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Thread: Total Drama Forum Edition: Close of the Century

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    Episode 12, Part 1: Total Drama Campaign
    Last time on Total Drama Forum Edition… Juiz lost to Lo in TDFE Limbo, then Brad chose to take Adonis with him to finals, remaining loyal to his shadow alliance. Poor Lo. At the end of the episode, Spars mentioned there being a special guest host for this next challenge. Who will it be?

    This time on TDFE…
    IT’S ME, BRAD AND ADONIS! IT WAS ME ALL ALONG, BRAD AND ADONIS! YOU THOUGHT I WASN’T GOING TO COME BACK AND HOST THE FINALS OF MY OWN SHOW? Well, I wasn’t exactly planning on it, but I couldn’t resist. So let’s get to our first challenge of this best-of-three gauntlet.

    Your challenge is fairly simple, and you have a lot of freedom with it. You are to create an official website for your campaign to win this TDFE. I recommend you use Google Sites for this: I also recommend that you look up some campaign websites for the upcoming 2020 presidential election. The person with the better website for their TDFE campaign will win this round of the gauntlet. There will be no deadline on this, but remember we’re waiting to start a TDFE season and there’s still one or two rounds after this. Get to it!

    *One day later*

    I have now received both Adonis and Brad's websites. Here they are, in full, shown through screenshots.



    Both websites look great. I was very impressed that they came out so great after just one day to work on them. There is a clear winner to me, I will admit. Adonis' website is more complete, packed full of reasons he should win, and looks a lot more like a campaign website. Brad's is hilarious and looks great, but it does not make as good of a case as Adonis' website.

    Adonis, you have won the first part of the gauntlet! Next challenge, hosted by Spars, will decide whether we crown a winner or go to one final tie-breaker.

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    Episode 12, Part 2: A Champion Crowned? Or A Fight Til The End?
    Last time on Total Drama Forum Edition.... Adonis took a 1-0 lead over Brad in the finale, putting himself one win away from being crowned champion. Will he clinch it out here? Will Brad push it to the brink? Find out this time on TDFE...

    What's up Total Drama Alert nation, it's your host KILLERRRRR SPARSTARRRRR, let's get roighhhhhhttt into the challenge!

    Your challenge is to create a new sports team. You can choose what sport your team competes in. There must at least be a city/state + name, logo, and hypothetical roster (make it realisticish). You can add any other things you want at your own peril, example being you could explain your team's play style. Any extra things like that are up to you though to make your entry better. If Adonis wins this he wins TDFE, if Brad wins it he stays alive and forces a final tie breaker. Good luck! Confessionals and go!

    Adonis: Brad's the type of guy to make his own sports team but not root for them because they're not from his home town

    Brad: Adonis the type of guy to name a sports team after pasta

    Adonis: He's not wrong

    Poles: I confess Sparts is a dick

    Spars: I confess that I'm gonna be the better person and not fire back

    Poles: Say it to my face bitch

    Spars: ill say it to ur face after i fookin rip it off

    Poles: daifhjabfyiuakg eabgewjsoimgkl,ewsngbhhejwiskgl,ewg

    Adonis: Not a challenge player btw

    Here were the entries:

    Adonis' Santa Fe Luchadores of the NBA:

    Brad's St. Louis Archers of the NFL:

    For judging of this I would have to say...

    Logo: Adonis, I definitely think his looks more realistic and more "clean". Brad's is good too for sure, but it doesn't really look as professional as Adon's.

    Name: Both are good names, no advantage.

    Roster: Adon's team has the better roster, but that's because Brad actually followed the rules of an expansion draft. Adon's fit under the cap though. Honestly would have to consider this a push. Another tie.

    Extras: Well here's where the bread is buttered. Both made some uniforms and a fake arena. Adon's was custom made in NBA 2K and Brad's was a real life one that was never made. Adon's uniforms looked killer and the court looked nice, included with a functional jumbotron (he sent me a video of it but IDK how to put it here tbh). Adonis also made his roster in NBA 2K and simmed a full season, talking about how it went. Brad put more effort into his writeup and showed both away and home uniforms.

    In the end... I have to give it to Adonis. Brad clearly put some damn good effort into the write up and ideas, including talking about who would own the team even. So I'd definitely give the write up to Brad, it was definitely better. But as for every other extra, I'd have to give it to Adon. I think the uniforms looked cooler and more professional, I think simming a season was a great idea and actually gave some real results of what this team could do. I like the original court design a lot as well. I really like the effort Brad put into this, it was fantastic. Adon clearly put in some effort too, going all out on the design of the team even if he didn't do as good/long a write up as Brad. In the end, Adon's team looks professional even, and I can see it as a real team. I have to give it to him.

    This of course means...

    *celebratory music starts playing and confetti starts falling*


    *Brad goes and stands in a line with the other eliminated players such as Log, Juiz, and Wumbo. All of them clapping now.*

    Spars: Any last words you'd like to say Brad?

    Brad: Valar Morghulis
    I fought bravely and was a champion to my own right. Congrats Adonis you were fierce.

    Spars: Well said my friend. Valar Dohaeris!


    Now, Adonis, walk with me...

    *Spars leads Adonis to a room titled "TDFE Champions Club" and opens the door to let him in*

    "You see Adonis, this here is the room for past TDFE champions. You see, we got SuperWorldJumper over there. *points at a withered skeleton* He's been here since season 1. Then you got me, here since season 2, though I have to leave to host. Then you got MaNCHA over there, been here since REDUX. *points at a barely alive but mostly dead MaNCHA*, then you got Sam from Revival, he's fully alive and functional. And last but certainly not least you got... that.. monstrosity over there. *points to a weird genetic clone that is half Sam and half Poles*. Uh, yeah... we don't talk about that one. Let's hook you up to the speakers so you can give a speech to your fellow champions club and your fellow competitors from this season can hear you from outside.

    Now, Adonis, anything you want to say?"

    Wow. Apparently I won TDFE and that’s crazy. First off I just want to thank Spars and Jenny for hosting the game, and I want to thank everyone who played for either waiting for me to be done with the challenge last, or dealing with my nudging when I was done early. My strategy behind this season was simple. Treat everybody fairly and they’ll trust you in return. The minute you start even thinking about betraying someone that’s when it all goes South.

    Obviously there’s no way I do this without my “Shadow” alliance either, Wumbo, Juiz, and of course, Brad. These guys each played a really good game and literally any of them could’ve taken it all the way. I’m gonna take a minute here to thank them all individually.

    Tom - buddy I feel so bad about eliminating you while you were sleeping. I know it’s just a game but you played hard and I think I owed you the chance to hold everyone’s votes until the next day and decide what we’re doing from there. Obviously it didn’t work out that way but I expect a Wumbo victory in the next season.

    Juiz - My Classic partner in crime, you proved once again to be a good ally, and a good motivator in the finale. Thank you for having my back during this game boss. Excited to see what you do in the host position next season.

    Brad - My OG Ally in this game. i was originally a little annoyed when the Juiz betrayal went down, but, (and maybe this is just because I’m biased) you definitely redeemed yourself by taking me to the finale when you could’ve taken me out at final 3. I’ll never actually know if you took me to stay true to our original alliance or just because you thought I’d be an easy win for you, but either way I appreciate it. You played a great game of TDFE, and 2nd place isn’t too shabby guy.
    The last thing I’d like to address is my “challenge play”. Which many have said was not good and I just made it to the finals because of my “social play”. I would just like to say that you are all 100% correct. When you have an alliance you trust as much as I did mine, you half ass challenges because you know you’re safe. I hope my finale win proves that there is more to my gameplay than “build stronk alliance”.

    This win was for the shadow alliance, the strongest alliance in the history of tdfe except for that one time brad got juiz eliminated. This win was to show that you can play a clean game and still win. This win was brought to you by Geico, where 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. Now it is time for me to join the winners circle, with Spars, half of Jenny, one and a half Sams, Manch, and the withered corpse of SWJ. See y’all next season

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    Thanks peeps <3333

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    Woo epic

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    this is the best day of my life
    So no one told you life was gonna be this way.

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