This turn, the roll is 12! Which is Location Swap!

This doesn’t do much of anything since everyone is still in the starting area.

Bonesaw has answered the question correctly, and gets a +1 to the roll: Find out where he is
You roll: 5+1

You’re on a TV show. You knew that... but you’re in a city.. but where? Earth? Who are these people? Are you in another universe? Does this prove the existence of the Multiverse? Is there another Bonesaw out there, enjoying life? If there is an infinite multiverse? Does that mean there are infinite Bonesaws?

You curl into a ball on the ground, contemplating what it truly means to exist, where you are, if anything is real. You bash your head on the ground in desperate rage, taking 10 damage.

T-Series has answered the question correctly, and gets a +1 to the roll: Bribe a robot
You roll: 2+1

The robot looks at you, if it didn’t have a giant camera lens for a face, you could swear it would be blinking in confusion.

“Dude, I’m a robot. What do I need money for? Go play the game.”

Shinmyoumaru: Roll to spy on another combatant
You roll: 2

You had the misfortune of flying over to Bonesaw who is in the midst of an existential crisis. In his fit of hysterics, he begins flailing his arms, with a fist coming right at you!


You successfully dodge the fist.

Mr. Beast did not answer his question, and continues to gawk at his surroundings[/b]

Trans-Lesbian Farmer has stood completely still for two turns now, unblinking. A fly walks across her eye.