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Thread: Something Something Battle Royale

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    Something Something Battle Royale

    Well, idk if I'd say NQFABR is straight up cancelled, but honestly it's been so long since I've even touched it so I thought it'd be easier to just start fresh for now.

    So fuck it, I've got finals week going on right now but then I got a long ass winter break and might as well use some of that spare time to write some shit. What are the chances of me actually finishing this? *shrugs* But if worst comes to worst writing like three bomb ass chapters and never touching the story again is the way.

    Any ways, it'll be like AFABR rule wise except it's not because uh, screw you. I'll just copy and paste the rules from Not Quite Fucking Anything Battle Royale because I don't see any reason to modify them.

    What's Allowed:
    You can pick pretty much any character whether they be real or fictional. They could be from a video game, anime, movie, book, comic, your history book, a fucking mobile phone game, whatever. Pre-existing OCs like Coldsteel are free game too btw. Also note that you're not limited at all in the size of your characters, or whether or not they're even alive. You could pick a cricket, you could pick a tree, you could pick a motherfucking planet, etc. There's not really any major limitations.

    What's Not Allowed:
    Anything overly offensive
    Any Original Characters you came up with
    Anything that was featured in an earlier Battle Royale.
    Picking forumers is #band
    Also note that group entities are generally not allowed. So no picking the universe or WWII's German Army or any shit like that. I want only individual characters. There might be SOME cases where it's admissible like when something can't fucking function without outside help (like a mech for example) but beyond that kind of thing, no.

    Everyone can pick three characters.

    Also, I think I'll just come up with my own map this time so the only shit I'll need is...


    So yeah, have at it folks.

    1. Chell-Kubby
    2. Neo-Kubby
    3. Jeff-Rocket
    4. Phil Swift-Rocket +1
    5. Roger the Kangaroo-Janet
    6. Danny Brown-Janet
    7. Oxygen-Juiz
    8. Thanos with Sock'Em Boppers-Juiz +3
    9. Sir Candlelight-Turtle
    10. Stan Lee-Turtle +0.5
    11. Lusty Tavern Wench-Moongic
    12. Richard Spencer-Moongic
    13. Faker-YellowNerd +2
    14. Kakeru Fujii-YellowNerd
    15. Cassie Cage-Bullseye +1
    16. Brett Kavanaugh-Bullseye +1
    17. Phoenix Wright-rangernumberx
    18. Balloon Boy with a Mustache-rangernumberx
    19. Sonia Bean-Faker +1
    20. Flandre Scarlet-Faker +1
    21. Captain Underpants-HipsterSamuel +1
    22. John Kasich-HipsterSamuel
    23. Clippy-Mike Hat
    24. Soda Popinski-Mike Hat +1
    25. Ulysses S. Grant-Brad
    26. Signed Copy of Great Gatsby-Brad
    27. Young Master Bruce Wayne-YellowNerd
    28. YellowNerd with a big ole' Laser Dick-Juiz +2
    29. Boombox That Only Plays Age of Consent and Shoots Missiles-Janet +1
    30. Pukin-Faker
    31. Sam Pound-Bullseye +0.5
    32. Ttuhadyuhol, My Outgoing Evil Twin That Also Happens To Be a Talking Incinerator-Turtlesauce +1
    33. The Chosen One-Kubby +1
    34. Pot o’ Greed Wielding Yugioh Player-Moongic +1
    35. Childhood Obesity Personified-Rocket +0.5
    36. Level 10 Bard-rangernumberx
    37. Cookie Monster-Klonoa
    38. Squidward’s Clarinet-Klonoa +0.5
    39. Easter Sunday-Klonoa +0.5
    40. Piranha Plant-HipsterSamuel +1
    41. Pear-Mike Hat
    42. Kanye West minus Trump-sane +1
    43. Frank West-sane
    44. Kevin Feige-sane
    45. Calendar Man-Brad +0.5
    46. Steve Ditko-sane
    47. Chandler Bing Mii-Adonis
    48. Ross Geller Mii-Adonis +1
    49. The Appetizer-Adonis

    Chapter List:
    Prologue Part 1
    Prologue Part 2
    Final Chapter Prologue
    Chapter One
    Chapter Two
    Chapter Three
    Chapter Four
    Chapter Five
    Chapter Six
    Chapter Seven
    Chapter Eight

    1. Jeff-Rocket. Death by receiving a lot of damage from Phil Swift
    2. Ulysses S. Grant-Brad. Death by getting eaten by the Plant Gang
    3. John Kasich-Sam. Death by not protecting his neck from Kanye West.
    4. Cookie Monster-Klonoa. Death by missile strike from the boombox that shoots missiles.
    5. Young Master Bruce Wayne-YellowNerd. Death by becoming Ttuhadyuhol's fuel
    6. Balloon Boy with a Mustache-rangernumberx. Death by getting pistol whipped out of shape by Cassie Cage.
    7. Kevin Feige-Sane. Death by getting his throat clawed out by Brett Kavanaugh soon after regaining consciousness.
    8. Oxygen-Juiz. Death by getting destroyed by Flandre Scarlet who has the power to destroy anything for some reason.
    9. Flandre Scarlet-Faker. Death by laser lobotomy from The Chosen One.
    10. Roger the Kangaroo-Janet. Death by getting fucking brutalized by Soda Popinski.
    11. Soda Popinski-Mike Hat. Death by getting fucking brutalized by Thanos.
    12. Kanye West-Sane. Death by hugging a tree a little too fast via Thanos flick.
    13. Ttuhadyuhol-Turtle. Death by YellowNerd's dick laser.
    14. Chell-Kubby. Death by forehead flick via Thanos.
    15. Thanos with Sock'Em Boppers-Juiz. Death by .............. with Squidward's Clarinet via Sam Pound.
    16. Sam Pound-Gonad. Death by vehicular manslaughter via Ross Geller Mii.
    17. Phil Swift-Rocket. Death by getting blown the fuck up via Faker.
    18. Faker-YellowNerd. Death by blowing himself the fuck up before he died of asphyxiation.
    19. Pukin-Faker. Death by drowning after Stan Lee let the car fall off the cliff and Childhood Obesity prevented her from escaping.
    20. Richard Spencer-Moongic. Death by getting his face corroded via Sonia Bean.
    21. Boombox That Only Plays Age of Consent and Shoots Missiles-Polar. Death by getting stomped via Yu-Gi-Oh! Player's Cyber Ogre.
    22. The Appetizer-Adonis. Death by eating too much underwear and having it fuck up its insides via Captain Underpants.
    23. Brett Kavanaugh-Gonad. Death by getting his dick broke and then lasered to death via YellowNerd.
    24. Steve Ditko-sane. Death by getting resurrected on Easter Sunday just to get killed again via Calendar Man.

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