Week 2

TNF: Buccaneers 17 @ Panthers 34
Jameis Winston still takes unnecessary Gamble's and the Panthers D will take advantage of those mistakes. The Bucs are going to be in bad spots on D all day.


Cardinals 20 @ Ravens 30
Kyler Murray saved week one against a bad Lions team. He might actually be good. What we do know for fact is that Lamar Jackson just ran right over a bad team with a bad D. That's the Cards here another big game for Jackson another Ravens win.

Cowboys 27 @ Redskins 24
Case Keenum looked like Minnesota Case last week and that's good news for the Skins season of he can keep it up because they were surprisingly good last year until injuries detailed them. The bad news is their rushing attack was non existent week 1. The Cowboys are a different team with Elliot around, his presence even when he's playing bad elevates Prescott's play by keeping defenses honest. I think Washington keeps it close but Elliot and Prescott take control late and the Skins barely lose another close divisional game early season.

Colts 24 @ Titans 23
The Titans win week 1 mainly off the back of their opponents many many mistakes. They hung 40+ on the Browns but their stat line wasn't exactly the stuff of legend and most of those points came with Baker forcing throws late. The Colts were my biggest surprise of week 1 and they were efficient on the ground and limited mistakes. The Titans won't be gifted turnovers or free yards the Colts will run right over the Titans D. Remember the Titans allowed Chubb to rush for 4.4 ypc week one and the Colts threw up monster numbers on the Chargers. More of the same but this time they get the dub.

Seahawks 21 @ Steelers 17
The Seahawks looked bad against Cincy but kept it close and won even after allowing Andy freaking Dalton to go for over 400. But the Steelers they looked down right atrocious against the Pats. Do people really still think the Steelers will be fine with out both B's. I don't.

Bills 20@ Giants 17
The Bills will give Bills fans a heart attack again in another mail biter. This time I'm picking them because of their defense. I think its good enough to limit Barkley and setup Eli to make mistakes. Josh Allen settled down after a rough start and I think he'll be okay here. He just needs to be good enough he doesn't need to dominate.

49ers 30 @ Bengals 23
The Bengals put up numbers in week one but lost and even with the yards they didn't score much either. The Niners did put up points and I have more faith in them than Cincy. Niners win.

Chargers 35@ Lions 20
The Lions managed to blow a game against the Cards that they should have won easy. Now they have to play a Chargers team that doesn't have a rookie QB making mistakes and gifting them possessions. Good luck Detroit.

Vikings 13@ Packers 10
At some point the Packers offense will look good. Not here not against the Vikings. Minnesota's game plan this season seems to be. Hey you know that QB we paid millions? Don't give him the ball... Ever. At some point they will have to give him the ball and he will blow them the game. Not here though.

Jaguars 20 @ Texans 31
For a minute there my BDN is better than Wentz prediction looked good. Than BDN broke his GD clavicle and now the Jaguars season is FUBAR. The Texans looked good in the dome they'll best this Jaguars team easy here. I'm intrigued by the Jags tho their backup looked competent from what I saw.

Patriots 45 @ Dolphins 0
How many points does Bill Hoodie put up before the half? Ever wondered what a college team would look like playing in the NFL? Ladies and gentleman your Miami Dolphins are that question come to life.

Chiefs 30 @ Raiders 17
Big red Jon Gruden got a win week one. Color me impressed. His reward is getting stomped by a Chiefs offense that is plenty loaded even without Hill.

Saints 24 @ Rams 20
Last year's revenge game against Minnesota the Saints won. You could tell how much it meant to them. This year's revenge game against LA the Saints will win it will mean a lot to them. (This is a homer pick honestly I think NO loses but I can't pick against them)

Bears 20 @ Broncos 14
The Bears are better than that horrendous opening game. The Broncos have Joe fiasco at QB. The Bears defense wins them this game even if the offense struggles here.

Eagles 27 @ Falcons 20
Wentz is going to go off against a shaky Falcons defense that just got brutalized on the ground. The Eagles will absolutely soar on offense and the Falcons won't be able to keep up.

Browns 31 @ Jets 21
I've privately said to people here in Ohio that firing Greg Williams was a horrendous mistake. I've heard from people in the know that Freddie Kitchens didn't do much last season and the QBs coach was the real mastermind behind Baker's play. The Browns need to right the ship here. If they lose to the Jets I think 6-10 is realistically where they are going.