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    Smash Bros Ultimate

    Smash Bros Ultimate for the switch released today/last night, and I really like it a lot so far!

    Feel free to discuss your reactions to the new DLC, the game, the fighters, story mode, anything about it here.

    For anything secret in the game that hasn't been heavily publicized before, consider using spoiler tags. Feel free to share your Nintendo Online tags or whatever here.

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    Love this game to the moon and back. It’s like Melee if Melee was still enjoyable. My roster’s at 50 as of last night and I’m gearing up to crank out the rest today
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    I can't wait to play! I'm hearing so many good things.

    Aside from the obvious, like the character roster, I'm actually most hyped for the music selection
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    It's pretty (y)

    Some of the World of Light fights are a pain in the ass

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    Got all the characters already, and idk who to try to git gud with yet.

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    What’s easier to play with Joycon or pro controller??

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    Don't own the game yet but from watching gameplay I think I'm gonna try to main K Rool. I've always wanted to be a DK main but the only game he was any good in was Sm4sh, and I really didn't like the throw kill combos he relied on. K Rool brings that strong DKC moveset I've always wanted, has some insanely good tools, and in general looks to be a heavyweight that doesn't suck and doesn't rely on gimmicks. I'm also interested in Ridley and I'll probably play him some even if he's plainly the worst in the game (which I'm not at all convinced of yet).

    Also interested in: Link (interested to see how his bomb gameplay has changed), Ness (my old main, I'm worried he won't adapt well to a more aerial engine but I'll give him a shot), and Pokemon Trainer (just a hella fun character who actually looks pretty decent this time around). I'll probably end up with a totally different roster knowing me though.

    As far as DLC goes: Joker is a neat addition, I don't know a ton about Persona but he's got a cool design and I think a lot of potential. Also I've heard the Persona soundtrack is killer. I'm interested to see how much of the DLC is first party vs third; I feel like third parties have a bigger draw and are more likely to sell gangbusters, but it would also feel wrong to have absolutely nothing at all from Nintendo. I feel like at least one or two of the DLC characters will be first party, maybe one of the characters who's suspiciously missing from the 1297 spirits in the game.

    I also have a sneaking suspicion that either Banjo or Steve will get in. Reggie did say that the DLC would contain unexpected characters, and I can't think of too many characters that would be as hype-inducing yet unexpected as Banjo. Steve would be a lot more controversial but would probably drive up sales for the game a lot. Sora would be another character that would be huge, but considering the rights for Kingdom Hearts are so damn convoluted I don't think he's quite as likely.

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    My suitemate has it and we've all been playing it near nonstop today and yesterday. We unlocked all characters this morning. Haven't played World of Light yet, my suitemate will be playing it over winter break. But wow, it's crazy fun.

    My edgy main Dark Pit is back and just as good as I remember him being. Corrin is also super fun, as usual. For new additions, K Rool is absolutely amazing since he doesn't seem to flinch for anything. Ridley is okay, but we just never clicked. Same for Isabelle and Incineroar. The Belmonts are super fun, definitely will be trying them more. Inkling, though, is incredible. Roller plus side smash at high percentages is the way to go.

    Cannot wait for Joker! My suite played Persona 5 last year and we absolutely loved it. One of the best games we ever finished, easily. Seeing Joker in Smash sent me into a shaking hype. Just imagine all the different moves he could have! Beating people with weapons, his gun arts, of course the various Persona (though I think he'll just have Arsene), and his final smash could be the All Out Attack. Oh, and the music from Persona 5 is beyond words. I can't wait to hear Last Surprise or Blooming Villain or Rivers in the Desert while playing Smash of all games.

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    Does anybody know where I can find an up to date characters tier list?
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    I've recently found a quite decent SSBU tier list on this website. From what it says, it's updated in June. The cool thing that there are also some tier lists form pro-players.
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