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Thread: Grubberg and Poles Present:

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    Grubberg and Poles Present:


    You might be a rapper but I知 better
    You were killed in a driveby shooting
    I知 a better composer than Beethoven
    But I will admit his cock is fully loaded
    I gotta say I like Biggie more than Tupac
    It痴 time for your next verse then I値l be Bach

    Oh! You might've been the big in Germany.
    That means your bow is tiny.
    You look the white version of Donald Trump with double chins.
    I'll leave you like a Orphan.
    This time your brother can't save you.
    I have all the Two-Pac
    Cause I got both East Coast to West Coast saying my name.
    Your name is lame.

    Tupac you know I am the greatest MC
    And I'll reiterate I prefer The Notorious B.I.G.
    I died from complications after eye surgery
    When you died it was September 13
    Tupac I got a six pack
    Don't make me pull out my gat

    You are more ugly Germany version of Quasimodo.
    If we were birds. I would be the Vulture and you'll been Dodo.
    I'm the master of the Rap.
    I'm in the major league.
    While you are in B minor.
    You had 13 childern but five of them died.
    They died cause how awful father you are.

    WHO WON?

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    so Beautiful brought a tear to my eye

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    Poles and Grubberg Present: Sting vs Sting

    Poles and Grubberg Present: Sting The Musician vs Sting The Wrestler :

    Sting the Musician:

    Every breath you take
    I値l be beatin your ass
    It was a mistake
    Challenging me to a match
    I was in the Police and now I値l arrest you
    Because your raps are so bad they should be illegal

    Sting the Wrestler:

    I'm more hardcore than you ever be.
    The only thing hardcore you ever done was won't pass your inheritance to your kids.
    You won the award of being the awful father of the Year!
    You can't arrest me cause you'll be mark on my Black Baseball Bat.
    It isn't made of wood.

    Sting the Musician:

    I Sting like a bee
    I知 the greatest MC
    You wear face paint to hide that you ugly as fuck
    You池e the man they call Sting well so am I
    I値l reverse your scorpion death drop into an RKO
    And our fans can watch it live on Nitro

    Sting the Wrestler:
    You'll just a jobber in my world.
    You just a Double J wannabe.
    I'll sign your death petition by the Scorpion Death-lock.
    I'm in two Hall of Fames.
    While you are in the Hall of Lames.
    In a flash I'll take you out with my Stinger's Splash.

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    Well, I can say that as far as fanmade battles go, this was certainly the most recent one that I've read.
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    Is Juiz darth vader? i hope so because that means he gets to be a dad

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    This isn't the first time Juiz has given Sane a forced analysis pounding and it won't be the last.
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    juiz is a revolutionary
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    get cancer
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    They're called Japanese people, Juiz

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    The fiirst rule of is: You do not tell Juiz what to do.
    The second rule of is: You DO NOT tell Juiz what to do.

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    do you have a moment to hear about our lord and savior juizus
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    sorry polar, im a moderator of the people

    and the people say you suck
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    "Don't be such a pussy Sam." shouted Juiz, the big, strong, captivating godly man that he was.

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    I love juiz more than his girlfriend does
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    My name is Sane, and this is my buddy Juiz, we're kind of a big deal and we can kick a lot of ass and love Wonderwall.
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    this forum is dead and I am the necrophiliac who will fuck it back to life
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    Juiz, you are truly the Shakespeare of our time. I laughed. I cried. I gave up red meat. Thank you, you beautiful bright ray of freedom in this otherwise fascist community. Thank you.
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    This forum needs a good return to fascism

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