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    GOT: FE

    Game of Thrones: Forum Edition!

    Disclaimer this will probably not really start until I finish AGBR

    Here is a map of WEST-ERB-OS:


    This is the story of the world of WestERBos. It is a universe where the forum is actively a medieval civilization, clashing between clans for dominant power.

    WestERBos is currently controlled by good ol Admin Rob , the king of ERB of the house Banratheon. King Rob lives in Admin's landing.

    He, however is headed to Wikifell, the kingdom in the north of WestERBos. It is ruled by R0b's good friend, Lord Epicdoctardd Stank. Lets see what happens in GOT:FE!


    So basically, it is Game of Thrones except the civilization of Westeros is WestERBos, and everything is ERB forum themed. The kingdom is basically just the forum if it were an ancient civilization, obviously heavily parodying GOTs. This will be more humorous than GOTs as its a FE but I'll try and keep it true to the story.

    They compete for control of the

    I will post the full land-parodies and cast parodies below.

    The lands:
    Northern Forum - The North
    Wikifell - Winterfell
    Dantestone - Dragonstone
    The Facs - The Freys
    Reviewlands - Riverlands
    Admins Landing - King's Landing
    High (As Fuck) Garden - Highgarden
    HattingtonHall - Harrenhall
    Castiel's Rock - Casterly Rock
    Storms ERB - Storms End
    The Erbees - The Eyrie

    Outside of Westeros:
    Beyond the forum + outlying areas: Beyond the Wall, etc.
    MePeen - Mereen
    Disrapki Lands - Dothraki Lands
    Kudos and the Kudo Bank - Bravoos and The Iron Bank
    ERB Dornums - Dorne
    Spamspear - Sunspear
    Some other Bitch Ass Free Cities - All the other random free cities outside of Westeros
    Dyke - Pyke
    ValyriEpicLloydia - Valyria
    Banhammer Islands - The Iron Islands

    Clans + Cast:

    The Banratheons:
    Rob - Rob (ERBoH)

    The Stanks:
    Epicdoctardd - Epic Doctor X

    The Lannisbots:

    The Targayreans:

    more to be added as the story progresses!

    Attached Images Attached Images

    Woah Mama:


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