Never got around to finishing the MKX FE, yeah I know.

The GIST of what would've happened was Rob breaking out of the Graveyard, trying to destroy the forum and shit but Log inherited Sane's weird magic and saved the day. Also Dion became a Dark type trying to cleanse the forum's life force of Rob's evil.

Let's just pretend all that happened already in a moderately well-received forum fiction previously.

And now...


Dion's CN Tower Temple

Maroon lightning can be seen arcing above the Temple from a great distance. Every several strikes, screaming can be heard faintly, and louder so as the approach into the tower is made.

Inside, Rob is chained up, suspended by his wrists, the static bolts being sent into him with malice and intent. He took a momentary lapse in his torture as a chance to speak.

Rob: You--You should thank me, Dion. Our battle changed you...for the better!

Coldly looking down upon Rob from across the room stood Dion, the brim of his Edmonton Oilers cap concealing his face. He slowly looked up to reveal it, his eyes glowing red. He suddenly summoned more lightning against Rob.

Dion: Be silent, ERBoH!

He walked towards the fallen Elder Mod slowly, grabbing his tilted head, as if to raise it for him, only to shock Rob again with lightning from his palms.

Rob: But you wear my amulet, Rob. Finally, you embrace the truth the Elder Mods deny. The truth I was cast out for speaking.

Dion: The truth I embrace, ERBoH, is that this is not the Face of Mercy for those who defile the Forum. I will permaban our enemies before they permaban us, starting with you.

He tugged on the chais binding Rob, hoisting him farther up. Rob laughed in turn.

Rob: How, Dion? No one, not even you, can kill an Elder Mod.

Dion formed a menacing axe from maroon energy around his hand. Rob could only look on in quiet contemplation as he did.

Dion: There are fates worse than death.

Dion raised his arm and swung downward at Rob's neck. Rob's face was robbed of any emotion besides panic as he choked on his own blood, before his head, severed entirely, fell to the floor at his body's feet.

Dion carried the head to a table nearby and placed it down. Despite its new lack of connection to anything, it continued to choke on its draining fluids and look aimlessly about.

Dion: I will deliver you to Brad and your Graveyard Minions. You will serve as a warning, and an Emblem of the Wrath of Dion.

Dion turned and teleported away, thunder cracking as he did. Soon after, a woman, seemingly from nowhere, walked towards the table adorned now with Rob's visage. Wearing a white garb with gold accents, and blue energy partially encompassing her limbs, with a gold plate at the center of her bald head, she had an otherworldly air to her.

???: This...was not your density, ERBoH. Once again, the Skumfuk Administrator has upset the balance of forum history. But know this -- the arc of the Internet bends to my will.

With a wave of the woman's hand, the blood beginning to drip off of the table stopped, seemingly frozen in place midair.

???: It is only a matter of Time.


Prologue (This Post)

Character Roster

Dion (Raiden)
Rob (Shinnok)