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Thread: LudwigBR: Island Showdown

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    “Blonde Cop” and “Shao Kahn”


    ( Nine remain on The Syndicate )

    Tensions have grown on the small island. As Juiz somberly returns to his fellow forumers to tell them of what happened, he confirms Shao Kahn and Thanos' suspicions. Blonde Cop is currently struggling, trying to free himself from the crushing weight of the Kahn laying on him.

    Blonde Cop: Are you seriously not going to remove yourself from my legs? I could get seriously injured.

    Shao Kahn: Listen fool, I'm not sure if you've been listening to anything, but you're not going to be injured by me laying on your legs. I could try to rip your complaining head off your neck, but it would repair itself. You better hope when your time comes you face off against someone a little more patient than m-

    Exactly five minutes after Juiz returns to the shore, The Syndicate begins to rumble. There's a quick flash of light and the two who were previously bickering are nowhere to be seen. They have been taken.


    Shao Kahn looks around, rubbing his head. He's sitting down on a hard grey bench in a closed, dark cell. He's in a Japanese prison, though he has no idea how he got there. Blonde Cop comes strutting down the hall, a vibrant purple spotlight following him flawlessly.

    Shao Kahn: What kind of trick is this? Where are we?

    Blonde Cop: I know as much as you do, which means you must know I've got the advantage!

    Shao Kahn: You think cause we've got some metal bars between us you have an advantage? Clearly you know NOTHING of Outworld!

    Shao Kahn jolts his hands out in front of himself, an ethereal green mist soon pulling his war hammer out of thin air. With a brown grip and spiked top and bottom, the long steel hammer was enough to give anyone chills. However, Blonde Cop's only response was to strike a flamboyant pose, withdrawing a gun from his side.

    Shao Kahn: A simple gun? Don't make me laugh!

    Blonde Cop: And I'm the one who knows nothing?

    Shao Kahn: That does it! (Snarling)

    Shao Kahn surges forward, giving a vicious and blunt strike of his hammer to the cell gate. Like it's made of paper, the door of metal bars crumples as it flies off the hinges and crashes to the ground. Blonde Cop should be scared, but he simply changes up his pose before a white speech box looking thing pops off of the barrel of the gun. It has a red circle on it with a white Japanese character translating to "Extract" on it. He points it at Shao Kahn and grins, the Kahn of Outworld's focus being drawn deep into the barrel, where he can see Blonde Cop standing before a drum with a black shape on it. As it begins to spin, the black shape turns into a deep red heart with a meerkat on it.

    Blonde Cop: Desire? Or Love? Desire extraction!

    With that, a catchy anime tune begins, the floor of the prison lowering like an elevator as the walls are left far behind, above the two combatants. The lowering floor platform is connected to three long poles, among a network of others, that have lights projecting the same meerkat symbol onto them. They soon find themselves in a full blown factory where a seemingly endless amount of boxes are being branded with the logo. Throughout the whole ordeal, Blonde Cop has been singing to Shao Kahn's utter bewilderment. Who the fuck is this guy? Eventually they're in some cosmic plane on top of a rippling red surface before Blonde Cop somehow reaches into Shao Kahn's chest and pulls out a glowing version of his heart. Suddenly, the whole illusion fades and they're back in the prison, Blonde Cop now shirtless. Unbelievably annoyed, Shao Kahn knocks him off his feet with a sweep of the hammer.

    Shao Kahn: We both know where this is headed, right?

    Blonde Cop: (Nodding) Hehehe.

    Shao Kahn: What's so funny? You've lost!

    Blonde Cop: Yeah but earlier you were telling me how impatient you were. You sat through my whole song and dance while you had every opportunity to kill me sooner. In some way, I win here.

    Shao Kahn: The mad reasoning of a powerless fool. I am the only winner here.

    That's the last thing Shao Kahn says before turning Blonde Cop's head into practical jelly with a swift blow of the hammer. As the last few twitches of the officer's existence play out, the police station fades into the cave that it truly is, making the Kahn look around briefly.

    The Syndicate: Shao Kahn wins, flawless victory. Fatality. Only this is much sweeter! You are a true competitor Shao Kahn, excellent victory!

    When Shao Kahn returns to the shore, he has an unbreakable grin and a little bit of blood on his face. He takes a seat where he was before, no Blonde Cop beneath his weight this time. After a minute or two, he tells all the others of the fight and what The Syndicate said to him afterwards. He turns to Juiz and asks him a threatening question.

    Shao Kahn: How come you didn't tell us you were honored for your victory? This rush feels amazing!

    Juiz: I felt no honor in what I did and it wasn't a victory. I don't care what the island thinks of it.

    Shao Kahn: Let me spell something out for you, boy: I just turned a man much braver than you into a fine jelly. If you don't want to experience the same fate, it's best you change your feelings. This is a killer's sport, and the sooner you embrace, the more chance of living you have! You were out of there in no time at all; until you accept your destiny, I'm the only true threat here. You're all in great danger.
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    Oh man, the tension between Shao Kahn and Juiz, both hammer wielding badasses. Loving this so far as a whole.
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