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So my takeaways from this:

-Nothing from the “writers” or “directors” section of the Patreon Discord should be discussed at all.
-Anything posted on the Patreon page and discussed in the lower level crew Discord is appropriate for discussion but we should spoiler tag any big announcements
-We should stay away from “big summary posts” of information (this one is harder to enforce)
-No screenshots, or posting of any images or video content that becomes available (ex. the thumbnail for the new ERB was posted early to Patreon donors; this is the type of thing we should be able to talk about on the forum broadly saying things like “just saw the thumbnail it looks sick” but we shouldn’t post it here until it has become available elsewhere)

Thoughts/objections to any of this?
I don't have any objections to this actually. These rules seem pretty fair and well-founded. After all, most of the fun from ERB comes from staying up until 3 in the morning to see the long-awaited iTunes cover for the next battle.