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Thread: Thanos vs J. Robert Oppenheimer Discussion

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    Right?! The moment I saw Thanos in this ERB I and here I thought Thanos' lines were bad. Just wow he looks like a cheap costume you buy at the store.

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    thanos looks pretty off but I'm sure he's a really hard character to portray well without a massive budget... after watching the behind the scenes I can tell they did their very best with what they had. at first his eyes bothered me but then I realized they were probably going for a more comic book inspired appearance with the black shadow eyes, so I'll give it a pass overall. I mean, the guy is supposed to be ugly... but it would definitely be more appealing if it had better mouth movement.

    aside from the questionable thanos costume I think the visuals for this battle were pretty damn stunning. everything about oppenheimer visually was great, I love how pete portrayed him (that thousand yard stare...) and the backgrounds and effects were mesmerizing
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    Yeah the only way I could imagine them doing it well is if they had some kind of animatronic maybe and that would have been way too expensive for a short five minute video same goes for extensive CGI.

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    Oppenheimer was amazing, everything I was hoping for lyrically and visually. Thanos does not look good, unfortunately. Still love this battle for its lyrics though.

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    upon a few rewatches, I have mixed feelings about this battle. it has such a great atmosphere to it, it feels more dark and serious, the background visuals feel particularly "epic", and the moral contrast between the two characters is great. but certain things feel tonally out of place. for example, the ant-man line, might be one of my least favourite erb lines of all time.... its just so childish and comes out of nowhere in terms of opp's characterization. and I wish they portrayed thanos a little more seriously, instead of dancing around all goofy and bragging about being in fortnite, I'd like if he was menacingly sitting on his throne, delivering his lines in a more intimidating way. the way lloyd played/voiced him just lacks oomph and comes across too silly imo. which is extra disappointing given pete's amazing performance

    edit because I have a lot of thoughts about this battle apparently:
    I also think the thanos costume would have worked much better if they leaned into his comics design a little more... the same mask but with a helmet would probably have looked better, the shadowy eyes would be more fitting and the shape of his head would be less distracting
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    I think they went with the design from his first apperance back in Invincible Iron Man #55 rather than his other looks. I just recall his eyes having the same dark tone in that first comic design.

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