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Thread: Donald Trump vs Joe Biden Discussion

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    Donald Trump vs Joe Biden Discussion

    NicePeter as Joe Biden (D, DE)
    EpicLloyd as Donald Trump (R, NY)

    It's the DJT, getting it on.
    The Teflon Don on the White House lawn.
    Against wimps like you, Iíll win a third term.
    Your campaignís like your family Ė crash and burn!
    You think looting and violence will keep the MAGA movement quiet?
    Hah! Resist me? Thatís a riot.
    Why donít you step behind the gym, Iíll be standing by.
    Letís see how tough you are against the Forty-Five! (Uh!)
    Iíll shoot a hole through your whole party,
    bigger than the one I blew through Qasem Soleimani. (Ugh!)
    Then I go and bone on Melania. (Ugh!)
    Iím gonna smash you Joe, like China!
    I've got all the best cognition, with all the top grammar.
    Iím not a little girlís shoulders, so you canít touch this, MC Stammer.
    You're a disaster inciting hysteria!
    You say Iím selling hate in America, youíre selling hating America!
    Like with Hillary, the people arenít swayed.
    Youíre just Barackís shadow, and I donít really like the shade...

    The pain of losing loved ones is something I have seen,
    so I know how you must have felt when they killed Jeffrey Epstein! (Ooh!)
    Rap lyrics just ainít for you!
    You should stick to love letters for Kim Jong-un.
    Youíre a wrestling heel, nothing about you is real.
    Bitch, you didnít even really write ďThe Art of the DealĒ.
    But you... tapped into the rage of red Mad Hatters.
    Well, let me tell you, Trump: All lies matter! (Ugh!)
    I donít wanna defund no police! I picked a D.A. for my VP.
    Iím not a communist, Iím not a socialist, Iím just an old-ass man with some decency! (Wrong!)
    No matter what you try to say, global warming ainít cancelled.
    You pulled out of Paris, shouldíve pulled out of Stormy Daniels!
    I ainít sleepy, Iím tiredĖ
    of you, Donald Trump, youíre fired!

    The only thing getting fired on my watch is tear gas from law enforcement.
    Iíll keep America great, youíll unleash AntiFa and keep America like Portland! (Sad!)
    Ainít nothing gonna beat me!
    No person, woman, man, camera, TV.
    Meh! They impeached me.
    I still walked out of DC looking peachy!
    You got the sloppy, Joe, but no beef.
    The only white privilege I see are those teeth.
    Maybe teach your son a thing or two about life,
    like thereís no hunting season for your dead brotherís wife!
    You and your masks and your Knight Rider shades,
    are getting revoked like youíre Roe vs. Wade.
    Thereís no blue wave Ė forget it, not coming!
    Itís like I tell criminals, Joe: Stop running!

    Was Breonna Taylor running, hmmm? You dog-whistling fool.
    I think your daddy would finally be proud of you: He was a racist asshole too!
    [Что ты сделал? Whatís this malarkey? Ох, ебать!]
    Keep at it and youíll land up in jail, Hoss.
    Iíll take you down like Iím you and youíre a mailbox!
    From all your wives to the SATs,
    everything you ever did, you just had to cheat!
    ĎCuz youíre too insecure to even look like a loser.
    Youíre the worst damn Republican since Herbert Hoover.
    But you scooped up a sycophantic homophobe Hoosier,
    and became the Constitutionís domestic abuser!
    Two-hundred thousand deaths lying at your door,
    and you think theyíre suckers like McCain and the Marine Corps.
    Sometimes I canít tell for which side youíre rooting.
    When we go high, you go down on Putin! (Ugh!)
    Truth is, youíre scared to lose.
    You got nothing in the banks except IOUís!
    Y-y-y-y-you whine about ballots like a bitch,
    but the only thing thatís rigged is taxes for the rich! (Look!)
    Youíre a freeloader, change your name to Tramp.
    My campaignís ramping up, you canít get down a ramp!
    Iím pulling away faster than your wifeís hand.
    For the love of democracy, will you shut up, man?

    Oh, and since I don't know how to change the poll above (I believe only mods have that kind of power), just click on the "YUUUGE" button of you thought Trump won or the "Bye-den" button if you thought Biden won. Or, if you thought neither of them won / it was too close to call, click on the "I'm undecided button" [should've wrote "It's a 269-269 electoral tie!", but too late for that now I suppose].
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