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Thread: George Carlin vs Richard Pryor Discussion

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    Man this one seems a bit divided. I agree with Jenny pretty much. Carlin and Pyror felt like average, fine almost generic. Cosby part was weird but kinda funny way better than giving him a verse. Thought Joan and Robin were both fire.


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    I felt Robin Williams took this one... Admittedly, it might be some bias on my part, because as good as the rest were, I feel Robin was on a level that the rest just couldn't reach - and the impression was so goddamned spot-on that it was bittersweet.

    With that said, trying to leave that bias aside, I felt his lyrics had enough wordplay, and punches *with substance*. Joan was more vicious, but was a bit more generic. Like some could've been byanyone, so I didn't think it was as clever. Whereas Williams tied personal attacks into references to himself and his movies, etc, almost every lines.
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    anyone notice that when Cosby started rapping, the blue background looked like the opening title sequence of the Cosby Show

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    Who do you guys think Steve Irwin is gonna face?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hound View Post
    Who do you guys think Steve Irwin is gonna face?
    There's a thread for that.
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    I'm typically pretty good on bars, but... one eluded me.
    "I've played plenty of dumps and believe me, we've all hit plenty of bumps"

    Apparently, I've been sober for too many years, because I just realized earlier that it was a coke line (pun intended)...
    And explains why he had such a character-breaking, tense, constipated-looking face when he said it lol

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