

    Polar Kahn: Another Hedgehog. The supposed victor against Magical Dolphins.

    Coldsteel encased the emperor in a giant golden ring.

    Coldsteel: I am a son of Nipples the Enchilada. I was not merely declared a god by befuddled members, like you.

    Polar burst out of the ring with a burst of Northern Light.

    Polar Kahn: Surely MaNCHA suspects your true intentions, son of Nipples.

    Polar charged at Coldsteel, who spindashed behind him then drop kicked him off the roof, then teleported to face him.

    Coldsteel: My intentions are to teach you the difference between pretension and godhood.

    Coldsteel encased Polar in a ring before striking him from above with a flurry of quills. Polar uppercutted him away, then threw a barrel, but Coldsteel blocked and hit him with an overhead strike. Coldsteel missed with some more quills, but landed two punches followed by a spindash straight into the air, then struck him with three bursts of quills, before grabbing him, spindashing into the air, and dropping Polar head first.

    Polar got up and hit Coldsteel with an aurora, snapped his neck, and kicked him away.

    Polar Kahn: Bans come to all.

    Polar did a roundhouse kick, then swept Coldsteel's legs. He couldn't avoid getting hit with quills, then another hapless old lady.

    Coldsteel tried to spindash up, but was uppercutted with ease.

    Polar Kahn: That should silence you.

    Gunnut came up next to Polar and the downed Coldsteel. A silent nod from Polar indicated his will to be done. Gunnut walked up to the hedgehog.

    Gunnut: You won't touch him again.

    Gunnut kicked him onto his back, stepped on his throat, and aimed a revolver, slowly cocking it, only to have his hand impaled by a fuckign WIRE.

    MaNCHA: But I will.

    Seeing an opportunity, Coldsteel teleported away.

    MaNCHA: As the heir to my father, Kain Kahn, I, MaNCHA, Kahn of PHPBB, order your permabanning!

    Polar lurched forward and uppercutted MaNCHA before throwing the old chick at him. MaNCHA went into a splits and threw a wire at him, but Polar grabbed and leeched him before it could do much. MaNCHA spindashed forward, but was jumped over, before Polar hit him with an Aurora.

    Polar Kahn: Your positive rep honors me.

    The pair both jumped, Polar catching MaNCHA with a kick. MANCHA threw three wires and charged at Polar, but Polar uppercutted, then stomped on both of his knees in sequence, before uppercutting him.

    Polar Kahn: There will be a permabanning this day. You will atone for your dissent, MaNCHA. Your banning will make right. Up the stair path, to the fire's edge...

    Just as Polar was about to finish the incantation, MaNCHA took out the amulet and attacked, weakenig Pole and disintegrating several Brazilians as Coldsteel teleported in and took MaNCHA to safety.

    YN came up and checked on the emperor.

    YN: What did my emperor see?

    Polar Kahn: A mere polar cub, grown to be a meme machine...


    Ello baby, you miss me?

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    moon you're hurting me in ways you'll never even know. lets do that suicide, buddy.

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    Is Juiz darth vader? i hope so because that means he gets to be a dad

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    This isn't the first time Juiz has given Sane a forced analysis pounding and it won't be the last.
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    juiz is a revolutionary
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    get cancer
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    They're called Japanese people, Juiz

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    The fiirst rule of is: You do not tell Juiz what to do.
    The second rule of is: You DO NOT tell Juiz what to do.

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    do you have a moment to hear about our lord and savior juizus
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    sorry polar, im a moderator of the people

    and the people say you suck
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    "Don't be such a pussy Sam." shouted Juiz, the big, strong, captivating godly man that he was.

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    I love juiz more than his girlfriend does
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    My name is Sane, and this is my buddy Juiz, we're kind of a big deal and we can kick a lot of ass and love Wonderwall.
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    this forum is dead and I am the necrophiliac who will fuck it back to life
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    Juiz, you are truly the Shakespeare of our time. I laughed. I cried. I gave up red meat. Thank you, you beautiful bright ray of freedom in this otherwise fascist community. Thank you.
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    This forum needs a good return to fascism

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