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Thread: List of ERBoH Ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batoideus View Post
    Justinian, that list is fantastic. The fist match up especially, an opera vs musical battle would be great

    If I could just play around with your Gameshow Host Royale idea a bit, I would start it with Regis Philbin vs Pat Sajak. Regis goes first, sitting in his usual spot on the Millionaire stage with Pat in the hot seat. When it switches to Pat's verse, the set becomes the Wheel of Fortune bonus round with Regis as the contestant. Next is Bob Barker, with Regis and Pat in The Showcase. When Alex Trebek shows up, the other three are at the regular Jeopardy! podiums, and when Steve Harvey comes in to close it the other four are in a 2v2 Family Feud setup.
    thank you! I wanted to come up with some original ideas that had strong connections. I'm particularly keen on Wagner vs Webber too

    for the gameshow battle, visually recreating the setup of each show would be PERFECT. and wow, how could I forget about Regis, he'd def need to be in the battle, and it would bring the number up to the typical 5 contenders erb likes for their battle royales.
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    Hanna-Barbera (William Hanna & Joseph Barbera) vs Brothers Grimm (Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm)

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    recently discovered this style of music, now I want someone like Pavarotti in an erb with verses like this (but in english of course):

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    An idea I've wanted for a long time now is Jigsaw Vs Tomas De Torquemada: A fictional characters known for a series of torture movies versus the man whose name is synomous with torture and cruelty both of whom use religion and religious iconography to achieve their goals. I've seen Jigsaw suggested a few times and honestly I think Tomas is better than anyone else.

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    A suggestion of mine which i loved for a while now is "Mystery Inc vs The X Files Ft Men In Black." The battle of the Mystery solvers; one dealing in the fake and sometimes real and the other dealing in the real dark supernatural shit. Western cartoons need some love and Scooby-Doo is one of the biggest out there . It will be really cool to see how they could translate Scooby (either through animation or CGI), also Peter and Lloyd(vocally) as Scooby and Shaggy respectively could be pretty good. If you want, get "The Warp Zone" crew to play the rest of the gang. Also, MIB as 3rd party could definitely elevate this battle to higher heights. I feel like this battle is going to happen someday. Thoughts?
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    Another idea which has grown on me is BB King vs King Arthur, in the battle of which king has the mightier sword ( King Arthur and Excalibur or BB King with Lucille). There are also so many connections between the two with rags to riches, women troubles, one was born a king the other had to earn it, many children vs wanting to kill your own and vice versa, and what BB King did for Blues and music in general vs King Arthurs lore and the fantasy behind it.
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    I'd love to see Tintin vs Lupin III

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    anyone think Brian Walters (Ash Ketchum actor) should be in another battle as Mark Grayson / Invincible

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