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Thread: Joseph McCarthy vs Jean-Paul Marat

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    Joseph McCarthy vs Jean-Paul Marat

    ERBoH: Jean-Paul Marat VS Joseph McCarthy

    Joseph McCarthy
    I have in my hand a list of 205 names
    that were made known to the secretary of state
    As being members of the Communist Party with the aid
    of one washed up frog quote: “Hideous in face”.
    If you’re left: Commie! (Your thoughts are dodgy)
    Don't like nukes: Commie! (Run back to mommy)
    If you’re gay: Commie! (Find yourself a hobby)
    We got Edgar and A bombs, so bed bath drop it on me!
    You may have majored in medicine, but I Majored in the army.
    You got mocked by your peers, while I got medals laid upon me!
    Now Tail-Gunner Joe will pull the plug on this floater!
    An American patriot against a basement forum goer.
    But this won’t last past sundown, I’ll flood you out you mink!
    Now let’s see how low an alleged man can sink!

    Jean-Paul Marat (sitting in medical bath)
    You remind me a great deal of a man I despise.
    Much like you, King Lois stated nothing but lies!
    So “Tail-Gunner Joe,” your army time was laughable!
    So many falsities and forgeries, the evidence is damnable!
    A revolutionary Radical, a poet, and a martyr,
    My words inspired masses to push forth their feelings harder.
    I’m the Friend of the People with a passion for equality.
    You’re the friend of no-one with anti-nuke ideologies!
    We repealed the laws of sodomy, you repel all sense of decency!
    Your a cruel and reckless man, with your motives soaked in secrecy!
    So do what you do worst, and oppose war crime punishment.
    Then Robespierre will wash this senator with judgement.

    Joseph McCarthy (amidst cheering)
    Oh, you want to talk rumors? Perhaps you don’t remember.
    You condemned innocents to prison, said something, then September!
    So war crimes my ass! Your voice slaughtered kindly clergy!
    I may be seeing red, but you’re downright bloodthirsty.
    Where as I’m a thoughtful judge, and a family man.
    You're a washed up physician sitting in his bedpan.
    And while some may claim you’re the cleverest of the jackal pack,
    They exclude when you made your own cause take a Moderate whack.
    So crawl back into your sewers and rot, you rat, Marat!
    And remember yourself as the man Newton forgot!

    Jean-Paul Marat (in bath, amidst cheering)
    I’m a god! My words placed my bust atop the cross!
    Where is your cross results from a pilot playing boss!
    I rallied my country, drove forth a noble cause!
    The French Revolutions: to repair the monarch's flaws!
    And yes, I sparked September‘s bloody shower.
    You see, I yield results!
    Over 1000 schemers dead in 20 hours.
    Resistance is devout!
    So don’t test me you drunkard, or I’ll end you with a signature!
    The original Death Note, and will leave YOU sweating vinegar!
    You damned the dissimilar with mass discrimination.
    “All for what”, some may ask? To ignore tax evasion!?

    Bridget Bishop (atop gallows, amidst booing)
    Are you both that daft? Must I spell it out for you dopes?
    This kind of petty politics puts lives like Bishop’s on the ropes!
    McCarthy, what do I even need to say?
    You fucked up, you know it. Don’t hedge on baseless claims!
    You called the US army commie, thank god that made things tank!
    But you still fucked so many families, be glad I’m not Anne Frank!
    And trust me, I know a thing or five about condemnings.
    Lies and mob mentality, did I hear someone Salem-ings?
    And Marat, you’re worse than Joe when it comes to accusations.
    Your wife Mary’d no debate-man, like I formed no apparitions.
    Your deviled declarations unleashed a public wrath!
    I envy Charlotte Corday for ending you amidst your bloodbath!
    But alas, after her plea, your Reign still sprung the Nation’s Razor.
    Mindless killing and paranoia, are these the rights of human nature?
    You both worked up violent mobs, outing folks you’re just suspective.
    Your words have power, but by god you need perspective!
    You’d claim I deal with devils, and emit a haunting presence. (executioner hangs noose around her neck)
    Two bewitching public figures using neighbors as their weapons. (gallow drop)
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