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    Mecha, The Truth

    In this world, everything is grey area. Right and wrong might as well have the same definition. There is no happiness, there is no mercy, there is no hope.


    In October of 2019, every government of the world molded together. They injected toxic metals into the blood of every single human. No exceptions. The population started waning, only a couple hundred people were immune to the chemicals. All of us have relocated to the same area to make our existence simpler.

    We are the survivors.

    We are the humans.

    We are ERBoH.


    Where have you heard that before?

    In some dumb stories my friends and I made when we were kids. Never even finished either of them. Mecha, The Remaining and Mecha, The Fallout. The first part is teeeeeeechnically true except like it's really 2072 now and humanity is more alright than when it was first injected. ERBoH was not around when the collapse of humanity first happened, they arose later. They're also not a government, they're a religion. Rob is the blessed Owner of what is known as the ERBoH Forum Order, and what actually happened to my friends and I involving all of this mech and ERBoH stuff is crazier than any of the stories we tried to tell.

    I've appropriately sent this message to 2019, hoping it arrives sometime close to but before the end of humanity. There's so much I just wanna say right here, but that'll ruin a whole lot of story. I just hope everyone remembers what happened, before it happens, because with any luck it'll be prevented thanks to you guys. I'm just the delivery boy, you may like me a bit more after reading this story. I'm not the main character though, that'd be pretty cool. This isn't my story to tell either, I was just... one of the only ones able to deliver this story. He gave it a good name: Mecha, The Truth. The name's Clemi, long live The Messenger!


    It's 2059, a cool, perfect summer night. A symphony of crickets drone a foreign tune that inexplicably becomes relaxing after a few minutes. Everyone in the village of ERBoH is peacefully asleep, except for one boy. Age 17, afraid, a certain young boy is about to discover that not only can he finally summon his mech, but that it's part of something much bigger than anyone can ever know.

    His name is Wumbo.

    42 living forumers.

    One conspiracy.

    Mecha, The Truth
    Vol 1: The Messenger

    Coming soon.

    Coming soon.
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    Wumbo lemme borrow ur mech man I'll give it right back I swear

    Woah Mama:


    Quote Originally Posted by Juiz
    when you make a post and brad instantly buries it and you decide that maybe suicide is the answer
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    Brad didn't do shit to save the forum it was all NukeL3AR
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    fking brad with his white writing on a white background
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    Brad I swear to god I'll Fortnite dance on your grave
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    brad can i hit ur juul please bro just one hit
    Quote Originally Posted by Wumbo
    “Bumblin’” Brad sent in a paper claiming to have “interviewed” me! Wrong! I have done no such thing, and Liddle Bradley had to sit in his room by himself and make up quotes in order to get his work “published”. Despite the negative forum covfefe, the Fake News Media controlled by Globalist Sam Bama is whipping itself into a frenzy trying to make up lies about your favorite forumer (Me!)

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